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  1. benelli m2 mag extension

    I ended up going with the +9 and glad I did.
  2. Compensator

    Man Wikel you were not kidding. I put it on today and while it keeps the gun in the same spot and follow up shots are quick I can’t take all the gas back in my face or the felt concussion. I’m going to try the Coda fury. They are local and sponsor our state 3 gun series. I’ll post up some results after I get it.
  3. Compensator

    That is the one draw back I have heard about this one but on the flip side I've heard it bothers some more than others.
  4. Compensator

    I just ordered a M4-72 just base on the reviews. I am also interested in checking out the new Coda Evolution Fury. Anyone have any experience with it yet?
  5. Belt Setups

    Ive seen a couple of guys at our local matches who have put on the ratchet system. I wasn't in the same squad with them, however I asked another guy about the ratchet system and he said that they used ratchet's from old roller blades or snowboard bindings. Anyone else tried this?
  6. Looking for a gunsmith near Ohio

    warrior arms in Valparaiso, In. John turns out some pretty awesome stuff. Check out his Facebook page here. https://m.facebook.com/WarriorArms/
  7. benelli m2 mag extension

    About how far past your barrel does the +9 extend?
  8. benelli m2 mag extension

    Yes I will be quad loading and that was my thought process when I picked the 9. If I start with 8 I can add 4 right away if need be and not waste 2 shells right off the bat.
  9. I just bought an 26" M2 and had it shipped to Rose Action Sports for his race package to be done. I chose to have the +9 extension put on it for 12 total and was wondering if you guys think I should have gone with the +7 for 10 total. I only shoot in the tac ops division. For those of you who have the +9 how far past the barrel does it extend?
  10. Quad load holder

    my vote for Invictus also.
  11. Versa Max Forend - Mesa tactical

    i'm interested in reading some reviews also. close to pulling the trigger on one myself.
  12. Versamax or M3K?

    ok great thank you
  13. Versamax or M3K?

    will MOA do all of the competition package work on the Franchi as they do on the Stoeger?
  14. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Thank you for all of the replies guys I appreciate it!
  15. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I read through most of this thread and couldn't find my answer. I bought the Ria double stack in 9mm. I need a holster for 3 gun and was wondering if it would work if I got the sti 5" with a full dust cover. I have the safariland 5195 now and would like to stick with this one. Thank you in advance.