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Found 13 results

  1. The other day I picked up this "TTI Oversized Stainless Steel Guide Rod for Glock 9mm/.40 cal", and after installing it and cycle the slide a few times the rod seems to bias towards the top. If you pull the slide off and reseat the guide rod, it'll be centered, but them bias the top again after a few cycles of the slide. It does not seem to be touching the slide at all or causing any issues during live fire. Is this normal, or something I should be concerned about?
  2. I am debating what brand or if I even want to upgrade the trigger bar in my G35 Gen 4. I currently have a lightened lonewolf striker, TTI disconnect/spring kit, which I am much happier with then the ZE springs, they seem the crispest. I am curious what peoples opinions are on a ZEV trigger vs Apex or if I should just stick with the stock bar and use the money for ammo.
  3. I received my +10% Wolff springs and TTI +4 mag extensions for my SP-01 today. This are supposed to be going into Mec Gar 17 round AFC mags. After what looked and felt like 5 rounds in the octagon, I got one together. It only holds 15 rounds now. These springs are almost twice as long and a lot thicker than the stock springs. There is just no room for them to compress. Have any of you had to cut coils off of them to make them work?
  4. I have a couple 170 mm tubes. With either grams or tti spring and follower I can get 27 rounds in with the factory STi basepad, When I put either a grams or TTI basedpased on, I can get extra rounds in, but it always ends up the very first round in gets by the follower and gums up the works. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Announcing the Southern Utah Practical Shooters first annual Zion Classic, presented by Taran Tactical Innovations! This isn't Nationals, it's a Level II match that's all about springtime fun in lovely Southern Utah. Ten stages, each 32 rounds, fields of steel, lots of moving targets and oddities you probably don't shoot every match. It's all about FUN! We modeled this match after the awesome NAZC match put on by the Prescott, AZ club. It's all about fun, friends and shooting. There will be a Random Draw raffle prize table supported by our awesome sponsors. Your match entry gets you 2 tickets. Extras can be purchased. All proceeds go to fund our non-profit organization that runs the free range, offers free ladies clinics, CCW certification, and competition training. Dates: 19-20 March Location: Hurricane, UT Match Fee - $125 includes Zion Classic shirt. 10 stages 320 rounds REGISTER HERE
  6. The Taran Tactical Innovations West Coast Rifle Series is a new monthly All Rifle match that is coming to the X3 Multigun Range (www.x3multigun.com) in Piru, CA (just a short drive away from LA and Ventura) starting this February. This match will feature six stages of rifle fun combining speed and accuracy with targets that range from CQB inside of 35 yards to longer range targets from 100-400 yards. All you need is you, your rifle, enough magazines for 40-60 rounds per stage, and around 250-300 rounds of ammunition. Signups start at 8am and shooting starts at 9am sharp! If you want to squad with your friends, you had better get there early. Match fees for the event will be $30 for DWB and X3 members and $40 for non-members. Classes: Heavy Metal CA 10-Round Tactical Irons (No Magnification - RDS allowed) Tactical Optics (Tactical Scope - 1 magnified optic allowed + secondary iron sights) Open (Multiple electronic optics allowed) Rules are based off of the USPSA Multigun Rules (http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-rules.php) Scoring is basic Time-Plus. All IPSC paper targets require one "A" hit or two hits anywhere else to neutralize. All steel targets must be hit to be neutralized. The rifle spinner must spin 360-degrees to be neutralized. Penalties are assessed for a single "C" or "D" zone hit (+5s), no-shoot hits (+5s), failure to neutralize (+10s), failure to engage (+15s), and failure to complete an obstacle like a rifle spinner (+60) - although this last one won't be in every match. For more information, follow us on Facebook @TTIWESTCOASTRIFLESERIES https://www.facebook.com/TTIWESTCOASTRIFLESERIES WIN THIS RIFLE!!!!!!!!! We will be giving away this beautiful Taran Tactical Innovations TR-1 rifle at the end of the year and more details will follow on how you can win. Need ammo? We have reloaded ammunition for sale at every match at very reasonable prices. Contact Sam Houston at 714-329-6484 or samhouston@deadwoodboys.org for more info. Pricing is available here: http://x3multigun.com/images/siteassets/AmmunitionPricing201407.pdf Due to strong demand, all ammo orders must be placed prior to the match. Make sure to bring your own food and drinks to the range as there will not be any available on site. Match Schedule: Feb 8, 2015 March 8, 2015 April 12, 2015 May 10, 2015 June 14, 2015 July 12, 2015 August 9, 2015 September 13, 2015 October 11, 2015 November 8, 2015 December 13, 2015
  7. I asked this over on the 1911 side but since this is spring specific I thought I should ask over here too. I have a Caspian high cap. I have Grams Tanfoglio 11 coil springs and followers in the mags to get 20 reloadable in .40. I need new springs and on Grams website they are not showing on the website anymore http://www.gramsengi...st&iCategory=15 My question is, will the TTI SV/ST springs work for the tanfoglio? Anyone ever do this?
  8. I have a Caspian high cap. I have Grams Tanfoglio 11 coil springs and followers in the mags to get 20 reloadable in .40. I need new springs and on Grams website they are not showing on the website anymore http://www.gramsengineering.com/products/?p=productsList&iCategory=15 My question is, will the TTI SV/ST springs work for the tanfoglio? Anyone ever do this?
  9. Big thanks to Gary Natale at Gans Enterprises for taking all of my parts and building this beast in less than 1 week Wanted to mimic one of Taran Butlers SV's and Gary did it right on point! Additional thank yous to: Brandon/Tiffany at SV for the barrel, slide and sights, Shay at Akai for the amazing grip work, Shooters Connection for most all of the parts
  10. I am going to purchase a g34 glock to be used for 3 gun and multi gun matched primarily. Also it may see a few IDPA and USPSA matches. I plan to inventively send it to Taran tactical innovations to get the RTS package installed. My question is should I get a gen 4 or a gen 3. I prefer the size of the gen 4 with none of the back straps installed, I also prefer the magazine release. Will the reduced grip size of the gen 4 limit what Taran can do will the grip stippling? I know the full grip package will take it out of production and ssp and I am okay with that. Thank you.
  11. Cant say more about Taran and his crew over at TTI! Every time I've called TTI, Taran's answered the phone...He's a rocks star. Here are the twins; G17 and G34. G17 Full grip job Double-undercut TTI connector kit TTI sights G34 Full grip job Double-undercut TTI trigger job TTI connector TTI sights Extended slide release Extended mag release Super-tight barrel/slide lock-up Both shoot like a dream. And yes, the grip work is amazing...hands down!
  12. Like the title says, my 35 won't go into slidelock on my mags with TTI +3 basepads. When I shoot a normal mag, the slide lock seems to work just fine, but will rarely, if ever, lock back when empty with these mags. I assume it's a tuning issue with the mags, but not sure where to go from here?
  13. dmd6x


    I have a Glock 34 that I have been getting set up for 3gun. I just sent it to Taran at TTI for a grip job, sights, mag well, etc. They've been GREAT to work with. Very responsive, super friendly and accommodating. Well I've called a couple of times in the morning, Taran himself has answered the phone, chatted with me at length to answer my questions. It's been a wonderful customer service experience. I'll update once I get the gun back, but so far, I would highly recommend using TTI for competition gunsmithing.
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