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  1. Always a good time to be had in Arcadia
  2. Who sells a square trigger guard 1911 frame?

    I used an STI Part Number: 190-50010211-00
  3. Hello from MO

    Welcome to the forum. Tons of great info on here to feed your newfound addiction ?
  4. New guy in ILLINOIS

    Welcome to the forum from central IL area...
  5. Kansas Hello

    Welcome to the forum! Lots of great info on here. I'll be looking for some shooting the week of Thanksgiving while we're visiting family in the Hutchinson area. Let me know if you find anything
  6. Interesting change to the divisions...
  7. Hello from Kansas!

    Welcome to the forum
  8. New guy from central IL

    Welcome to the forum. Tons of very helpful people on this forum for anything from reloading to building guns and of course competitive shooting. Always good stuff on here.
  9. The writing was on the wall and this news is certainly not a surprise. Anyone who has done business with AP knows how difficult it was to get product, purchased or otherwise. It's unfortunate that folks will be on the losing end of this. Happens far too often.
  10. Unfortunately I had to back out of this match. Too much work and not enough employees this year...
  11. Hi from ILL

    Welcome to the forum
  12. Elftmann Tactical 3 Gun Trigger

    I've tried tons of triggers as most of us have in the AR platform. Was a big Geissele fan until I tried a S3G, the creep felt horrible and then I was having issues with it doubling. Still like the SSA and the Match Geissele's. Got an AR Gold, loved it once I got the springs cut and trigger pull where I wanted it but the trigger felt loose so I thought something was wrong with it and switched to Timney. I personally never had an issue with a Timney trigger but have lots of folks I shoot with that had various issues with them so I decided to switch, didn't need a rifle down in a match. Switched to the JP EZ trigger but started to notice they don't hold trigger pull and creep up in weight over time. Tried Hyperfire, don't like the feel and all the springs. CMC is always a good trigger for a 1 piece with stock drop in parts. The JP hammer and spring kit is better in my opinion than the CMC but they're about the same. Tried a rise armament and the ELF 3-Gun and now the ELF is my favorite. Super easy to adjust, great feel, absolutely can't hurt the things, they're built like a tank. Yeah they're a little expensive but I've got 1100 rounds through my match rifle with one and the thing is still at 2.75 lbs like the day I set it. No issues as I'd expect. I don't run any lube on them and don't loctite any of the set screws. Don't have many rounds on one but sure do like the trigger break. The reset is a tad stout but I don't feel it shooting since I don't ride the trigger.
  13. the secret to recoil control?

    Lots of great information here on grip technique. I think the best advice I ever got was from Manny Bragg and his famous marker technique. He long ago told Vogel to start using the CoC grip trainers while explaining to him how to tame recoil at a match in Tulsa, Hand strength along with the weak hand grip are what tame recoil. I hate recoil so I do many things to my handguns to assist in taming recoil but the thing that helps the most is to keep a strong support hand grip, fingers should be pointed at approximately a 45 degree angle down toward the ground when you extend your support hand fingers. Support hand should be tucked into strong hand around grip so that grip exposure is at a minimum. And shoot groups while you watch the sights lift over and over again. Fun stuff. Buy these: http://www.mannyusa.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=Captains_of_Crush
  14. 3 gun shooter wanting to get into PRS

    I've not competed in a PRS event yet but have worked a major PRS event and shot stages used in the events. PRS matches are tons of fun and can be difficult for a 3-Gunner to do well in from the start with our slappy trigger fingers You typically get 1 shot with no make ups in PRS where we typically shoot till we hit in 3-Gun. They are adding a couple new classes in the PRS series for 2016 so have a look at the rules and match schedule, register, and go shoot an event. Let us know how you like it. 2016 PRS match schedule can be found here: http://www.precisionrifleseries.com/prs-events.html. PRS rule book can be found here:http://www.precisionrifleseries.com/prs_rules.pdf.
  15. Best AR trigger ?

    I've recently switched to the ELF triggers in all my AR's. Like that they feel like the trigger in my 2011.