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  1. CR Speed with inserts.... I really have contemplated changing this up over the last few years, but i never end up doing anything. I really like the 771’s for limited.
  2. Got all the new parts and @resortboarder fit everything together! Shoots flat and weight distribution is perfect!
  3. Ordered a Dawson SS msh, aluminum STI trigger, and a brazos big mouth large hands. Should be squared away in no time!
  4. I have no idea which housing it is. I purchased used, and knew i needed one. I wasn’t sure which one. Sounds like dawson SS is the ticket! Thank you!
  5. Which MSH housing do i need? This is a PT CLASSIC grip. The MSH I have does not match up well at all. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Evan, Let me send my Trojan home with you. It’s all setup for a lefty already. You can test it all you want before you commit to buying anything.
  7. 17ms and 14 recoil. 200gr swc 170 pf
  8. In Flames #1! LOG Hatebreed Amon Armarth
  9. I shot with El Prez at the Minnesota sectionals, and watched him use one of those mags on a stage where it was very beneficial. I thought it was pretty cool to have at least 1 specialty mag for stages where it will make a difference. Sidenote: I really enjoyed shooting with Mike and learned a ton.
  10. I've seen a limited shooter start a stage with 23 in the gun at Area 3 and another at Minnesota section. Those were both mag gauge at chrono matches. I've got one mag formula that I believe will work, i wanted to see what other results with different mag/component combos people were seeing. I can't get 21 in my mbx's, but i can get 20 reloadable no problem.
  11. Who is getting 22 rounds of .40 in there limited mag? What mag bodies, springs, followers are you using? I'm shooting a STI DVC, and i want to put together a legit stage starter mag.
  12. Any updates or progress report? Dibs on shooting this blaster once finished!
  13. I'll be running a dawson ice magwell, so i didn't want to order the msh.
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