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  1. I feel and I know binary engineering will have a great future, good luck Jared.
  2. Just wondering, Freedom Gunworks is not on BE vendors list anymore.
  3. When did you start shooting open? 2007 Was 40 your first caliber in open? No Why did you choose 40? I had two limited guns in .40, One is Tanfoglio and the other is CZ TS. Reloading is same for Limited and Open. Ten rounds maximum in Canada. What make is your gun? CZ Tactical Sport Who built it? Me What barrel length, comp and optic are you using? 4.75", coned comp patterned after thundercomp II, C-more w/ sideways mount (built by me). Do you run a big stick, and what capacity are you getting? No, ten. What have you settled on for a load? 7.8 3n37, Berrys 155gr. PF is 176.
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