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  1. kimmie

    S&W 686 Conversion Grips

    It appears that they're solid. There's also a slight 'palm swell' on the side of the grips and I think that is also what makes the fit feel funny to my hand. You can see the swell in the picture I've attached. They really are beautiful grips and the texture isn't overly aggressive. I'm disappointed that my hands don't like them!!!!!!
  2. kimmie

    Extended cylinder release

    I started with the Hogue and it was o.k. I'm lucky in that I shoot with Dave. He gave me one of his releases to try out and I love it. He also makes a great moon clip holder!
  3. That was an awesome video! Good job! I am definitely going to share it.
  4. kimmie

    S&W 686 Conversion Grips

    One size definitely doesn't fit all, with grips. There are so many variables. I went through the same thing with my 1911 trying to find a grip that fit me well. It's trial and error and unfortunately, that can wind up being expensive unless you know someone with a grip that you want and can try it out first.
  5. kimmie

    S&W 686 Conversion Grips

    After going through an assortment of grips for my 627, I've finally decided that I like the rubber grips that came with my 627. I started out with the big butt but it felt too big for my hand. Then I got the Nill grip that came in a smaller size but anything over 200 rounds and I got a blister at the base of my thumb. Recently I bought the Extreme Hogue G10 conversion grip. I really wanted to like the Extreme Hogue. I really did. But it just didn't fit my hand right. Maybe it's the finger grooves? I don't know, but I finally took it off and put the rubber grips back on. And I'm happy. I guess I wanted a unique look for my gun with a fancy grip. Now, all I want is it to fit my hand and not hurt! You'll probably see the other grips in the classifieds at some point lol.
  6. kimmie

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    I have 2 627's. The first one I bought when I first started shooting revolver and it was manufactured around 2010. It was in great condition but, being new to revolvers and not knowing that it should have one, it was about a year before someone pointed out to me that it was missing the ball detent in the yoke! No hole, no nothing! It took 2 trips back to the factory to get that straightened out. Recently I decided I wanted a backup so I started looking for an old, lightly shot 627. Found one and this one was built in 2009. It doesn't even have turn marks on the cylinder. Previous owner claimed he only put about 50 rounds through it. My rationale was the older ones came out when the q.c. was better. I may be wrong about that but this gun is beautiful. Both guns had only factory chamfer. The first gun, the moon clipped rounds fell right in. The second gun, not even close. I sent both cylinders out to be chamfered and it's like night and day. I started out shooting .38sp because that's what I had dies for. I'm kinda used to the longer rounds now and with the chamfer and at my level of shooting, it's not worth it to me to invest in all I'd need to invest in to go to .38 short or long colt. I use revolver supply moon clips at .025 and the only brass that fits properly is Federal. Star line falls out. Anyway, welcome. The knowledge here in these forums is incredible and everyone is very welcoming!
  7. kimmie

    New revo shooter

    Welcome! I''ve been shooting revolver for about 5 years now and still have sooooo much to learn! This is a great place to learn it though.
  8. kimmie

    Roll crimp for moon clips?

    I had the same problem with a 2nd 627 that I just bought and discussed it in another thread. Original 627, moon clipped .38sp rounds dropped right in 100% of the time. New 627, same rounds and they were getting hung up on the edges of the chambers and I had to wiggle them in. Both cylinders just had the factory chamfer, which is pretty much, none. I use a tapered crimp. Sent the cylinders out to be chamfered by a forum member here and problem solved. I can throw them at the gun from across the room and they fall right in, lol.
  9. 2 things. Lol, thread drift. I did a lot of research on CBD oil and decided to give it a try for sleep issues. One week in and it seems to help. Research what and who you buy from. They are not all created equal. As for indoor lead exposure, my home club, which doesn't hold indoor matches anymore, is going to lead free ammo. Totally lead free, frangible bullet, lead free primer. Once they go lead free the 1st of the year, they plan to start a total clean up of the range and other areas. Most of the members are occasional, 50 rounds on a target every couple of weeks, shooters. The majority don't reload and probably don't even know what that means, lol. The ventilation system is a joke which is why I stopped holding matches there but they don't have the budget to upgrade it. It's a privately owned club so they can make any rules that they want. Members will have to buy the ammo from the club or prove that what they're shooting is 100% lead free. It is more expensive but most of the members only shoot a box or 2 per session. If I want to do any practice there, I'll have to use their ammo, (I get it for cost) which I found to be similar in feel to my reloads but a power factor a little less than what I need for minor in 38sp. Haven't checked the accuracy though. I belong to other clubs so if I want to practice with my reloads, I'll just go elsewhere. Being in New England, outdoors isn't always an option though. They also rent out the range to various federal and state agencies and private security companies. Surprisingly, they were all on board. One state agency has actually purchased about 20 cases already. I'm actually happy about it because I limit my time on the range there. I teach there also and had started limiting my classes because of my lead concerns. Standing on someones shoulder while they're shoot guarantees a healthy blast of lead to the face and it's not really comforting to students if I have a respirator on. I can now increase my teaching schedule. The other plus is that lead free ammo is incredibly clean! 50 rounds through my gun and a patch run through the barrel comes out still white! And no more concerns about ricochets.
  10. kimmie

    Hello from a beginner in Maine

    Welcome! We don't have the shooting season that a lot of the southern and western folks do but we pack a lot into what we do have! Lee Cabana from Maine is running for Area 7 Director and his group from Maine holds matches year round. I'm thinking that you shoot with his group at Hampden and Capital? Lot's of really good people from your neck of the woods and I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of them at the Area 7 championship a few years back. This is a link to the calendar for area 7 http://www.uspsa-ne.org/ If you ever head down to Massachusetts, I hold winter indoor matches at Mystic Valley Gun Club in Malden, MA from November to April.
  11. kimmie

    Post your Dogs!

    My Mojo was a star years ago at the Area 7 Championship with his own write up in the Shooting Wire! Going To The Dogs... Finally, every match needs a mascot, and thanks to RO Donna Major, who was Top Lady in the Limited division, Area 7 had one of the best. Mojo was camped out on Donna's stage with plenty of shade, food and water, and more attention from shooters than even J.J. Racaza got. If it weren't for the fact that Mojo weighs in at around 70 lbs, and therefore too big to pick up and run off with, The Shooting Wire would have a new mascot of our own.
  12. kimmie

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    I just bought a second 627 for a backup. Used but looks like new and shoots beautifully. Moonclipped rounds that drop right into my 1st 627 get hung up dropping into this gun but with a wiggle, or two, I can get them to drop in. The edge of the case at the crimp seems to be getting caught on the edge of the top of the chamber. They drop in fine one by one. Can there be a difference in the measurements of the chamber openings from the factory? Both guns have only factory chamfering. Seems like having it chamfered might solve my problem?
  13. kimmie

    Grip is key?

    Good video! I'm going to download those targets.
  14. The chute looks too high. I don't have a strong mount but the press and the chute are both attached to the same table.
  15. kimmie

    Grip is key?

    I have struggled with my grip. First, finding grips that fit my hand, small palm, long fingers. I finally found grips that worked. Then I struggled to remember to grip tightly. Even with hours and hours of dry fire, part way through a cof, I would realize that the gun was flopping in my hands. As soon as I tightened my grip, my accuracy improved, but of course. Over the past couple of months I've developed a new issue. I noticed that my shots were going low. Very low. And I wondered if I had developed a flinch. I did the dry fire with the muzzle close to a wall so I could focus on my sights and while concentrating, the sights stayed true. Then one day, just sitting at the table, on the spur of the moment, I held an imaginary gun in my hands and pretended to pull the trigger. And watched in amazement as my wrists bent down every time I moved my trigger finger. Not much, but enough to cause some serious problems on partial targets and far away plates. I'm glad I finally figured out what was going on because it was driving me crazy and since I'm older and don't/can't run, accuracy and efficiency is key to me. I'm going to work on this in dry fire but now my mantra at make ready will be, tight grip, lock wrists and remember where all the target are! And I need to do even more dry fire to make this instinctive. I should add that I'm shooting a revolver with an 8lb trigger so that makes it even more important to remember those things. Any other suggestions on how to overcome this would be appreciated!