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  1. You're welcome. Just to give you an idea about how it will look with the plate, these both have the Razor red dots and Red Hill Tactical holsters. Enjoy the new blaster!
  2. I don't know about duty, but a great range holster would be Red Hill Tactical. I love mine for range and competition.
  3. Eyeballing it, that looks like its the old cut. If you really want to stick with Delta Point Pro, I have heard filing a bit from the front portion of the cutout will allow clearance to fit it (read up in the 79 page X5 thread). Otherwise, Springer Precision makes optics plates for it, that way you can run whatever you want. I went that route with Vortex Razor red dots on my wifes and my X5.
  4. I saw that today. Not sure how I feel about it, though I'm curious just how much the grip module weighs. Have we seen an MSRP on it yet?
  5. Very cool! I've been pretty happy with Sig through the years. The "Born" date I think has the larger slide cut. You could post up a pic and we should be able to tell, or a quick call to Sig should let you know as well. Either way, congrats on the new gun!
  6. They did announce an update to the X5 at Shot. The only difference I know of is the optic cut on the new ones is larger to accommodate the Romeo 2 and Delta Point Pro. They may have some other small changes but I have not heard anything specific.
  7. I'm excited to try these. Not used to seeing Sig mags inexpensive! Now if someone could just start making cheaper mags for the MPX I'd be set.
  8. Thanks for the advice Roy! Pretty much exactly what my plan is! Just short on funds right now due to injury and lousy health insurance. Can't wait to be back out to matches regularly though.
  9. Thanks to all of you that helped me in my previous threads. My wife shot Steel Challenge with me back on New Years Day and decided she wanted a competition pistol. I was shooting a standard 320, but both of us wanted X5's. It's taken a bit longer to get these finished due to injury and school, but they are Carry Optics ready (mine still has the magwell in the pic but it has been removed since.) Both have Vortex Razor red dots on Springer Precision mounting plates, with Red Hill Tactical holsters, and Springer Precision grip tape. No internal mods for now, but will eventually do trigger kits and different guide rods, etc.
  10. mwin323

    X5 Rumor?

    I saw this too. Looks like a really nice big sight. I'll be interested to get my hands on one when it comes out.
  11. mwin323

    P320 X5 Thread

    Thats a pretty sweet deal. Thanks!
  12. mwin323

    X5 Rumor?

    Ah, makes sense! I really like the DPP but may just run the Romeo because it’s easy.
  13. mwin323

    P320 X5 Thread

    Where are you seeing it for $650? Lowest i'm finding is $690...
  14. mwin323

    X5 Rumor?

    That is awesome the price you picked it up for. I saw that too and am seriously debating picking up two, one for my wife and one for me. At that price I think it might be worth it not having the larger cut.
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