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  1. Thanks. I did look and found the 50mm from torso rule. But I missed I did know about 5.2.8 which is why I mentioned that some holsters are restricted as opposed to saying that some holsters are prohibited.
  2. Thanks, thats pretty much what I was thinking. I dont believe IPSC stipulates a height restriction aside from restricting specific types of holsters. At least thats my understanding of the rule book.
  3. I just took delivery of my first competition holster, a Red Hill Tactical with their Springer Precision hanger. Up until this point, I have been using borrowed holsters which are not adjustable and tend to sit much higher on my belt than the RHT holster does with the hanger. Is there anything I should consider when I set the height on the hanger? Or is it just a matter of trial and error to see which setting suits me the best? I have 5 settings to try over about an inch total adjustment.
  4. Thanks everyone for their thoughts. You have convinced me I definitely need to give an FO front sight a good try. Now I just need to get one on order.
  5. As a relatively new handgun shooter, I have fount that some times all black front and right sights can be difficult to pick up on cardboard, and a white front sight can be difficult to pick up on steel. So I am thinking a fiber optic front sight would give me a better contrast, better visibility and be quicker to pick up. I know not everyone likes fiber optic sights, so was wondering if there is something else I need to consider here?
  6. Thanks guys I think I will try the Lee dies and see how I go.
  7. I realise Hornady's "American" dies are not exactly a premium offering, but would their carbide 3 die set represent an acceptable option for loading somewhere around 2000 rounds of 9mm on a progressive press each month? Or should I stick with something better?
  8. Thanks all for the comments. I think I will be a thrill seeker and try a standard carbide die. If it becomes a problem, I will get an undersized die.
  9. I was looking for a 9mm die set when I came across this die on linehttp://www.egwguns.com/undersize-reloading-dies/ It seems to be aimed at people using cases that have been fired in oversize chambers (Glock?) so that they can size the brass down to a tighter tolerance that would then fit in most chambers. I am going to be mainly shooting 9mm in a 1911, and sourcing my cases from a supplier of once fired brass. Its going to be mixed headstamp brass, fired in whatever different handgun before I get it. Is there any benefit from loading with this resizing die, or am I better off just using a standard die set and throwing away any cases that I cant size down to fit my chamber? I can see how this die could be a good thing the first time I size a case, but after that it seems like I would just be working the brass more than I need to?
  10. I ended up using some thermal underwear I use for skiing and a synthetic fiber hunting shirt. I had both on hand, so it cost me nothing to try them. The day started colder than I expected, but ended up hotter than I expected. I started off with a jacket on over everything, but by mid morning I didnt need the jacket and by mid afternoon when it hit the high 50s I was just about too hot. I was mostly happy with everything, but the fiber that the shirt is made of is a little "slippery", so it was difficult to keep it tucked in over the course of the day. And its not like I can easily tuck it back in with the multi belt and the load on. Next time I might try just a cotton shirt over the thermals. But if it had of rained on the day, my set up would have been a lot better than cotton.
  11. Looks like I will be putting some of this into practice at tomorrows match. Forecast is for weather from the low 30s to the mid 50s.
  12. Thanks. That gives me an idea I can try.
  13. Not sure what forum to post this in - hopefully this one is okay. What do people wear on their upper body at USPSA/IPSC matches in cold weather (for me thats under 50 degrees Fahrenheit , but I guess that might vary for others). Any specific items that work for people?
  14. I am just about to order a 650, at this stage to load 9mm only, and wanted to know: 1) should I order Dillon dies when I buy the press? I have a lot of single stage loading experience for rifle ammo, but never used any Dillon equipment until now. So I have no idea on the best die setup for the 650 press. 2) If I do get Dillon dies, should I get carbide? I have only ever used hardened steal dies to reload with in the past. For many years I always heard that the advantage with carbide dies was not having to lube cases, but searching the topic on this forum shows a lot of people suggesting using case lube even with carbide dies. I can see that carbide dies would last a lifetime of reloading, but is that their only advantage?
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