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  1. I ran the 147s I had loaded back through the seater die when I got home that evening and seated them to 1.16", and used them the next day in 3-gun in my G34 with ETS mags and didn't have any issues in 5 different 140mm mags. I'm going back to Glock factory mags for matches and use the ETS mags for practice/range fun for now, until I can get them re-sprung and make sure they're GTG again.
  2. I've encountered a few nose dives in my 31rd ETS mags, though that was my fault. I loaded some 147gr plated RN to 1.17", because they easily fit in a factory Glock mag. Evidently the ETS has a smaller ID than the Glock mag, because the nose of a bullet would get hung up on the front wall of the mag and put everything in a bind, causing a salt-shaker. Naturally, I didn't catch it until match day, on the clock. Luckily it was just Steel Challenge.
  3. I started having issues with my 140mm ETS mags going salt shaker, and my 31rd sticks have started doing the same. I think ETS uses some cheap springs that don't give a very long service life. I ordered a pile of Glock 33rd mags for my PCC from Midway (on sale for $24.99), but haven't used them yet. Hopefully my NFA lower plays nice with them, and I'll likely re-spring all my ETS mags with Wolff springs.
  4. They got NFA side chargers in? I'll pass on the Matrix upper. I must have missed a notification and need to reset it. I see that KVP barrels are finally back in stock there
  5. Did you happen to ask what the issue was with supply to dealers? I'm on like 3 different retailers' notification lists, and have been for a few months now.
  6. 7lb 2oz
  7. I'd prefer the more compact nature of a drum over having a walking stick hanging out of the magwell. Me personally.
  8. If Magpul made a D60 for the Glock platform, I'd buy a couple.
  9. Under 26" would be considered an AOW. More: https://johnpierceesq.com/can-you-add-a-vertical-fore-grip-to-an-ar-pistol/
  10. If the pistol is over 26" OAL, he's likely okay.
  11. I posted that picture in an edit to my original post, not sure why it didn't post. I think it's a mistake on the part of whoever posted that picture to their website.
  12. From what I've seen, they have a gas block journal at the Carbine length, no port. Evidently there's a demand somewhere for 9mm to wear a gas block and gas tube for aesthetic purposes. Several companies are putting barrels out this way for some stupid reason.
  13. 18" Nordic barrel with rifle-length gas, fixed gas block, JP LMOS bcg, JP light rifle buffer (red) and JP extra power rifle length buffer spring. I've run it for 4 years, it's boringly reliable. I run a Lantac brake, which could be improved upon with something like an SJC or Rolling Thunder comp.
  14. Great, thanks for checking. This opens up options