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  1. Anyone on here run a battle belt for competition? Thoughts? If you have run a competition belt before, what would be your final thoughts? (my apologies if this topic has been brought up before)
  2. My goodness! that's disgustingly sweet.
  3. Watching is good for as others mentioned - data. I especially watch newbies shoot stages "just in case". There was an instance when I just started shooting and I wasn't paying attention. All of a sudden I see a few veteran shooters duck and move and sprint. A newbie broke 180 HARD and made a few guys nervous.
  4. This is gorgeous! OP- I would go this route. Jagewerks has a pretty affordable optic cut cost (and if you can wait until Black Friday- it gets cheaper!).
  5. Have you tried the Beretta Match hammer? It's kind of a game changer.
  6. Nope lol... guess I will now!
  7. big fan of Arrendondos. I have had the Dawson extensions in the past, but got rid of them as over time the extensions wore down the bottom part of the mag. Dropped a full mag and everything blew up lol.
  8. Big fan of Holosun. I run a 507c v2 and the 509t. Find what fits your budget, then as always practice with it if this is your first time with an optic.
  9. I run the same set up and no issues here. Are you using the supplied screws that were in the CHPWS kit?
  10. Unsure about TF, but Henning extensions for the CZ platform and Springer Precision extensions for sure fit.
  11. Yes. The G conversion/option is a standard option offered by Beretta. A few Beretta guys I know run the conversion at matches with no hiccups.
  12. This might sound silly, but I gave the LTT Beretta a shot because it was "different". There are a good amount of shooters at local matches that are CZ fans and swear by it. Great guns, shoot great. I picked up a M9A3... the the LTT Trigger Job in a bag... and the better shooters were impressed. I splurged on a LTT with NP3 coating and right off the rip impressed with it. It just hits different. When people ask me what i'm shooting and tell them LTT, the response was always, "Ooooooooooooo lemme see that." lol! If you do end up getting one, get one with the TJIAB installed from LTT. They put some extra "sauce" on it!
  13. I have two of their plates - one for the 507c and 509t. Both are working great and have great finish and tolerance. I have also seen that if they have a new version out for the plate that you can send yours in and upgrade for a small fee. Not too shabby!
  14. Big fan of the OEM mags and Arrendondo base pads. I also run the Dawson extensions and the magpul 21rd mags, but will probably sell these and get more Arrendondo because I'm OCD and want everything the same lol
  15. I have the trigger on my SP01 shadow. I was a little hesitant about it "pointing too forward", but after dry firing it for a little bit I don't mind it at all. I will say the trigger in single action is PURRRRRRRRTY.
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