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  1. Aero slick upper Seekins 15" NOXs rail JP Bolt JP 16" SuperMatch Barrel BCM charging handle AP Mfg brake NFA Glock lower JP lpk Hiperfire 24c SI Viper stock KVP buffer tube, 9mm buffer and 308 carbine buffer spring Glock 33rd and ETS 31rd mags It has run 100% since putting it together. Zero issues or "tuning" needed so far.
  2. I ran the 147s I had loaded back through the seater die when I got home that evening and seated them to 1.16", and used them the next day in 3-gun in my G34 with ETS mags and didn't have any issues in 5 different 140mm mags. I'm going back to Glock factory mags for matches and use the ETS mags for practice/range fun for now, until I can get them re-sprung and make sure they're GTG again.
  3. I've encountered a few nose dives in my 31rd ETS mags, though that was my fault. I loaded some 147gr plated RN to 1.17", because they easily fit in a factory Glock mag. Evidently the ETS has a smaller ID than the Glock mag, because the nose of a bullet would get hung up on the front wall of the mag and put everything in a bind, causing a salt-shaker. Naturally, I didn't catch it until match day, on the clock. Luckily it was just Steel Challenge.
  4. I started having issues with my 140mm ETS mags going salt shaker, and my 31rd sticks have started doing the same. I think ETS uses some cheap springs that don't give a very long service life. I ordered a pile of Glock 33rd mags for my PCC from Midway (on sale for $24.99), but haven't used them yet. Hopefully my NFA lower plays nice with them, and I'll likely re-spring all my ETS mags with Wolff springs.
  5. They got NFA side chargers in? I'll pass on the Matrix upper. I must have missed a notification and need to reset it. I see that KVP barrels are finally back in stock there
  6. Did you happen to ask what the issue was with supply to dealers? I'm on like 3 different retailers' notification lists, and have been for a few months now.
  7. 7lb 2oz
  8. I'd prefer the more compact nature of a drum over having a walking stick hanging out of the magwell. Me personally.
  9. If Magpul made a D60 for the Glock platform, I'd buy a couple.
  10. Under 26" would be considered an AOW. More: https://johnpierceesq.com/can-you-add-a-vertical-fore-grip-to-an-ar-pistol/
  11. If the pistol is over 26" OAL, he's likely okay.
  12. I posted that picture in an edit to my original post, not sure why it didn't post. I think it's a mistake on the part of whoever posted that picture to their website.
  13. From what I've seen, they have a gas block journal at the Carbine length, no port. Evidently there's a demand somewhere for 9mm to wear a gas block and gas tube for aesthetic purposes. Several companies are putting barrels out this way for some stupid reason.
  14. 18" Nordic barrel with rifle-length gas, fixed gas block, JP LMOS bcg, JP light rifle buffer (red) and JP extra power rifle length buffer spring. I've run it for 4 years, it's boringly reliable. I run a Lantac brake, which could be improved upon with something like an SJC or Rolling Thunder comp.