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  1. I'm going to! Reloading is, at its heart, an attempt to be frugal. Though, sometimes when I add up my reloading bench in my head I am not quite convinced I am doing all that good of a job at it.
  2. I have also pulled blue bullets from the berm. It is amazing how well that stuff hangs on there.
  3. The home made lube seems like a great idea. That being said Ive been using my bottle of dillon lube for about 10000 rounds now and it still hasnt run dry!
  4. This is what I recently did. They include shipping in their price of it and with the "benos" discount code you can get 250 for about 20 bucks. I also decided not to buy the 100ct pack from Bayou Bullets because it would have been 8 bucks to ship (I know I'm cheap). That being said I had already entered my email address into the "my cart section" of the check out and got an email from them asking me to finish my check out. I replied and said Im sorry but the shipping was expensive enough to not make sense buying 100 and I asked to be removed from their email list. "Dennis" actually emailed me back basically calling me cheap and telling me how crappy every other makers coating was. I was so surprised to get such a strange unsolicited email I don't think I'll ever go with Bayou.
  5. Sorry! I must have missread your post. Interesting. I have no intuition as to why that would be occurring. I have only noticed velocity increase with temperature, but I only use Titegroup. I will ask around at my club and see if anyone uses cleanshot.
  6. This is interesting. I am having all of the same issues OP notes and this is a suggestion I have not yet considered. I am currently running all dillon dies but am switching to a redding comp. seating die in the next couple of days. Maybe I will play with the powder funnel as well. Thanks!
  7. Yep, it's a thing. http://firearmshistory.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-effect-of-temperature-on-ammunition.html
  8. Also having problems with dead links. It seems none of the links in the grip post are working properly.
  9. Ive been shooting a p320 X5 in IDPA and USPSA Production and have really been enjoying it. After drooling over 2011s however I made the jump to an STI marauder. After a couple trips to the range I am really noticing how much I have to change my grip. On the X5 I "choke up" to try and get my hands as close to the bore access as possible. I have large hands so on the X5 I have been shooting with my support hand pointer finger covering the trigger guard. On my Marauder, I have had to be really cautious of my grip so as not to get my hands in the way of the slide. I have had some initial issues with slowing the slide down when I'm not careful even so far as to cut up the meat of my support hand on the slide. I am making progress through dry fire but if anyone can suggest some good resources for grip advice (hopefully with pictures) I would really appreciate it! C
  10. After breaking the pin on the dillon decapper and sizer I was depriming everything by hand before I wet tumbled. Now I have a second tool head for my 650 and I use the RCBS Heavy Duty decapping die. I have read around the interwebs that your sizing die will last longer if you size after you tumble. Have you had any issues with this? (I decap first mainly to get the primer pockets clean)
  11. The very first X5's had a stainless barrel but I was not aware they made one with a stainless slide. (correct me if i'm wrong!) Is that by chance a modification?
  12. I have this issue if I don't use DCL. I also wet tumble with Under Aurmor Wash n Wax and that helps put a nice waxy coat on the brass. Does the bell on the case look the same with the hornady brass?
  13. When you're wife tells you to start storing it in the shed!
  14. I'm just to broke to shoot open! Horse and buggy is way cheaper than a Ferrari but you can still get from A to B in it. (at a much more leisurely pace of course)
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