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  1. I have small hands i shoot a Beretta 92fs i bought a set of VZ G10 Ultra thin grips Awesome !! feel great texture is super great grip and the price wasn't bad paid about 75.00
  2. CAN I USE A Beretta 92 G Elite IA BRIGADIER Slide ON MY 92FS ?
  3. my 92fs has a safety/decocker when decock the (gun Loaded) my hammer is down
  4. some sentimental value 1st gun I bought would that modification keep the gun still within uspsa production since the slide was replaced ?
  5. I have 92fs 9mm with a fixed sight and with my old eyes paint doesn't cut it I've spoke about this in the past a recommendation of dove tailing the slide but my question is would I be able to use a brigadier slide instead seeing it has the dove tail in place already has any one tried this ?
  6. Thanks again for all the information much appreciated
  7. Thanks I kind of figured that was my only option . Can anyone recommend a good gunsmith my location is central New Jersey .
  8. I am shooting production with a Beretta 92 Fs with a fixed front sight my old tired eyes have a tuff time picking it up. I've tried different fluorescent paints after a hundred round it dulls up any ideas? Thinking of up grading to a sti edge with a fiber optic sight tired of painting !!