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  1. H335 vs. 8208XBR

    I use TAC for all my 223 stuff currently, but am going to try the 8208 for a bolt gun trainer I'm building.
  2. KMW hardware

    Joe does awesome work. I had him put KMW hardware on my wife's Manners T7
  3. Rifle choices..getting back into it.

    The 6.5 Creed is a way better option for shooting 700+. As you said, the new Ruger is a pretty tough gun to beat since many are selling for less than $1k.
  4. Chameleon Fabrics load 2 belt

    I've never had an issue with retention on any of the 4 I've had and I've probably been running them as long as anyone here. I've shot multiple Ironman and NWMG matches with them in 90-100 degree weather without any issues.
  5. 6mm Creedmoor for LRP-07

    Flatter isn't always better here boys. If you're getting 3000fps out of a 6mm 105 and 2750 out of a 6.5mm 140, it's going to be a wash in wind....which is what really matters. The 6.5 will yield longer barrel life and lower pressures which would likely make it less finicky in a gas gun. Don't get me wrong though, I am a big fan of 6mm and have seen some pretty impressive results from the 6mm gas guns. Good luck with the project Doug, you know you can always give me a buzz if you need anything.
  6. N320 Berrys 147gr load data

    Not sure how much this applies, but I use 3.5gr of N320 with a Bayou 147 at 1.14. I was loading them at 3.0, but bumped it up recently to help work the bugs out of a new 2011.
  7. 6mm Creedmoor for LRP-07

    What are you running out of your 260 Doug? If you can get 140s anywhere close to 2800, it's a wash in windage against the 6mm.
  8. 6.5 - 284, Creedmoor, or 47?

    6.5x47 will give a bit better velocity than the 6.5 Creed, but not really enough to justify the brass cost difference. Accuracy is a wash between the two, as is barrel life. We've built/shot a ton of 6.5x47s, yet I built the wife a Creedmoor and I'm building one as well for a backup/practice gun to my 6x47 match gun.
  9. I have the same problem and the only solution I've come up with so far is to keep the propane tanks inside so they stay warm. Seems anything under like 25-30 degrees gives them trouble.
  10. AR-10 in 6.5 Creed would be the way to go for a long range bonus gun.
  11. Best shooting quote and advice

    "stop sucking" and "suck less" .... both were given out as advice to me during Ironman Our group of guys are pretty ruthless
  12. Suppressor recomendation wanted

    POI may or may not shift depending on the can/barrel combination. My 7wsm has no shift between when it's braked and when I screw on my Thunderbeast 30PS, but is around .5mil with the SilencerCo Specwar. I know a few guys that have no POI shift with their SilencerCo Harvesters as well. For the most part though, I'd agree with what you've said.
  13. New 3 Gun Gear from Shot Show

    Has anyone had a chance to look through one yet? How is the clarity and eyebox? I did make sure to look through this scope and for the money it's going to be hard to beat. Eyebox and FOV seemed pretty good for a scope that's not too much more than a Millett DMS. Illumination was plenty bright indoors, but not sure what it'll do outdoors. Glass clarity was good and I think the reticle is usable although not my favorite. They should sell a pile of them though!
  14. Great CS and 1000fps Shipping.

    The last order I had was the quickest....5min from order confirmation to ship confirmation