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  1. Thanks for all the replies. So much still to learn! That's what I love about this forum. It makes sense, now that you explain it, that endshake and hammer rub would affect the ignition of the primer. But, that is way beyond my level of expertise to fix, although a video I just watched makes it look fairly straight forward. The good news is that my primary gun is off to TK custom for a trigger job with speed hammer so hopefully if that's an issue, it will be addressed. And, that was one of the reasons for my question about seating primers. I don't want to have an action job done and be held back from lightening my trigger because of primer seating issues. I have a spare sp primer bar so I'll play around with that though and see what I can do. I also ordered some federal sp primers. I'll hold off on buying a hand primer until I try everything else. Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks! I did wonder if the magnum primers were harder but when I started shooting revolver about 5 years ago, that was all I could find and bought a ton of them. Then last year, same story. So, I've never loaded anything other than that. I will definitely look for some of the regular primers. I'd be more than happy with a 7lb trigger but even more so, with no misfires!
  3. How do I do that? Where exactly do I place the shim? Sounds like an easy fix. And the misfires happen on both of my 627's, both have 8lb triggers.
  4. I am loading on a Dillon 550 and I've tried everything that's been suggested to adjust my press to get my primers to seat deeper. I've tightened the shell plate and everything else. I push as hard as I can on the up stroke to seat the primer. They aren't quite flush but apparently not deep enough because I can't get my trigger weight below 8 lbs. I even had Dillon send me a new primer cup. I shoot a 627 and only use Federal primers. One other thing is that I'm using Federal magnum match primers because they were the only ones I could find when I bought some about a year ago. Could that make a difference? I've been trying to research hand seating and wanted to see if I could get some suggestions on what is the best tool to use. Lee, hornady, rcbs???? I figured I can deprime and size the brass and then do a priming session at the kitchen table. I know it will be extra work but I'm willing to do it because even at 8lbs, I get the occasional misfire and it's frustrating. Open to any and all suggestions!
  5. I have the revolver supply. I load all my moon clips at home and check them with the gauge as I'm putting them in my range box. Sometimes I'll check them again (OCD) at the match before I put them on my belt. Never had a problem.
  6. I am dizzy from reading all of this and against my better judgment, I will offer my 2 cents. Under 8.1, Handgun ready conditions, there is nothing at all that says a competitor gets a reshoot for NOT having his GUN in the proper ready condition and it clearly states the R.O. cannot take any action if he/she doesn't chamber a round. It is just stating what the ready condition is. The reshoot comes into play under 8.2, competitor ready condition. I have the feeling that I'm going to regret this............
  7. What is your recipe with American Select? I could go down a little but really don't want to risk the chance of going sub minor. I don't think there's any significant difference in feel between 125 and 132. I agree that ejection has to be done very purposefully or the cases can get hung up.
  8. I'll be interested to see the replies. I've stayed with 38sp unlike so many that shoot long/short colt. I've gotten used to reloading with the longer cartridge and now that I have a really nice chamfer on my cylinder, I don't feel it's holding me back all that much at my level (C) of shooting. Way more other stuff that I need to work on improving! Anyway, when I first started shooting revolver there was a powder shortage and the only thing I could get was American Select and I've stuck with it since then. I've never done any accuracy testing or anything but my groups are decent and I like the way it feels. But, on the other hand, I've never really compared it against anything else. Data seems hard to find for 38sp for competition shooting. I load 4.2gr with a 160 Bayou bullet at 1.50 oal. It made 172 pf at last years area 7 match. Again, I'm interested in what other folks are using. Edited to change 172 pf to 132 pf!!!!!!
  9. You could reach out to Jim Richardson who runs Wallum Lake Walls of Steel in Rhode Island. I think they make a lot of their own set ups but he might be able to point you in the right direction for any that they've purchased. http://wallsofsteel.com/videos/
  10. I started shooting in my late 40's during a midlife crisis. I'm mid 60's now. I was never athletic or coordinated and I never participated in any group sports so not having to wait to 'not' get picked for a team made it all that much more appealing to me. It was all about me. It was also at the age that my eyesight started going so I had a couple of strikes against me. Even though it's considered a 'competition', I only compete against myself and have grown to love it because of the camaraderie and the personal challenge. It's a hobby that I love and while I do strive to do better, I'm o.k. being a C shooter which is where I'll probably remain. The young ones are out there to win. I'm out there to have some fun and hang out with friends. Don't get hung up on the 'competition' part of it. That word has different meanings to different people. If you enjoy it and have fun doing it, why not?
  11. It appears that they're solid. There's also a slight 'palm swell' on the side of the grips and I think that is also what makes the fit feel funny to my hand. You can see the swell in the picture I've attached. They really are beautiful grips and the texture isn't overly aggressive. I'm disappointed that my hands don't like them!!!!!!
  12. I started with the Hogue and it was o.k. I'm lucky in that I shoot with Dave. He gave me one of his releases to try out and I love it. He also makes a great moon clip holder!
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