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  1. Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I currently have a stock X-Five with a Romeo1 6moa. I plan on installing a GGI Competition Trigger and am thinking about upgrading to either a GGI Fat Guide Rod or the SP. I'm currently shooting 115gr UMC or Blazer. What Spring Weight would you all recommend for that application? Thanks!
  2. It's not.... they'll be selling both. You can buy the whole gun or just the slide if you've already got a VP9.
  3. I love Talon Grips. Pre-cut and just plain work. I have the rubberized ones on all my carry guns and a granular set on my competition gun. Love 'em!
  4. I always help paste/reset, and grab a few pieces of brass on my way to/from. I make sure to pickup what I shot on that stage. If at the end of a stage there is some leftover and other shooters don't want it I'll run through and grab some more. However I never do any of it in a manner that will delay "the game". This method allows me to not only to do my part, but also allows me to "fill my pockets" at the same time. Seems like a win-win for me and my squad.
  5. You're telling me... I'm outta here as soon as I can. Unfortunately, with 3 kids in school that's not going to happen anytime soon.
  6. Agreed, no optic cut. However for me that isn't an issue. I'll be running a P320x5 with an optic, so this would give me the option to have something to run in production/ssp vs. co.
  7. I'm in NY, so I'm limited to 10 round mags. The X-Five that I bought comes with 4 10 round mags, so I'll only have to pick up one more. The 10 round version does not come with a magwell. So at this point in time I don't see a need for base pads either. That may change as I start shooting and competing with it though.
  8. Thanks for your input. I ended up going with the X5 for a few various reasons. Still waiting for it to come in, but I've already got my Romeo1, Talon Grips, hole and mag pouches.
  9. I shot a VP9 in IDPA/Action Pistol/USPSA last year, since it's what I had. I really enjoy shooting that gun. I just purchased a Sig P320 X-Five and Romeo1 6moa. However this will be my next purchase!
  10. I've shot the X-Five with the factory flat-faced trigger and liked it. I'm going to put some rounds down range with it stock, before I make the plunge. Thanks for the insight!
  11. Flat-faced trigger or curved? What do most prefer?
  12. Just thought about it, and I'm going to be running an R1 on my X5, which puts me in CO.... CO follows ESP if I'm not mistaken. So the GG kit would be good to go. Am I thinking about this right?
  13. Will adding the Gray Guns Competition Trigger Kit to an X-Five put me into ESP? I was going to put in the Flat-faced trigger which looks exactly like the Stock trigger. I only shoot local matches. This will only be my second year shooting, so I was hoping to stay in SSP. Thanks!
  14. If I go with the Flat trigger from Gray Guns will that keep me in the Production / SSP classes/divisions?
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