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  1. stir + pot = bump New year and no new CO forum? Maybe if we get CZ to sponsor it? That would pull some weight around here, lol.
  2. I really never looked in gear and accessories for red dot information until a recent search for the general Carry Optics had a topic come up. Especially since red dot pistols is listed under the open gun title of the forum. I assumed it was more to do with holsters, belts, gear bags, timers, etc. I have all that for various divisions so I never glanced it. In my case I wanted to run a shadow 2 in Carry Optics since I had all the gear from production. This requires a bit more than buying a plate and adding a dot, it has to make weight. If your newer, you head over to the cz forum and at the time get in a long line to kiss the ring on the cz custom shop or CGW just started dabbling in milling slides. Both options (again a year ago, not sure what they offer now) require putting in a plastic guide rod in and not using the heaviest dot or base pads to make weight. Not the direction or value I had in mind. If I had not stumbled across a guy on a CZ Facebook page I would have never run across Fire4Effect. So instead of milling my slide I bought one of the full gun, dot, milled packages offered. Soon after that I heard about Primary Machine and their offerings for the Shadow 2. Again this was all around a year ago so things have changed and the info is on here if you search various topics. But some leg work was needed which some are for or against. So in my case one Carry Optic sub-forum would have been helpful for some of the various options.
  3. A quick search of Carry Optics leads you to the ipsc/uspsa rules, glock, classified, and gear & accessories sub-forums in the top of the list? Seems it is spread throughout the main forum.
  4. Hi, long time lurker here. I was notified I do not post enough on here if I would like to keep using the classified section so I feel this is worthy of a post...to me. Might be only me, but I am weighing in. I have seen worse on here and it is a question I am interested in participating in. Thank you to the moderator that pm'd me for helping me come out of my shell or creeping these pages like pornhub. Since carry optics has been called or I have heard it somewhere (not implicating the Enos Forum) "the poor man's open" do you feel inadequate asking questions about Carry Optics on this forum of high end priced and tuned race guns? Most of the carry optic guns are essentially production guns with a dot on it. So most information about the gun itself can be found in the manufacturer sub-forums like CZ, SIG, Glock, etc. "Most" of the dot information is on here, equipment, or even the PCC sub-forums. But when you combine the gun and the dot that alters things just a bit, especially with out a comp, mag well, sub 2lb. trigger and a stock(pcc). Since I got into CO early this spring I have lurked this forum on occasion but most dialog and information is pertaining to the Open division. There is some on here but the search/scroll thumb soreness can be trying. Do you feel Carry Optics is strong enough to have its own sub-forum? Would you benefit from it? Would you be involved? Do you feel like a small fish in a big pond with your production gun, bigger magazine, and dot in here? By no means am I am rallying for Carry Optics sub-forum but I want my participation trophy and this subject does interest or pertain to me. Happy Holidays.
  5. Kind of thought so. Just looking for assurance. Thanks.
  6. Question: Shadow 2 black and gray poly I put in the T1 Disco, CGW Hammer, adjustable sear, 11.5 hammer spring, floating trigger pin, and reduced trigger return spring. I backed out the over travel screw completely. The trigger is chipping the frame poly coat because the trigger has to be pulled all the way back after the break in single and double because there is no over travel?? I took out the reduced trigger return spring because it felt mushy and with out the over travel I wanted something to help keep it off the frame. Or the illusion of. My adjustable sear had a strange bur on it, so I put the stock sear back in at the moment. I polished the strut to a mirror finish and parts of the trigger bar per kneeling Atlas guide. I will be taking it to the range after work tonight for function, but I am thinking the trigger burried into the frame and lack of over travel it may have issue. Only thing I can think of is maybe taking material off the T1 Disco?? Anybody run into this?
  7. Was the T1 disco that much different than the stock shadow 2 one? I was going to try and fit a T3. I hear conflicting info. Found one today, my S2 urban grey is otw.
  8. I will have to put the Rami and S2 slide stop next to each other to understand which "nub", but that sounds promising. How many rounds with this modified slide stop do you have on the S2? Thank you.
  9. Two shadow 2's otw, one of which a back up my younger brother will play with in USPSA. He has an amazing high grip (very B. Vogel like) with his left and needed the Rami slide stop to prevent locking the slide while firing the current SP01 shadow. My understanding is the S2 takes the PO1 and PCR slide stop. All of which are nothing like the RAMI. Other than staying with the current S1 or changing his grip, are there any options available or has any one heard of a fix/part for the masses with this issue on the horizon?? We both read "grinding" on a slide stop is a no go for production and he did shoot Nationals last year, and probably if not this year will again. Thank you.
  10. My Brother just called and $260 for their trigger job. Drops it 1/2#?? The stock trigger weight of the new S2 is supposedly 3.5# from the factory and CZC won't go below 3#'s for legal cause. Pretty sure a hammer spring will do that? Maybe once everyone starts tinkering with the guts we can get another "Atlas tune" thread for a cost effective result? Also said they got in 600 S2's and a couple hundred were left for sale.
  11. Ditto here. Prices, shipping and service all top notch.
  12. Man these guys are on it. Fast response! Super excited to get some trigger time with my new to me piece. Thanks for the help guys. "Lawrence, My apologize for the confusion . Yes sir the drop down choice for the grip size would be Signature . Below is a link to our online store for the Signature XL Magwell . http://www.sviguns.com/1101.php?indx=10 Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Regards, Tiffany Strayer *Join us for the Infinity US Open on June 4-5, 2016! For updates and details please go to: www.infinityopen.org"
  13. ELI- Thanks RT- Thats what I am looking for. Where would be the numbers they need? This was the response I received in an Email. Not sure what the polymer grip magwells came from? I sent the pic with my question as well. He must be busy or my wording was off. I responded, I am sure we will get it figured out. "Lawrence, The grip on the pistol is our Signature Skater Terrain. Polymer grip magwells will not fit our billet grips. Regards, Brandon"
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