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  1. 9mm pcc barrel in new jersey

  2. I got in the shower with my rifle after that match. Expect gear to get broken (both scope caps off my scope - a neoprene scope coat works better), gear to get lost (there are 5-10 magazines sitting on the lost and found table after every match - get a retention holster and mag pouches), and probably some malfunctions and jams (more lube is usually better). I don't run with my most expensive gear, just my dead reliable gear. And plan on going through a ton of CLP when you get home
  3. If anyone is curious about the mud, this is what I looked like by Stage 2 at last year's match:
  4. Reviews of Vortex Razor red dot on a slide mount?

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. In the end I had too many concerns with the Razor and went with the proven Leupold DPP. Hopefully it holds up and gets me through the season of matches!
  5. Max capacity 140mm

    What are the best options these days for extended pads on the P-09 tubes?
  6. speed holser for glocks with frame weight-thumb rest ?

    CR Speed has a couple glock-specific race holsters which accommodate a frame weight and thumb rest with minor fitting. Takes about 60 seconds with a dremel to just shave off a bit of plastic. I might have a photo of my old G35 limited setup somewhere, but it's very obvious what to do once you have it in hand.
  7. Does anyone have a decent midterm (1000 rounds) to long term (5000+ rounds) experience with the Vortex Razor red dot mounted on a pistol slide? I am thinking about a CZ P-09 + Razor combo for carry optics and Run N Gun matches. I currently use Glock + RMRs but don't care for Glock ergos and I wish I had a bigger FOV through the glass. I also really like the idea of having Vortex's warranty. The other "large glass" option is the Leupold DPP, but the limited 2 year warranty gives me pause. Trijicon's warranty is better at 5 years, and the warranty turnaround can take 4-6 weeks. Vortex turns stuff around in 2-3 days, tops. Either way, the Razor is cheap enough that I can buy 2 and just keep one in my range bag as a spare. So again, looking for personal experience with the Vortex Razor as a slide mounted optic. I'm familiar with all the other options on the market, just looking for feedback on the Razor specifically.
  8. Best CO pistol?

    A quality machine shop with experience can mill the optic cut down just slightly lower than the MOS plate sits. So the dot, on a custom-milled slide will sit lower in the slide equal to the height of the MOS plate plus an extra 10% or so. It's also a more secure, more repeatable fit due to not having an interface plate in between. It's a worthwhile upgrade. But then again, there are plenty of people who are shooting CO with their dots mounted on a plate sitting in the rear dovetail, which is miles higher than even an MOS. So... yeah, up to you.
  9. Belt question

    Mwray nailed it above. The ELS belt is king of 3-gun. It's less important for USPSA or other pistol-only matches, but it's still a great belt. In general though, very few serious competitors in any shooting sport will use belt-slide attachments for that precise reason - they slide. You'll find ELS, Tek-Lok, and other "clamp" style attachments to be infinitely more popular because of how stable they are. All of your new Nerd gear can be mounted to ELS clips so you won't have any issues there. Nerd gear is a great choice. All you need now are some shell caddies.
  10. I am gearing up to buy my first can and I'm essentially undecided between a Rugged Razor and Sandman S. The price points are close enough to be irrelevant and as far as all my research can tell, they are absolute equals when it comes to quality, durability, and actual suppression performance. The only real criteria I have left to evaluate them on is the performance of their muzzle brakes. I anticipate doing an equal amount of suppressed and unsuppressed shooting, so (to me) it's a relatively important benchmark. I've been spoiled by high quality tuneable competition brakes (e.g. Odin Atlas 5) which leave my muzzle dead steady under recoil and my red dot stays right on target to enable sub 0.20 splits. So I'm wondering... how do the brakes from Rugged and Dead Air compare? Can you get the same performance (in terms of muzzle stability) out of them that you can from something like the Odin or a Miculek brake? How about in terms of comparison between the two? The Rugged has fewer chambers and is shorter. What am I gaining/losing by going with a more compact muzzle brake? Any insights are greatly appreciated.
  11. Optic for CO and HD

    Type 2 has been reinforced to deal with the stress of being mounted on the slide and getting battered back and forth with every shot. The Gen 1 version was pretty good, the Gen 2 (AKA "Type 2") is better. You want the RM06 - 3.25 MOA dot. In my humble opinion, the 6.5MOA dot is too large and starts to cover small targets beyond 20 yds. You can leave the dot turned on 24/7, expect to have to replace the battery every 6-9 months, depending on your brightness level. Some people get the rear sight milled in front of the optic to allegedly "protect" the optic from flying brass, but I've never actually seen an optic ever damaged from brass. So you might as well get the sight milled as far back as possible to retain the maximum sight radius. If you look around at any major CO match, virtually no one will have backup irons at all. They slow you down by obstructing ~1/3 of the glass optic. Conversely, for a defensive gun, it's pretty important (most would agree) to have backup irons. You decide which discipline (CO or HD) is more important to you.
  12. New to competitions - need rifle advice

    A year from now, the receiver set you wanted is going to look like crap with dings, dents, and scrapes from slamming into barricades, getting chucked into dump barrels, and going prone on gravel. Competition guns are tools which get rode hard and put away wet. Save the fancy billet receivers for a trophy gun.
  13. Don't use a bipod adapter. Use an aluminum Mlok rail section which is unobtrusive (Magpul, Seekins, etc) and can stay mounted on your rail permanently. And then get a bipod with a QD rail adapter like an Atlas BT10-LW17
  14. Can I use 75B SA slide on an Accushadow frame?

    Yeah, it's a 75B. I'm not sure if USPSA has that rule. I'll need to look it up. I know guys pin their grip safeties on their 2011 pistols all the time in USPSA, so I'm leaning towards guessing that there is no such rule like in IDPA.
  15. I am thinking about picking up a CZC Accushadow for USPSA Production but I would like to dabble in Carry Optics as well. I happen to have a spare 75B SA (single action) slide sitting unused in my parts bin. Anyone know if I can safely use this slide long term on an Accushadow frame? If so, I would send it out to be milled for a dot. Looking at it with my non-gunsmith eyes, it appears to be identical to every other SP01-series slide except it has the shorter 75B rails which don't quite reach the muzzle. I placed the slide on my SP01 Tactical and ran through a bunch of function checks and it seems to be fine, so I'm assuming it would also be fine on an Accushadow, just want to check in with the collective before writing a big check. Thanks!