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  1. mich3210

    Upgrades to new P320x5...

    Just thought about it, and I'm going to be running an R1 on my X5, which puts me in CO.... CO follows ESP if I'm not mistaken. So the GG kit would be good to go. Am I thinking about this right?
  2. Will adding the Gray Guns Competition Trigger Kit to an X-Five put me into ESP? I was going to put in the Flat-faced trigger which looks exactly like the Stock trigger. I only shoot local matches. This will only be my second year shooting, so I was hoping to stay in SSP. Thanks!
  3. mich3210

    Upgrades to new P320x5...

    If I go with the Flat trigger from Gray Guns will that keep me in the Production / SSP classes/divisions?
  4. mich3210

    Upgrades to new P320x5...

    Thanks for the info. Without a doubt will be doing a GG Comp Kit.
  5. mich3210

    Upgrades to new P320x5...

    I'll look into the tungsten guide rod and a 14# or 15# spring. Thanks for the info. I'll probably run stock to start but will be upgrading those and the trigger within a few months I'm sure.
  6. mich3210

    Upgrades to new P320x5...

    For now I'm running factory ammo... 115gr and 124gr.
  7. mich3210

    X5 Rumor?

    Are you sure about that? How does R2 indicate those are the changes?
  8. mich3210

    X5 Rumor?

    I was in the same boat... I couldn't see where anything changed so I just ordered one on Monday. Guns Midwest had them for $689 plus $14.99 for shipping. I was limited on where I could get it though because I live in NY and am restricted to 10-round mags (which not everywhere sells that model). BTW... I also picked up a Romeo1 6moa from Optics Planet for $221.09! They price matched a place called BallisticDeals.com. I actually got it cheaper through OP because they didn't charge me shipping.
  9. mich3210

    Blade-tech vs CompTac for Competition

    I really like my Blade-tech Signature Series stuff. Less expensive than Comp-tac, but still gets the job done.
  10. mich3210

    Romeo1 6moa

    FYI.... I called Optics Planet tonight. They price matched the BallisticDeals.com price of $221.09, and gave me free shipping!
  11. mich3210

    Upgrades to new P320x5...

    Ordered one from Optics Planet tonight. They had it listed at $299.99 with free shipping. Found it at a place called BallisticDeals.com for $221.09, plus $8.99 shipping. I was a little skeptical of that place since I had never heard of them and couldn't find many reviews. I decided to give Optics Planet a call, and they matched the $221.09, plus gave me Free Shipping!
  12. mich3210

    SIG X Five rear sight

    Did you do all the work yourself? Do you have a write up? I'm sure the information may help others.
  13. mich3210

    Romeo1 6moa

    Just bought a Sig P320x5 and I'm looking to top it with a Romeo1 6moa. Most places have it listed for $299.99. I stumbled upon this place called Ballistic Deals which is selling it for $230, including shipping. Anyone ever bought anything from there before? Is there an older version of the 6moa Romeo1 that I should shy away from? https://ballisticdeals.com/sig-romeo1-6moa-reflex-sght-black/
  14. mich3210

    Upgrades to new P320x5...

    I just bought a P320x5, which should be here in a few weeks. Since I live in NY I had to go with the 10-round version. Where's the cheapest place to pick up another mag? Since it's the 10-round version, will any P320 Full Size 10-round mag work? What other upgrades would you all suggest? I was thinking about immediately dropping in the GG Competition Trigger. Would this be advisable, or should I get accustomed to the gun before doing so? Do I need to upgrade the Guide Rod and Spring? I'm shooting factory 115gr and 124gr. Lastly, I was planning on topping it with an optic. Would you suggest I do this right from the start, or shoot with iron sights to start? If I do get an optic, I'm going with the Romeo1 in 6moa. For background, I'll be shooting local IDPA, Action Pistol, and maybe some USPSA. I competed last year with a stock H&K VP9 with iron sights. Thanks!
  15. mich3210

    P320x5 or....

    Good Afternoon All! Well I just went ahead and bought the current XFive. I live in Upstate NY, so I'm limited to 10-round mags.