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  1. I can’t comment on the Q5. I do love my legion. To me I need 3 things good trigger good sights and the gun needs to run and be reasonably accurate. The sig comes with a nice set of FO adjustable sights, my trigger measured 3lb 4oz on my gage and it feels clean to me. I don’t notice the squish everyone is talking about. The gun has run 100% and it shoots inch groups at 25 yds. The only bummer was finding I needed an adapter plate to mount a romeo 3max
  2. Hello all. Well it appears I screwed up. I ended up with a Romeo 3 max. For some reason I thought it would mount direct to the gun. It does not so I need a adapter plate. I don’t see one for the legion/romeo 3 combination on the springer website. What are people using to mount this sight and where can I get one? Thanks again everyone you’ve been very helpful
  3. Thanks for the responses. I’m torn I like the look of the SRO a little better but it’d be nice that the DPP would mount without a plate. I think I might try a DPP if it don’t suit me I need a sight on a SW 627 too I’ll just move it to that gun and get a SRO later
  4. Thanks all. I had not seen the SRO so I’ll check it and the DPP out any word on if sig is coming with a new version of the Romeo that might have a big window? I thought I saw someone mention in a post but nothing on the sig website yet.
  5. OK so I’ve shot both a Glock 17 and a Tangfo Stock 2 in carry optics both with a Burris FF 2. Hated both and went back to production because I couldn’t keep the dot in the window on recoil and had much trouble tracking it. Basically I would finish higher overall in production. I just got a P320 X5 Legion and I’m itching to try CO again just for that big magazine. Is there any red dot option to make it easier to keep said dot in the window? Also before anyone says it I’m not limp wristing the gun. Basically an A class shooter master in production but I have slid a little since then my eyesight is getting worse hence the other hand reason for carry optics.
  6. Hey for the guys with too much recoil spring in your canik sfx. I installed a sprinco unit made for a walther Q5 with the light spring. It works perfect and does shoot softer
  7. I picked up a range officer last summer probably 8k round through it and it's been perfect. It's an honest 1.5" gun at 25 yds. No malfunctions at all. Trigger was heavy but a $9 cylinder and slide 3 leaf spring got me a passable 3.5lb trigger.
  8. I just wanted to thank all the staff. I shot Friday and it was a great match. I hadn't shot anything more than a local match in many years and it was great to get back out there and great to have so much participation in Singlestack.
  9. Dawson makes two maxwell inserts. One accepts standard mags with the tab in front. The other has no cut for the tab and is made to work with Dawson base pads. I got the later and 5 Dawson mags whenI got my 9mm RO. The gun mag well and mags have all been flawless.
  10. I made production master several years ago. But my performance is going down due to some eye problems. I'm all in
  11. Thanks Dwain got lucky. Just decided to hit the gas and go for it. The hits just happened to be there. It'll get thrown out for being more than 15% over my average. Having trouble I haven't shot production for years so my classifier average is really low. I had one other really good one thrown out. Can't win. Oh well
  12. I shot this in 3.18 clean in production. Came out to 9.43 hit factor and 100% problem is USPSA threw it out as more than 15% above my class. I haven't shot production in years so my classification is C (I'm about to make A in limited)but I did shoot it and it was set properly. Is there any way to appeal and get this to count? Usually I get psyched out and blow classifiers and they seem to count those they should also count the ones where I have my head on straight and do something right!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I'm having the same problem. Haven't shot production in years but with .40 bullets so high broke out the old g17. I'm a high B in limited (need one more good run for A) but C in production. I don't even shoot much USPSA mostly steel, GSSF, and NRA-AP. SO I'm sure I've improved in the 3-4 years since I shot production. I shot steely speed VII 06-10 in 3.18 with 30 points 9.434 HF and it was disallowed I e-mailed and pled my case. we'll see. I am in fact the most inconsistent shooter in the world I'll either score well or crash and burn but I did shoot this one and it sucks if they disallow it.
  14. I go back and forth on this. I have a older Benny Hill 6" 2011 and a G-24 (Bought the Glock to start with then upgraded). I've really tried to evaluate both in practice and matches by breaking down the timer data. I see two advantages to the 2011. 1. Reset is shorter so I can shoot about .03 faster splits on those up close and dirty targets, but a lot of times this is fools gold. .03 ain't much and if it costs you a A or two have you really gained anything? 2. The 2011 reloads soo much easier. That tapered magazine is great for fumble fingers. No matter how you flub it it goes in. It saves me about .15 sec per reload. All that said I shot the Glocks (17 in production and 24 in limited) this years after solely shooting the 2011 for the last two years because I wanted to shoot some GSSF matches and maybe pick up some prizes and the new production class for NRA AP interests me. I could never see a difference in my match results whether I shot the 2011 or the glock 24. I finished about the same and I actually shot about an 89% classifier with the 24 which is high for me so far typically I can get in the low 80% range if I shoo to my potential so 89% is very good. I don't think it matters much. A 24 and $2K worth of ammo will make you better than a $3000 2011 limited gun I think. This thread interests me when I first got the 2011 I thought it was a great advantage but now I'm not sure. Has anyone else shot both a lot? You guys are right about a G-35 it's so darned versatile you can shoot so many games with it and be competitive. If I was just starting I would buy a G-35 and 100k rounds of ammo. When I got that shot up I'd move on to something else MAYBE.
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