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  1. I've been using grip tape for years on the front strap of my 1911s. (I'm too cheap to have them checkered) But it works great. My double stack Caspian has grip tape instead of normal grip panels. I get 4" wide rolls from home depot and cut it to fit.
  2. Since the grip safety spring is a separate finger on the sear spring, just lighten the spring til it will reliably deactivate. Secondly, make sure the web of your hand is not pressing up on the bottom of the beavertail. (I had that problem for a while) Third, grip the gun tighter.
  3. I like my coffee like I like my women: Bold and full of flavor but uncomplicated by additives.
  4. Red Delicious - Null and Void
  5. I've been using Berry's 115gr plated RNs exclusively for my .38 SC. They shoot straight and consistent. Feed flawlessly And no leading. I do have some 95gr JFPs that I fooled with for a while. Lower recoil but the accuracy suffered with the pressures needed to run them.
  6. Call me crazy but I go a step further. I have 30 dummy rounds made with TWO bullets shoved into each case.(38.Super w/124 gr. and 45acp w/ 152 gr) Makes the gun heavier than it would be with a normal full mag. By practicing dry fire with the gun heavier, especially before a match, when you shoot the match the gun feels lighter and your movements seem faster. If you get used to the heavier weight, the lighter weight in a match feels easy. Also: I have a 10' section of wall in my basement that I have set up for dry fire practice. It's a random mix of 2", 3", 6" target pasters and spray painted IPSC targets in various colors. I roll dice to set up a random target set to transition through. (six sided dice with marking for color and target size/shape) Draw and shoot the target sequence determined by the dice. This helps me with target acquisition and sight alignment/indexing. I also have a projector for my computer and digital photos of standard Bowling Pin setups and Steel Challenge that I project on the wall for match practice.
  7. There is no product that can replace intimate familiarity with the gun. Everything about the gun you shoot in competition should be second nature. It should be so automatic that you do it without even knowing you are. That comes from practice. CONSTANT practice. Dry firing at home whenever you get the chance. Proper practice routines at the range. And paying close attention to what is happening when you do both. No amount of expensive gadgetry can replace that and if you are constantly swapping gadgetry for the latest and greatest you never get that second nature with any of it. Get your rig set up and LEAVE IT ALONE. Unless there is something that is just plain uncomfortable or doesn't work stick with it and practice with that. Practice with that and ONLY that. That's the only way to break down the barriers. Put a target paster on the wall and practice your draw and first shot with that as your aim point. To check you progress, make ready and close your eyes. Then do the drill keeping your eyes closed. When your draw movement stops, open your eyes and see where your sights are aligned. Ultimately the sights should be aligned on the target even with your eyes closed. At the range I will randomly put an empty casing in a magazine. When you squeeze the trigger on that empty do you flinch? Did the gun move at all? If it did, you have work to do.
  8. No. This was in an article in American Hangunner or Guns and Ammo. They were the only gun magazines I read in the early 90s.
  9. I'm offended by people who get offended easily.
  10. Baby food jars are great for primers. Hot glue the lid to the bottom of a shelf over your bench and twist the jar into the lid. Saves shelf space.
  11. Sorry, I worded that wrong. The shooter was telling the tale at the match but the snake incident happened elsewhere.
  12. I've seen Jerry Miculek DO that.
  13. What's red and smells like blue paint? Red paint.
  14. I went to visit my Grandfather (85 yrs old) in the nusing home. I found him playing cards with a 75 yr old and an 80 yr old. I said, "hey, Gramps, how's life in the rest home?" Before Gramps could answer, the 75 yr old says, "Life here at Shady acres ain't all bad. But I just wish I could take a healthy pee again." As Gramps started to reply the 80 yr old interrupted, "I got no problems there. I just wish I could take a healthy dump again." Gramps is getting disgruntled but calms himself and says, " I got no problems with either of those. Every morning, 7AM I take a healthy pee. 7:30 on the button I take a healthy dump. "I just wish I could wake up before 10"
  15. Heh. Easy to do for a two ring binder. Try it with spiral bound.