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  1. I sent a shadow slide to a reputable company ( no names at this point ) it came back with no pins and the mounting screws were over sized with the Vortex Viper's mounting holes drilled out for the larger screws. The mounting surface was not flat. I sent it back and they re-milled the surface flat. They stated the larger screws were needed to hold the viper in placed. At this point let me say this ... the pins hold the red dot from moving ... the mounting screws hold the red dot on the pins... I am highly upset over this. The dot failed within a couple hundred rounds... vortex did a warranty exchange. Now question Is ... do I weld the oversized holes up and start over and get the pins ... or just try to get pins and drill the new dot out... or drill the dot and run without pins. Oh and because the mounting holes are larger... I can not put the dot on something else and/or a different dot on the slide without drilling the holes out. I have a mess ... I could have done better than what I got on my buddies mill... but I decided to send it to a company with AAA+++ reputation thinking I would get a first class job and not have to worry about screwing it up myself.
  2. That's why I built a colt lower to replace my Glock lower. I have a Troy release on the colt ...
  3. You can try mine ...
  4. I had to modify a Troy release to allow the mag catch to seat deep enough to catch the mag in a colt dedicated lower.
  5. I don't understand the use of harsh chemicals to clean guns. They are hard coated/painted finishes ... remove painted areas like the red dot on the safety. Some evaporate so quickly they don't do much of any good except remove oil residue and some leave a residue of their own. I use mineral sprits. It soaks into powder crud and loosens it to the point it just wipes away and does not hurt any finish. It's cheap... I would use it regardless of price...
  6. Question??? Does Springer use locating pins like CZC ?
  7. Got the call Sunday ... gun shipping today. The crew at CZC must be working O.T. getting the guns out...
  8. My order confirmation date was 11/15/16. No gun or word yet...
  9. If you don't mind me asking... what was your preorder date?
  10. ....
  11. Has anyone on the preorder list actually gotten theirs??? If so what was the order confirmation date ???
  12. My current build is with a colt mag lower. The colt lower has a release bar on the left side which allows the use of a Troy mag release. The colt's mag catch in the front of the mag on the left side... the Glock lowers all have right sided releases. No left handed lowers or bolts available that I have found unless you want to run a lower withmag blocks...and then still no BCG
  13. Only issue I have had is with the lower not having a left handed mag release.
  14. Is the powder compressed at 4.0 and that length?
  15. I am building a right side charger out of one now. (I shoot rifles left handed and pistols right handed... I'm just genetically a mess! Lol) You can go from 223 to 9 ... but not the other way around...