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  1. My vote goes to buy what makes you happy and is more practical for you now. Then after you start reloading if your still interested in doing open buy a decidated open gun. I mean who doesn't want to have excuses to buy more toys. Realistically, buying a gun that your not sure you want, just so you have the option to convert it later IF you start reloading and IF you decide to shoot open seems like a bad idea.
  2. My apologies but i dont know how to post a pic (not very tech savvy) Picture an erebus with a 5" barrel instead of the 4.6" so the comp sticks out .400 further. I use the gun for pretty much everything I can as its a hoot to shoot. I am currently shooting USPSA with it, but that will change when i can get 9mm major componants again. The best part of the gun IMHO is the fact my wife enjoys shooting it and between the SRO and how soft it shoots, shes enjoying range trips way more.
  3. Depends on what barrel lenght you decide on. I just had an open minor gun built using that single port comp. Ended up using a KKM 5" oal threaded bull barrel, dawson tooless full lenght guide rod, reverse plug. I believe the gunsmith had to cut roughly .400" off the front of the slide and the had to extend the bottom cuts on the comp to line up with the full dustcover frame. If I recall correctly I think its fit slide, frame, barrel, then install comp onto barrel, measure how much needs cut from front of slide. The sight block i think would be similar in fitting. I think the nemesis is a 5.4" barrel (somone please correct me if i'm wrong) so might not need to nip the end of slide for sight block fitment. But i do know the erebus is slightly shorter then 5" oal barrel as putting my gun next to an erebus there is roughly 3/8" difference in lenght. Again, this is all dependant on the barrel you decide to go with. Dunno if this helped or not, just going off memory of working with the smith who built my guns and having handled my friends erebus and nemesis. I'm very happy with the finished product and the 5" barrel with single comp shooting minor is really soft shooting and tons of fun.
  4. On the LAMR I always engage the lock after re-holstering to verify its in the block correctly, then disengage the lock. The lock will only engage if the gun is seated correctly. For me its cheap insurance to know that when i remove my hand the gun isnt gonna fall out. If i have to move a bit before drawing then the lock stays engaged until its draw time. The lock is in a nice enough spot my middle finger disengages it when reaching for the grip.
  5. Just curious, in both the pics of the breachface on the left hand side of the pic. Is that a millmark or a small crack? Im on a phone so its hard to tell. Only reason i ask, is if it is a hairline crack, could the slide have compromised metalurgy allowing it to dent and eat away easily by the firing pin hole.
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