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  1. on WSB it is clearly mentioned that it is an unloaded start... RO made the command "Make Ready", shooter loaded his gun then assumed the start position. Should RO allow the shooter to start the COF or he wait until the correct start procedure is followed?
  2. I feel and I know binary engineering will have a great future, good luck Jared.
  3. @ Dollar store, $1.00 6 pcs of LR44, You will use a pair. Will last 5 - 10 matches. really cheap.
  4. Sorry, no offense intended but it seems that you already know the answer to your original question .
  5. Just wondering, Freedom Gunworks is not on BE vendors list anymore.
  6. How can I check if the entered scores are right? Before, we initial/sign the paper score and there's a duplicate copy given to the shooter.
  7. Check The Double Alpha shotmaxx timer. I think it's pretty neat.
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