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  1. I would like to get a fiber front sight for my TS. CGW states that the front sight that they carry won't work with the stock rear sight and I would prefer to keep the rear sight. Anyone retain the rear sight and replace the front with a fiber? If so, what did you purchase?
  2. On Stoeger advice, I took a class from him and he was all over me about how freakin slow I was to shoot after transitioning. I told him I was shooting as fast as I had the shot aligned. He called horse pucky and had me transition while he pulled the trigger on MY gun. Of course the transitions were insanely fast and at the end I assumed I had missed every target because I "hadn't seen my sights". We looked at the targets and they were all As or close Cs. I am still pretty slow on transitions, but I now know that isn't my gun speed, but rather my eyes and processing speed. Still tons to w
  3. Would make sense since I got quite a bit of dirt in the hammer. My first reaction was to rack the slide to try and clear it and I may have drive some dirt that I can't see easily into the wrong places. I have an ultrasonic cleaner for pistol cleaning. I'll clean the frame inverted and report back. Honestly, I was surprised that something internal could have broken. When I looked at it I was surprised my holster wasn't broken and figure maybe my rear sight got knocked out of whack, but did not think internal damage would be possible.
  4. My forearm has a pretty good case of road rash. I learned something. As an RO after you do your normal walkthrough and have your stage plan down; you then need to walk the stage as an RO and look for issues. This stage had me chasing a shooter from the left side of the bay to the right side of the bay directly on his 180 as he ran around a wall. Didn't see that until I went around the wall behind him and thought "oh, crap! I am on his 180 here". The next thought was "why am I on the ground?". The stage designer used an L bracket to support the wall and the lower part of the bracket was
  5. UPDATE: I put the frame upside down in my ultrasonic cleaner and two minutes later I had double action back. Thanks to everyone for the support. Really appreciate it and I am very happy that I didn't even have to buy any parts. I took a big fall this last Sunday while RO'ing another shooter. My SP01 must have hit the ground on the rear sight since it and the hammer was caked in sandy mud. The pistol will only fire in single action now. My double action pull has no weight on the trigger at all. Need to crack it open to figure out what is wrong. I am not great with mechanical
  6. Dry fire double action in front of a white wall and do nothing but watch that front site. With a firm enough grip and good trigger pull you can execute a double action pull in a single stage at the same level of accuracy as your single action shots. Two stage on the double action is too slow for competition.
  7. I am in California and have all 10 round mags. I simply start each stage with a mag with a single round in my pocket. On load and make ready I insert that mag (the Barney mag) into the pistol and cycle the slide. Eject the now empty mag and insert a full 10 rounder from the back of my belt. As an FYI, a true Barney mag only has one round since it is a reference to Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith show. He was only allowed to carry one bullet on him since he was such a nut case.
  8. I find this product hilarious on Amazon. Apparently it is a pole dancers best friend. The related products section cracks me up.
  9. How do you get the skate board tape to stick to your hands for an entire match?
  10. What caliber are we talking about and power factor? I currently don't have a 9mm setup for our reloading press and Freedom Munitions 147gr rounds make around 128 PF on average. They are $.24 per round. Could reload for cheaper, but need to get a conversion kit for the Dillon that is currently setup for .40.
  11. So does Ben Stoeger, but he also uses this stuff to enhance his performance. Took a class from him this year and he goes through this stuff like candy. It works well. I bought it for my 12 year old daughter that struggles with a firm grip especially when it is hot outside.
  12. Found it on sale at Dawson's yesterday with free shipping.
  13. On average 1.5 per month. Kids need my time so I can't just indulge in my hobbies liberally.
  14. After having my gun go "click" during a classifier once I changed my start routine. I don't do a press check, but rather use a Barney mag. I check that mag when I eject it to make sure the one round that was in it is now gone. I am also only shooting 10 round divisions so the extra round is often helpful. I do the Barney process even if I plan or have to reload well before I might use 10 rounds. It IS my press check.
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