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  1. 9mm bullet ring

    Upon doing a little researching. It may seems that this problem is isolated to dillon seating die especially in 147gr. Some people recommended lee seating die or redding competition seating die to eliminate the problem. Do anybody use lee or redding seating die for their 9mm for seating to elimanate this problem?
  2. 9mm bullet ring

    I have a dillon 550 with dillon 9mm dies. I started loading 147gr xtreme but the problems is i’m getting a worst oal variances -/+ .10-.15 using 147gr xtreme and even notice that the bullet has a ring. I have been loading 115gr and 124gr but oal variance is within the normal range. Does anybody has same experience?
  3. Cz accushadow front sights

    Thank you ill try the .215x.100
  4. Cz accushadow front sights

    I recently acquire a CZ sp01 accushadow and notice the front sights is too wide which gives me hard time acquiring the target. I want to change the front sights with a thin sights i dont know of what height and width to get, but i want a thinner one. The accushadow as a rear sights that has an elevation adjustment on it. I’m new to cz hope someone can help me. Thank you in advance.
  5. Black Friday bullet deals?

    Xtreme is live 20% plus 5%
  6. Wife approved an XL 650 !

    I used dillon balance scale. Works great!
  7. Black Friday bullet deals?

    My mail man will hate me this year for sure. Lol...[emoji23]
  8. Black Friday bullet deals?

    Thanks. Will wait if they will run 15% off black friday.
  9. Black Friday bullet deals?

    Can you share the 5% code?
  10. Black Friday bullet deals?

    Xtreme you dont need it.
  11. Black Friday bullet deals?

    Xtreme has 10% but im guessing they will have 15% off tomorrow
  12. Black Friday bullet deals?

    BBI has 5%.
  13. Black Friday Haxmat powder sales?

    Any free shipping deals and hazmat deals?
  14. Black Friday bullet deals?

    Midway has cci’s no hazmat. Brownells deal for primers is dead