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  1. Why load long?

    My Glock mags won't even feed with 40's loaded to 1.160! Wow those 2011 mags must be deep. I tend to load mine closer to 1.125 just to make sure I don't cause magazine problems.
  2. Glock 170mm Mag question?

    What tuning did you do? I am having the same problems and am very frustrated!
  3. But the RO must have been the one directing that shooting into the berm be the course of action. If a shooter is trying to "If finished, ULSC" but chooses on his own to shoot into the berm and THEN unload and show clear, then the shot should be on the clock. @TravisNC wasn't clear with that detail of his query.
  4. Trouble with classifiers

    Or I'm sandbagging. If I am, it's not consciously. I do know that my strengths lie in visualizing longer stages and shooting on the move, both skills that are not highlighted as often in classifiers.
  5. Trouble with classifiers

    I have been super-consistent in classifiers. I'm C-class in CO and consistently score around 55% in my classifiers. I don't treat them any differently than any other stage. However, I would say that I perform on field courses more as a B. Now that's a good combo, to classify consistently, but one class lower than your match scores.
  6. Ammo for shooting limited at Majors

    I push my brass through a Redding GRX full-length sizing die with a bottle on top to catch them. I don't do that step all the time, but when perfection is needed, that is one of my extra steps.
  7. open division gun sights

    But he's talking about using a Limited gun in Open, right? The extra 30mm of mag wouldn't give all that much of an advantage. The dot is the difference. So many here are comparing 170mm mags to a 10rd limit, but really the advantage for mags in Open is just an extra 30mm. I think the dot is way bigger an advantage than is the comp.
  8. Deltapoint Pro Dot Failures

    Did the bent contacts occur on their own from recoil...or can you trace it back to some battery change you performed? I'm sure hoping to learn from your experience. Any chance you bent those contacts with a careless battery install?
  9. Midway Viper Red dot deal

    Nothing special about the Viper 6moa. The window is small, you have to remove the sight to get to the battery, and there is no auto-on. A $50 gift card is AWESOME, though. If someone were wanting a 6moa Vortex, I'd wait for the Venom (still a small window, and no auto-on). For the $200 range, these can't be beat. But if one is willing to step up to the $400 range, then good things await.
  10. I just built an open gun and chose the DPP with 7.5moa delta. I happen to have 3 of the original DP's, all with the delta. That reticle is the best of both worlds, in my opinion. Super-fast because it is big and bright, and also very precise. I zero with the very tip of the delta at 20 yards and I am golden. I've never used the RTS2, but the windows are about the same big size.
  11. Getting into CO

    Here's the opposing view. I set up 2 guns almost exactly the same, both with co-witnessed iron sights. I had a Glock 17 and a Glock 22 milled for DeltaPoints and installed Suarez suppressor sights. The G17 is my competition pistol and has all sorts of mods. The G22 (converted to 9mm) is my home defense gun, and is much closer to stock. I wanted them roughly the same so my reps in competition would transfer easily to my HD gun. With all the dry fire I do, I never need my iron sights to find the dot, though. They are there just in case, but I use consistent practice to find the dot predictably, not the iron sights. And there's no downside to having them, just a downside to using them (just a hair slower).
  12. Squading with better shooters

    I shoot CO, and in my area for whatever reason, we've got a bunch of C-classers and then all the people testing out CO, who are U. Some of them are M open shooters, A Production, whatever. It is hard to follow this pattern of squadding with better shooters. I used to look for good Production shooters because of the same mag limits. I'm a little flummoxed now with full mags in CO. I'm now wondering who to look at: open shooters? Limited? Personally, I think the best shooters to shoot with are the ones who are one step better than you. Enough better to be able to actually reach, and just far enough ahead that they feel YOUR heat. That makes you better, and makes them better!
  13. Carry optics

    I added as much weight as possible to my Glock 17 CO gun. I epoxied lead shot into the grip void and am using a tungsten guide rod. Still not like a steel gun, but the best I can do. Here's my thinking on CO. My carry gun has an RMR (G19), therefore I want my competition rig to also have a red dot. I use a DeltaPoint on my CO gun. If you use irons on your carry gun(s), consider Production or Limited. If you use an optic, you get to choose between Open and CO. Not that USPSA is self defense training or anything, but most of my reps are gotten through competition. I may as well shoot something a little similar to my carry rig...a little.
  14. Budget 1-?x Scope for 3-Gun

    I owned a Strike Eagle on an American Defense QD mount. I hated it!! I sold it after one match. 1) The sweet spot for eye relief felt extremely tiny. If I didn't mount it perfectly on my shoulder I was searching for the sweet spot. That could have been addressed with practice, but I didn't like that. 2) Heavy as lead! With that mount, I think I was adding close to 2 pounds to my rifle. Now, I could have gotten a lighter mount, but the Vortex SE is a biggun. 3) I decided to stay with a red dot until I can afford real glass. My 3-gun match around these parts doesn't have anything past 50 yards, so a Vortex dot works for me, but I have become a glass snob because I felt so burned by the Strike Eagle.
  15. Low Recoil Loading Data needed for S&W 40

    Are you talking a minor load? Does it need to make 125PF, or are you just wanting it light? I have been building (down) a minor 40 load using 155gr bullets and Titegroup. I haven't had a chance to chrono my loads so I have a ladder all ready to go when I can get to the range. Check out this article: Make Right with ".40 Lite" CFE Pistol seems a bit slow-burning for this purpose. Titegroup is faster and may burn up better, being less flashy or gassy. There aren't many published minor loads, though. Or at least minor enough...