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  1. stir + pot = bump New year and no new CO forum? Maybe if we get CZ to sponsor it? That would pull some weight around here, lol.
  2. I really never looked in gear and accessories for red dot information until a recent search for the general Carry Optics had a topic come up. Especially since red dot pistols is listed under the open gun title of the forum. I assumed it was more to do with holsters, belts, gear bags, timers, etc. I have all that for various divisions so I never glanced it. In my case I wanted to run a shadow 2 in Carry Optics since I had all the gear from production. This requires a bit more than buying a plate and adding a dot, it has to make weight. If your newer, you head over to the cz forum a
  3. A quick search of Carry Optics leads you to the ipsc/uspsa rules, glock, classified, and gear & accessories sub-forums in the top of the list? Seems it is spread throughout the main forum.
  4. Hi, long time lurker here. I was notified I do not post enough on here if I would like to keep using the classified section so I feel this is worthy of a post...to me. Might be only me, but I am weighing in. I have seen worse on here and it is a question I am interested in participating in. Thank you to the moderator that pm'd me for helping me come out of my shell or creeping these pages like pornhub. Since carry optics has been called or I have heard it somewhere (not implicating the Enos Forum) "the poor man's open" do you feel inadequate asking questions about Carry Optics on
  5. Kind of thought so. Just looking for assurance. Thanks.
  6. Question: Shadow 2 black and gray poly I put in the T1 Disco, CGW Hammer, adjustable sear, 11.5 hammer spring, floating trigger pin, and reduced trigger return spring. I backed out the over travel screw completely. The trigger is chipping the frame poly coat because the trigger has to be pulled all the way back after the break in single and double because there is no over travel?? I took out the reduced trigger return spring because it felt mushy and with out the over travel I wanted something to help keep it off the frame. Or the illusion of. My adjustable sear h
  7. Was the T1 disco that much different than the stock shadow 2 one? I was going to try and fit a T3. I hear conflicting info. Found one today, my S2 urban grey is otw.
  8. A lawyer, social worker and a priest are on a sinking ship with one life boat. Social worker- "Save the kids!" Lawyer- "Screw the kids!" Priest- "Do we have time?"
  9. Thank you gentleman, I will try that and bring the pad along to test.
  10. Thought about making a thread, but alot of good answers on here.... Lost a set screw in an older Henning "H500 base pad w/ set screw". Do I need to go through Henning, or is it a screw that can be found at a local store? Thank you
  11. That same Match I was asking about the trigger swap earlier, can you just put in a 9mm barrel and mags or do you need a whole conversion slide to switch calibers? Looking to shoot it in 3gun. Sorry not to knowledgeable in the ways of the Tanfoglio. Thank you
  12. I bought a used .40 Match a year ago from the classified section on here. It came with an uninstalled Henning Trigger. But, it is the longest version and I have been graced with short stubby sausage fingers. My stock trigger is really starting to lean. Instead of buying a whole new one I was curious if anyone would trade trigger for trigger? Looking for the medium if possible? I have everything else in the bags and tried using the trigger pin on the stock trigger instead of the factory roll pin. Really did not help. Thank you
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