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  1. Got a question the firing pin Spring that comes in a Wolfe recoil Spring bag Is longer than the standard in my 2011 do they make them longer for different guns so you cut it the same length? Thanks
  2. I've run a 15# ms for 2yrs no light strikes using Cci federal mag tech and S&B primers. I've used 9,8,7 recoil springs settled for the 7# variable Wolfe with shock buff as my loads are only 105PF. Put about 5000 rounds through it.
  3. With the wolf Spring do you cut them to length? The ones that come with the recoil springs are longer than factory STI ones. thanks
  4. This is what I use with my edge, just make sure the follower slides up to the top. Some of mine were a little tight just used a bit of sand paper and polished the sides of each follower till they slid up easy. Now I have 11 that all lock back 100% of the time.
  5. im with BB on this I think the right looks more aggressive
  6. How do you tune 1911 mags I can only find info how to on the 2011 thanks
  7. One thing I found with my 2011 STI mags was the follower wouldn't slide straight up. They were OK on some, others you could push them down and wait and watched as it slowly squeezed its way up. Rather than mess with the tube I just sanded the follower a bit on each side made sure no burrs at front and back till I could slide them all the way up like the other tubes. Haven't had a problem since doesn't take long just don't take heaps off just a bit then try keep going. I measured the tubes outside it was like I thought they were about .005 thinner at the top end so the follower needed to squeeze up. hope that helps
  8. my bone stock edge with my own loads I can get a 2.5" group at 50 yards of my range bag. at 25 yards of my bag I can keep 5 in a 1" pretty easy even fre hand if I'm on point but that is slow shots. Comes down to the ammo from what I can see. What works in mine doesn't work in my buddy's new DVC. But he has worked out a load for his and I still think my edge has the edge lol.
  9. I had the same problem with my thumb rubbing the slide caused to many malfunctions along with a sore thumb. If I tried shooting thumb under safety I always seemed to knock it up and always at the wrong time. Took longer to figure what was going on than the stage. Works good for me I'd like to try that trigger in the pic looks different
  10. I found this pic on a Facebook page of the PT safety,for when I was after one. I also have one on my edge now. You can still grab it from the rear I just use the front method most of the time.
  11. It might just be the round catching the slide stop just take a bit of it.
  12. Hi guys looking at buying a new 9mm edge in Australia they sell them with 38 super magazines say they work with both! Now I've been looking around at everyone tuning mags etc will a 38 mag work in a 9mm the same as a 9mm mag or will I have heaps of dramas? New to sti and 2011 so don't know a whole lot. I see you can get 9mm followers to suit and a spacer to make it 9mm but would rather not have the hassle. Thanks Ocd