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  1. No. This was in an article in American Hangunner or Guns and Ammo. They were the only gun magazines I read in the early 90s.
  2. I'm offended by people who get offended easily.
  3. Baby food jars are great for primers. Hot glue the lid to the bottom of a shelf over your bench and twist the jar into the lid. Saves shelf space.
  4. Sorry, I worded that wrong. The shooter was telling the tale at the match but the snake incident happened elsewhere.
  5. I've seen Jerry Miculek DO that.
  6. What's red and smells like blue paint? Red paint.
  7. I went to visit my Grandfather (85 yrs old) in the nusing home. I found him playing cards with a 75 yr old and an 80 yr old. I said, "hey, Gramps, how's life in the rest home?" Before Gramps could answer, the 75 yr old says, "Life here at Shady acres ain't all bad. But I just wish I could take a healthy pee again." As Gramps started to reply the 80 yr old interrupted, "I got no problems there. I just wish I could take a healthy dump again." Gramps is getting disgruntled but calms himself and says, " I got no problems with either of those. Every morning, 7AM I take a healthy pee. 7:30 on the button I take a healthy dump. "I just wish I could wake up before 10"
  8. Heh. Easy to do for a two ring binder. Try it with spiral bound.
  9. I remember back in the early 90's reading in one of the gun mags that one of the Pro shooters was at a major match and recounting a story of practicing and looking down to see a rattlesnake between his feet. He claimed he jumped straight up and fired three shots at the snake before his feet hit the ground. That sparked a challenge and several of the top shooters tried it. Anyone with a better memory than me recall who the original Snake drill shooter was and the full story behind it?
  10. I have a simple break-in routine. Clean the gun thoroughly. Oil it liberally with graphite oil. Shoot the hell out of it.
  11. I got sump'm to go with that....
  12. I would be shocked if you walked through the TSA checkpoint with a device that has powder residue on it and didn't end up in handcuffs. I would be researching this very seriously with TSA, FBI and any ATF.
  13. +1 I'm really liking my J Point and I'm thinking about having it melted into the slide to get it a little lower.
  14. I started off with 300 rnds of Super brass. Then I bought 800 rnds of SC. I used the Super brass to develop loads and fine tune the gun. I got it feeding the Supers pretty reliably. So guess what happened when I started loading the SC brass with the loads I worked up and the tuning I had..... It ran even better. If you can get it to run reliably with Super brass, it's be as reliable as anything with SC.
  15. My .45 I built specifically for that purpose, even though I do not carry. I have comped and stock barrels with complete recoil systems to swap at will.