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  1. When you order something small from an Italian restaurant and they say all we have is medium and large. Medium literally means middle. If you only have two sizes they are small and large .
  2. I used a full size cmore for years on my open gun (2011). Had issues with ejection path early on but got it tuned to work. After about 15k rounds ejection problems came back and I had a hard time fixing it. Switched to an RTS2 for last season and struggled all year finding my dot on the first shot after draw. Switched back over winter And it was like looking through a 55gal drum. After intensive tuning I think she’s ready for another season. Dot is there every draw, maybe not centered but it’s in the glass every time. Sitting at 93.48 in open SC hoping for GM this year.
  3. +1 for CLR been using for years. Rain x after cleaning seems to make it easier to wipe clean during a match with a micro fiber towel also.
  4. CLR bathroom cleaner on a Q-tip. Was hesitant to try after reading it on this forum years ago. Been using on same slide ride for 4 seasons and no issues yet.
  5. My limited load is the same powder and bullet but only 112 pf
  6. I think I'm just going to shoot the 3500 I have left through my limited gun and switch back to plated.
  7. That makes sense. It definitely seems like melted coating. These bullets are about 60 fps faster. Glad to hear this has happened to others.
  8. Exactly Im not looking for what everyone thinks is the best open gun setup to run. I just want to know why these bullets are so dirty with the exact same load.
  9. Just bought them this year.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. This gun runs great just really dirty with bayou bullets. Just wondering if anyone experienced this too.
  11. I just used the last of my berrys plated bullets and decided to give bayou bullets a try. I couldn't find a bad review anywhere so I ordered 4000. I have a open xdm 9mm and a limited xdm. I could shoot over 200 rounds through my open gun with the berrys before my cmore lense needed cleaning. I went to a falling steel match last weekend and could barley see through my lense at the end of a stage. I had some berrys with so I cleaned the lense and shot 3.5 stages and could see right through. My comp, blast sheild and cmore were covered with what looked like black spray paint. I had to use lime away to get it off my lense and a die grinder with a scotch brite pad to get it off my carver sight mount. 115gn bullet, power pistol powder 1200fps. Limited gun seemed normal. Anyone else see this before?
  12. One of the things it takes a long time to convince yourself of is if you slow down just enough to always hit each plate with one shot your overall time will be much quicker. It feels like you are going slow as hell but the timer dosent lie.
  13. Well guys I think you're on to somthing with the back strap reccomendation. With it in when I draw on the first plate I no longer have to make any adjustments like before. Time will tell but it seems more comfortable right now. Thanks!!!!!
  14. Ok I'll give it a try you might be on to somthing. It does seem that it returns to the same place just high.
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