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  1. Hello from Maryland

    Nice shooting! Did you wind up buying the G35 yet?
  2. Volunteer EMT here, with about 16 years under my belt. Close to 2000 patients treated at this point. @RickT that guy should definitely have been moved into a cooler location. If they have an on site office with AC and golf carts there's really no excuse. If there's no trauma or other contraindication, always move the patient to the most comfortable position/location. Especially if EMS has an extended arrival time. And yeah, at the very least, use some ice for a cold compress on the wrists! Heat stroke needs to be reversed ASAP. To answer the OP: at my local weeknight match, as part of the shooter meeting the match director always asks for a show of hands from anyone with advanced medical training. There's always a couple of us and I think it's a great move. All small matches should do it. There's also a comprehensive med kit stored near the gate, and he points it out so that anyone/everyone knows where it is and to grab it. Personally, I have a tourniquet, set of chest seals, airway management tools, and 2 trauma dressings that live in my range bag. In my car I have a more comprehensive kit as well. I recommend everyone take, at the bare minimum, the Red Cross First Aid and CPR class. Once you have that, move on to TCCC. If you spend enough time around guns, statistically, eventually someone is gonna get hurt. Or just have a heart attack.
  3. DAA wrist timer

    Nikdanja how long ago are we talking? The initial run of DAA Shotmaxx timers were known to be buggy, but they have since released a 2.0 model which has proven very reliable across the board. I have had one since the week they were released and it has not had even a single hiccup.
  4. Confused on Power Factor...

    Minor is minor. Doesn't matter whether you are at the bottom of the scale or the top of the scale - the scoring is the same. So might as well aim to get as close to 125 PF as possible (without dropping under, of course). If you're new... just buy a bunch of boxes of factory ammo (Blazer Brass, PMC, Winchester White Box, etc) and find out what runs well in your gun. Then shoot that for at least 3-5 matches before you even start worrying about power factor. Just learn to be safe without worrying about all the extra minutiae.
  5. Hearing protection for Open

    There is a lot of misconceptions about NRR ratings in this thread. All manufacturers specify a single value for the NRR, e.g. 18dB for the MSA Sordins compared to 30dB for the Howard Leights. The Sordins cost nearly 10x more, so what's the difference? The answer is that NRRs must be calculated across the entire scale of audible frequencies. Gunshots typically have a frequency of 2000 (pistol shots) - 6000 Hz (magnum rifles).The true NRR scale can be found if you dig deep into the product literature and looks something like this: MSA Sordins HL Impact Sport We see that for pistol shooting (~2000 Hz) Sordins actually have an NRR of 29.5 where HLs come in at 27.1. And then recall that decibels are measured on a logarithmic scale, so that difference between 27.1 and 29.5 is actually quite large. Don't be fooled by silly marketing. MSA offers SIGNIFICANTLY more hearing protection than a pair of HLs. If you really want to get into the weeds of this type of analysis, here's an in depth blog post to start: https://trevoronthetrigger.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/msa-sordin-supreme-performance-the-misleading-nrr18db-rating/
  6. I prefer ALS to GLS after seeing someone transition from rifle to pistol, and as they swung their slung rifle around to the front, the sling slipped under the pistol grip, disengaged the GLS, and lifted their loaded glock right out of the holster and flung it a couple feet. Instant DQ and a RSO diving in the other direction to try and avoid the flying gun. ALS for me, all the way. The Oregon Defense Nub is a perfect addition.
  7. MSA Sordin or Pro Ears for Small Head

    Another vote for Sordins (with gel cups!) and a set of Aegis glasses. Small noggin too.
  8. Newbie from MD

    Just bumping this up to congratulate @racerwong on his extremely rapid growth in USPSA. He placed 2nd overall in our local match tonight out of 25 shooters, even beating out several A-class shooters. Not bad for 8 weeks since his very first match.
  9. Carry optics holster

    Most safariland stuff is actually geared toward the old line of Docter optics. And often need a little bit of opening with a Dremel and a sanding drum anyway. What gun/optic do you have? You might have some options
  10. Carry optics holster

    Safariland has just released a whole new line of optic-compatible holsters. There are also a variety of other similar ones that will likely work as long as you're using a common (i.e. Glock) platform.
  11. Shadow 2 for carry optic?

    You need to remove at least 4.5 oz of weight. The only way would be to remove significant chunks of metal from every possible area (shortened dust cover, lightening cuts in the slide, etc), but that would bump it to Open due to external mods.
  12. Carry optics holster

    After seeing someone get DQ'ed when their rifle sling caught the butt of their pistol and lifted it up and out of the holster, I went out and got a Safariland ALS holster for my 3-gun pistol. I like having the retention and the added delay for depressing the button is negligible. Only about .2 seconds. It certainly won't make a difference in my rankings
  13. My vote would be to run your duty gear in Limited Minor for the time being. There is no point in training yourself to drop mags at 8-10 rounds fired when you normally have 17+1 on tap. Your duty gear shouldn't make more than a 0.5 second difference in stage time. I have a Level 1 holster for USPSA and a Safariland retention holster for 3 gun. My draw and fire times with each holster are 1.0 and 1.2 seconds, respectively. And if you reaaaaally want to game it, tuck the mag pouch flaps behind your mags so you have an unimpeded draw.
  14. New app from DAA. Currently for iOS (boo!) but apparently an Android version is in the works. No concrete info on an ETA though. This appears to have a number of features that make it superior to Max's ShotCoach app. I don't have an iOS device any more so I have no way to test it out though. Link:
  15. Correlation between 9 major and slide cracks?

    I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Is that a ShokBuff and an AlumaBuff sandwiched together?