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  1. Hello Everyone. I’m a longtime pistol shooter but new to 3 gun. I prefer to shoot an optic on my pistol so I need an open shotgun. I have an benelli M2 and a burris fast fire speed bead setup. Can this be competitive if I add a speedloader setup or do you really need a magazine fed shotgun now days?
  2. OK given the rule change who makes the worlds heaviest pic rail mounted weapons light?
  3. I have a Romeo Max on a SIG Legion. It’s great to shoot. Big window the dot is sharp and will go super bright. I’ve probably got maybe 4k rounds through it. The flex pad that covers the on off switch (and presumably makes the thing water proof) flew off 2 matches ago to parts unknown. The auto on off feature sucks. It will shut off and if you move the gun right when or immediately after it shuts off it won’t come back on. Then you can’t get it on with the on button until it sets a while. I have to turn off manually after every stage and then on at load and make ready to be sure the dot will come on. I’ll be trying an SRO next.
  4. Ok so who wants to go in business with me making the heaviest damn weapons light on the market. We’ll call it Schuetzen Glocken.
  5. I can’t comment on the Q5. I do love my legion. To me I need 3 things good trigger good sights and the gun needs to run and be reasonably accurate. The sig comes with a nice set of FO adjustable sights, my trigger measured 3lb 4oz on my gage and it feels clean to me. I don’t notice the squish everyone is talking about. The gun has run 100% and it shoots inch groups at 25 yds. The only bummer was finding I needed an adapter plate to mount a romeo 3max
  6. Hello all. Well it appears I screwed up. I ended up with a Romeo 3 max. For some reason I thought it would mount direct to the gun. It does not so I need a adapter plate. I don’t see one for the legion/romeo 3 combination on the springer website. What are people using to mount this sight and where can I get one? Thanks again everyone you’ve been very helpful
  7. Thanks for the responses. I’m torn I like the look of the SRO a little better but it’d be nice that the DPP would mount without a plate. I think I might try a DPP if it don’t suit me I need a sight on a SW 627 too I’ll just move it to that gun and get a SRO later
  8. Thanks all. I had not seen the SRO so I’ll check it and the DPP out any word on if sig is coming with a new version of the Romeo that might have a big window? I thought I saw someone mention in a post but nothing on the sig website yet.
  9. OK so I’ve shot both a Glock 17 and a Tangfo Stock 2 in carry optics both with a Burris FF 2. Hated both and went back to production because I couldn’t keep the dot in the window on recoil and had much trouble tracking it. Basically I would finish higher overall in production. I just got a P320 X5 Legion and I’m itching to try CO again just for that big magazine. Is there any red dot option to make it easier to keep said dot in the window? Also before anyone says it I’m not limp wristing the gun. Basically an A class shooter master in production but I have slid a little since then my eyesight is getting worse hence the other hand reason for carry optics.
  10. This is great practice We shot it at a special classifier this last Sat. I want to set it up at home at try it. Has anyone ever tried to shoot the 15 yd freestyle and the 35 yd strong hand/weak hand. Not the way to shoot it in the match but it might be good practice. I just wondered what some of the better shooters can do running it this way. I sprayed a 15 yd weak hand shot for a miss so I'm thinking why not try 35 yd weak hand!!!!!
  11. I'm a B limited shooter. At 10 yds from hands at sides I've shot 3.25 which is not great but I'm really having trouble with the draw. My draw is 1.6 to 1.8. I can hit A on paper with a 1.2 draw, but if I try to push it on plates I always miss the first plate. I can't seem to get through the mental block. If I can get the draw figured out I know I can break 3 sec which would be great for my skill level. Anybody got any tips for draw. (I know dry fire a lot)
  12. I wasn't even on the same squad but I listened to Steve A. shoot this and that was almost more impressive. I shot an 8.23 and 100 pts which is actually a little over my head but it sounded like I was shooting a single action compared to him. I know there is a lot of take-up in that glock trigger but good god. I need a drill to speed up my trigger finger.
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