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  1. Why do some glock slides automatically release ?

    I've been shooting Glocks for almost 20 years, but just started practicing for and recently shot my first IDPA match. My Gen4 G19 will do the auto-forward thing, but with a twist. At least twice when practicing at the range, I've had it auto-forward and close on an empty chamber. At my first match, it auto-closed once with an empty chamber, and once with partial feed jam in which I just had to help the slide close. The ammo in both cases was 147gr (H&S coated in practice, Montana Gold in the match)...and in both cases I was using 15-round mags loaded to 10. The mags at the match were brand new...so not weak springs. I've done various forms of competition, but have never until these instances had any Glock auto-close and fail to chamber a round. Previous types of competition with on-the-clock reloads, were for me, a long time ago, and I was shooting either factory 115gr or my own 124gr 9mm. For the past several years, I've primarily shot 147gr. It was suggested that the easiest fix for IDPA matches is to use 10-round mags for mags 2 and 3.
  2. Anyone tried these bullets? HS Bullets

    I never thought to try wetting my ammo. What happened? Any idea why they were jamming?
  3. Case Head Separation issues in PCC

    Don't buy crap ammo or reload crap brass. Problem solved.
  4. Years ago, I got into the habit with my Glocks (the ones that will do it anyway) on a slide lock reload, slamming the magazine home hard enough that the slide stop automatically lets go of the slide, returning the gun to battery, chambering a round. I recently got a Gen4 G19, and while practicing with it last weekend, at least twice, I had something happen that I'd never seen before. When doing a slide lock reload, upon slamming the mag home, the slide would close, but the chamber would be empty. The slide had managed to scrape over the top round in the magazine, rather than stripping it from the mag, and even scraped a track through the coating on the hi-tek coated bullet on the top cartridge. I kind of assumed this was just a magazine issue. I was using older mags left over from a previous G19 I owned long ago (I kept most of the mags when I traded that gun away). So, today, while shooting my first actual IDPA match, I used 3 brand new mags and had this same malfunction twice. Another shooter asked if I was using 15rd mags, and said he'd had the same issue and another shooter had told him "use 10 round mags for your reloads" and it never happened to him again. Obviously, the 10 round mags to make sure you can't stuff 11 into them are at full compression to get that 10th round in, so there's no way for the stack of cartridges to sink any further in the mag. My assumption is, with 15 round mags, either when I slam the magazine in, the rounds are sinking in the mag (inertia?) or the top round is hitting the ejector hard enough that it and entire the stack of cartridges is bouncing down off the ejector, and staying down just long enough for the part of the slide that normally strips a round to get ahead of the case head and then either close on an empty chamber, or get stuck half closed with an empty chamber. Today, it cost me time and a procedural, as I stopped to figure out why my gun was only half closed after a reload. Is this a common issue with Glocks and "high capacity" mags limited to 10 rounds? I do have some 10s for all my 9mm Glocks (left over from the AWB)...but not for my 21.
  5. X treme Brass

    Extreme makes multiple varieties of crap brass. Stepped would be totally unsuitable for major. Brass plated steel cases probably shouldn't be reloaded at all.
  6. Just because some large commercial reloader wrecked a large quantity of bullets, that doesn't mean overcrimping (esp plated bullets) isn't a real problem. Why do you think those were pulled and being sold at discount? I'd only bother trying them if they were free. It's not worth the risk that they won't shoot well or even developing a load for them if you won't be able to buy more once these are sold off.
  7. Grip tape ideas (need some)

    I put a similar product (Boodad's grips) on two Glocks. Followed the instructions for cleaning before, and heating after applying. IWB + getting squeezed between my sweaty back and the car seat, it only lasted a week or so before the left side was shifting around. On a pocket carry gun, it's not been an issue...and I'd imagine for a range/competition gun, it'd work.
  8. Anyone tried these bullets? HS Bullets

    From their FAQ page: Military/LEO discountTo receive the coupon code, H&S Bullets will need some sort of verification. Whether it's a govt email address, a copy of credentials or MIL ID. Any info sent is deleted after being verified. H&S Bullets DOES NOT save or sell any private info.
  9. Anyone tried these bullets? HS Bullets

    H&S? They're already so cheap, I haven't looked. I just ordered another 3k 147gr for $216 delivered.
  10. Anyone tried these bullets? HS Bullets

    I saw in another thread recently, it was said Bayou had changed ownership. Googling for that, I found this article from March 2017 saying it had happened "not long ago"...and based on the timing...I wonder if your bayou bullets that were shedding color were an early batch under new ownership, and they screwed up the production process?
  11. .356 Poly Coated Lead

    From what I've read, you can't coat after sizing, so it's a good bet they've already been sized once after the coating was applied.
  12. why are S&B primers so cheap ?

    Some say they're harder to seat than CCI. I haven't found that to be the case with SPP. I do have that issue with their LPP. My only complaint with the SPP is that the bottom of the cup seems to be less rounded than CCI, so they're a little harder to pick up in Dillon primer tubes and more easily flipped. But they've worked fine in my Glock's and K-frames. And the price is usually hard to beat.
  13. why are S&B primers so cheap ?

    Their SP are my new favorite after years of using mostly CCI.
  14. Good glasses are very important. My bowling pin match incident was a wake-up call in multiple ways. I need glasses for correction, and until then, I'd just shoot in my daily wear glasses. After that, I got my first pair of Rudy's. I have two now. I don't shoot in my regular glasses anymore. It also started my investigation of lighter/faster .45 bullets to keep the velocity up at generally accepted safer levels for pin shooting while still keeping the recoil sub-factory. i.e. 185gr or 200gr at >800 fps. When shooting steel with others, if I have to take of my glasses to wipe sweat off my face, or for any other reason, I turn 180* away from the plates.
  15. This seems like a follow-up to your other recent post about how to best hang steel targets? I'm very curious exactly what the circumstances were at your club where a member was cut by a ricochet (jacket fragment?...or do you know?). i.e. Distance, type of steel being shot (AR500, mild/A36, unknown), method steel was hung or positioned, angle, distance, etc. I've put thousands of rounds into a variety of steel targets. Thousands of people shoot GSSF matches every year where falling steel plates are shot at 11yds. Good steel targets should be AR500 and should be angled slightly downward. I used to a shoot a weekly head to head steel plate match using racks that were "bubba welded" together from rebar and whatever scrap steel was available. To say they were badly cratered would be an understatement. Ricochets were just part of the match, and you either dealt with it, or learned to strategically stand mostly behind someone dumber with your hands behind your back...or if you were really serious about not getting hit, you'd watch from "the shop" separated from the range by a bullet-resistant glass window. At that match, they encouraged use of non-jacketed lead...but that's not really an option for someone who doesn't reload. I now have my own hanging plate rack, using 3/8" AR500 plates, and have shot them with everything from 115gr Federal aluminum 9mm to factory .45acp FMJ...though mostly with 147gr FP coated bullets and 200gr .45 coated bullets, because the club where I primarily shoot has a rule against shooting jacketed bullets at steel. My AR500 plates are still perfectly smooth, other than the borders between painted surface / paint knocked off surface. Even with this setup though (AR500, hanging by chain, angled downward), I occasionally get a bit of lead splash back, but nothing yet that's even left a mark much less broke skin. I think as long as you keep the velocity up at reasonable levels, you'll find that lead bullets will basically pancake against steel. i.e. Some fragments of the bullet do likely spread out in all directions roughly 90* off the bullet's course, but below the steel, you'll find a collection of lead discs. I should bring some home next time and weigh them to see what portion is typically lost. Anyway...if people were regularly injured by shooting "proper steel targets" at safe distances, I doubt GSSF would still include Glock-the-Plates in all their matches. I think my gun club's prohibition of jacketed bullets on steel is overly conservative, and a result of "if we allowed it, someone would bring mild steel targets, shoot them, and someone will get hurt and sue the club." We're not allowed to shoot any sort of steel on the rifle range. There used to be a gong 100yds out...but it was scrap mild steel, looked like Swiss cheese, and go figure, it was throwing ricochets unpredictably. Where I used to shoot, we had a proper hanging AR500 rifle gong, and shot the crap out of it at 100yds with 5.56 and 7.62, and never had a problem with it. Dillon, "under 450fps"??? Was that from a firearm or a sling shot? I wouldn't recommend anyone shoot any kind of hard target with bullets moving that slow. I've posted previously about the 230gr JHP that I shot at a bowling pin and had come back and badly cut the bridge of my nose, That one was likely right around 700fps.