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  1. Latest update - press cleaned and everything tightened up. One thing I noticed was that I needed to readjust the location of the loaded round bin holder where it attaches to the bench to keep it from interfering with the handle on the upstroke. It was loose where it was screwed into the bench and moving occasionally. Federal small pistol primers seat deeper than the federal magnum match and I also followed the suggestions on how to seat them with force, from this post. Gun came back this week from TK custom with a master action trigger job which included the speed hammer. Eli left it at 8lbs just in case I was still having a primer issue. I took it to the range to test and was able to get it down to 6 1/2 pounds. I think I could have gone even lighter but 6 1/2 feels really good. Amazing! Shot a match yesterday. 150 rounds. No misfires and functioned flawlessly. Happy lady here.
  2. kimmie

    hogue grips

    I inherited the wood big butts when I bought a gun. I put strips of skateboard tape on them.
  3. I haven't tried, but yes, it probably would be.
  4. I wanted to do a quick update. I took apart my press and cleaned and tightened everything. Meanwhile, my order of federal sp primers came in. A huge difference between priming with the regular sp and the magnum. I am able to seat them a bit deeper (along with using the recommendations of using my left hand to pull on the press and pushing really hard to seat them) and the other thing that I noticed was that the sp primers flow right into the primer tube whereas the magnum primers, I had to jiggle the primer tube to get them to go in. So, my unscientific analysis is that the magnum primers are indeed a bit bigger (or thicker) than the regular one.
  5. I use the one made by 10mmdave. It works well for me. It holds 8 and the holders can be tightened or loosened by the screws.
  6. I am so very sorry..................
  7. I'm thinking a good cleaning and reassembly might help too. I'm going to try yours and the others suggestions. I guess I not only shoot like a girl, I reload like a girl too, lol.
  8. So an 8 lb trigger should be working reliably on those. I'll just wait to see what happens at TK custom.
  9. That's a really interesting read. I had no idea. Thanks!
  10. I don't know if you can see it well in this picture but the card slides right over the base of the case and doesn't hit the primers. And, there is a 'tiny' bit of light between the card and the primer.
  11. Do you mean pull the press towards me as I'm seating the primer?
  12. Midsouth shooters supply. $31.86/thousand. I was pretty surprised they had them in stock. I do feel a very slight depression when I run my finger over the primer. So, as others have pointed out, maybe there are other issues going on. It will be about a month before I get my gun back so I won't be able to test all the theories but meanwhile, I'm going to take my press apart and give it a good cleaning. Maybe that will help too. I know a lot of folks on here have said that they run a 550 and seat the primers with no problem.
  13. Just ordered a bunch of regular federal small pistol primers. I have been using the federal magnum match up to this point. My problem is that on my 550 I can only seat them to barely below flush, thus my question about hand priming. Gun is off to TK custom for a master trigger job with a speed hammer so hopefully if any of the issues that you mentioned are present, they will be fixed.
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