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  1. I suspected this from the first time I dry-fired my TSO and felt the flex of the trigger pulling with the hammer down. It gives quite a bit. This off-season I'd like to install something like the 6SAO or CGW flat trigger. Maybe just send it to CGW and have them perform their magic.
  2. Cajun Jalapeño Works, cuz they make it hot!
  3. I came here to post this. I have one for my TSO. I've been using Blade Tech Black Ice holsters for years, and RHT is definitely a step up from that.
  4. I ordered 6 SP basepads last week, in a backordered color. I don't think the set screw will be a big deal, I keep an Allen key set in my range bag anyway. It's not like we're cleaning mags on the clock. At $37.50/ea, including the Grams spring and follower, it was much cheaper to outfit the 6 mags I have for my TSO.
  5. Some combos require that you do some fitting to the follower. This is one reason I prefer Grams followers if they're available for the application. I liked them in my STI mags, so I ordered some for my TSO mags when I was ordering basepads. I think you do have to use their spring, however, as the attachment to the follower is different than the factory follower and spring.
  6. NP, you can trim the springs you have and you might have to sand on the follower a tiny bit to get the follower past the transition in to the basepad
  7. CZ Custom or Springer Precision
  8. 11, I believe.
  9. How many coils do the springs have? Sounds like you may have 13 coil springs, made for 170mm mags.
  10. You mean like a Czechmate?
  11. I looked at CZCs initially, I like the retaining clip on them better than the set screw.
  12. CZCs have been out of stock all week, SP are in-stock. I also have 6 mags I'll be putting base pads on, so the cleaning frequency won't be as big of issue. I also don't clean my mags between stages. Dirty mags haven't been an issue for me, so I generally don't do it.
  13. I'm looking at 140mm basepads for my 9mm TSO, specifically Springer. I don't see a capacity listed, nor can I find one in the places I've looked. With their extra power spring and factory follower, is the setup +3 (23+1) and with the Grams kit +4 (24+1)? Is one setup any more/less reliable than the other?
  14. I agree. The left side safety (I'm a righty) is too short (big hands/long fingers) and with a high grip the trigger finger knuckle engages the right side safety. I wish there was a single-side safety available. I'll likely end up with an extended left safety and shave the shelf off the right side safety tab. FWIW, I had this issue with my 2011s but the solution was much easier: GI single-side safety. Ambi safeties are for the birds.
  15. Aero slick upper Seekins 15" NOXs rail JP Bolt JP 16" SuperMatch Barrel BCM charging handle AP Mfg brake NFA Glock lower JP lpk Hiperfire 24c SI Viper stock KVP buffer tube, 9mm buffer and 308 carbine buffer spring Glock 33rd and ETS 31rd mags It has run 100% since putting it together. Zero issues or "tuning" needed so far.