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  2. Unfortunately this week turned into abbreviated live fire training as the AA at my range was closed for part of the week for berm deleading and with this morning's arctic-like conditions I didn't get out to shoot. My monthly SC organized practice is tomorrow so I'll get some shooting in but I typically don't factor in that session into my normal training plan as I'm not free to do whatever I want. I'll probably spend most of the time reinstalling all the in-ground target stands I had in the bays which had to be removed as they worked on the berms. There may have been as many as 20 that I'm going to have to reinstall before my next match on 1 April .... ya .. hoo .... For the one session I was able to do, my ave time on the 1-2-3-4-5 drill dropped by another .1 secs on both L-R & R-L runs with a 94% accuracy rate. I'm probably still going to do a couple more weeks of 10" plate at 18 yds before switching to 8" plates for generic training. I shot Showdown for my '1st shot+1' training with an ave time of .81 secs from both the left & right boxes. Accuracy across the 31 reps was 94%. Next week everything should be back to normal, including the weather so I expect to be back to a normal schedule with Speed Option for my stage shooting day.
  3. iOS version?
  4. Taurus PT738, no extra mags .... 6 + 1 is plenty. Can't ever imagine a scenario where I'd need more than 7 rds .... having said that: when the Zombie Apocalypses hits and I need to take down herds of Walkers with head shots from a dead run one-handed I'll be carrying my Sig MPX ... with my STI, CZ Shadow and every mag pouch I own on my belt .... oh and I'll probably be toting around my M2 & M4 while that ammo lasts ....
  5. Just returned from the 2nd of my 2 regular monthly level 1 matches today and the match was the culmination of a very good week of shooting. Shot the 8-stage match in 80.49 which represents my 2nd best match time ever. I had a new personal best on Showdown at 7.48 along with sub 8 sec times on Roundabout & Smoke & Hope. I also shot 3 other stages within .25 secs of my personal best for each of them. The most important thing out of the match was that I estimate that I ran my mental program at about 90% which was definitely a factor in shooting as consistently as I did throughout the day. On the training side this week I had what I can only describe as not 1 but 2 epiphanies in dry fire with respect to how I shoot 2 of the stages. I was looking forward to seeing if they up held themselves in live fire and so far both of them have worked out the same way. I suspect that most of the elite shooters in the world already know what I discovered as well as many others but I'm just glad I finally figured them out. They will both be included in the strategy chapters of my book however. During training this past week I shot Roundabout for my stage training day with an 8.01 cold stage run & an ave stage time across 29 strings of 1.78 secs. For the other days I shot Pendulum, 5 To Go & Roundabout for 1st shot +1 drills with ave times of 1.15 secs for Pendulum & .89 for Roundabout & .99 for 5 To Go. Accuracy was 88%, 96% & 100% respectively. next week I'll be continuing with my current training regiment, working 2 days of transition & 1st shot work & i day of stage shooting. My main focus in training continues to be 100% on developing consistency in my shooting under pressure. I'm really not concerned at this point with pushing speed as I've shown many times I can lay down significantly fast stage times but I need to work on being able to do it consistently on command with today's match certainly a step in the right direction. I'll probably take a break from training tomorrow and then pick up my normal routine again on Monday ...
  6. finished off this week with my monthly SC level 1 match. Shot a 74.71 sec time for the 7-stage match which included Outer Limits. Overall I was quite happy with my performance, shooting very consistently across the stages. Work continues to go well on perfecting executing my match mental management program and I estimated that for this match I executed it at approximately 80% across the day. Even though I'm only shooting stages 1 day/week now as part of my live training I saw no degradation in my ability to shoot the stages well and plan to continue this process. This week I'll be continuing with transition training at 18 yds with 10" plates and I'll most likely be shooting Roundabout for my stage training day as that was the stage over the weekend I was the least happy with. I've also got a couple of boxes of relatively high PF factory 9mm to run through my Sig MPX which most suggest be done as a break-in period and will shoot those this week as well. I'm also going to try and get up to the Volusia County SC match this Saturday which I haven't been to in a while since it's an 8-stage match where I don't have to worry about any MD duties and can just focus on shooting
  7. besides, I'm a LOT more interested in trying to buy SCSA than running the WSSC ...
  8. Sorry, that was a sarcastic, rhetorical question as I know exacetly what I would get for running the WSSC at my Club ... exactly the same thing I get now for running my monthly Level 1 match ....
  9. I can't shape the sport into the image I want by just owning the WSSC. I also can't make any money by owning the WSSC since I don't own the range I would be using to shoot it at. Having said that, I know my Club (range) would love to "own" the WSSC and have it every year there but they would expect me to run it for which I would receive exactly what?
  10. My understanding is that the gas port is .005 smaller on the Gen 2 and folks were wanting the port to be back the Gen 1 size. My barrel is only 8". Not really sure what people are considering low PF loads for the MPX either? Never used AutoComp before but got enough to make 50 rds or so ... I'd be just s happy to stay with WST. Been using it for years and love it. The very few rds I put through my MPX with WST felt nice and I have a ton of it .... +1, I've sent an email also with no response, haven't tried calling yet. Would really like to get my gas port to him ....
  11. this morning was my first session doing generic transitions at 18 yds with 10" plates and I was quite pleased with the results. For my 1-2-3-4-5 drill L-R & R-L times were within .07 secs of each other and times were only less than .2 secs slower than when the targets were 10" plates at 15 yds, confirming that even as the distances increase I can shoot in either direction at basically the same speed/accuracy. I continue a steady improvement in having my eyes always lead to the next target after calling a good shot on the current plate & that is helping sped up my transitions as it should since the 'eyes first' technique for transitions is a speed enabler. I also shot the '1st shot +1" drill for Accelerator; ave time for 32 reps was .93 secs with 7/32 runs being sub .9. slowest run was 1.01 secs. Ran a few '1st shot +2" reps with an ave time of 1.45 secs for the 3 shots. Next range session will be Wed where I'll be stage shooting for the session. Not sure yet which stage it will be although since we'll be shooting Outer Limits for this month's match on Saturday that is probably what I'll shoot ... I'll be staying with 10" plates @ 18 yds for the next couple of weeks before switching to 8" plates. I'll probably put down my RFPO gun some time in April to do some USPSA training with my open gun in prep for 4 days of training with Ben since I don't want to look too silly when he shows up ....
  12. finished up my 2nd week of focusing primary on individual skills (transitions & 1st shots) vice shooting stages and I'm starting to see payoffs. I'll be continuing with this focus as i gradually move the targets farther back & make them smaller. Starting with this coming week I'll be moving the targets from 15 yds to 18 yds (10" plates). I thought about changing to 12" plates but decided against it as that size target doesn't enable me to push as hard as I need to. I also plan to pick up some 8" plates from GT Targets and will be moving to those probably in a few weeks. for actual stage training I believe its important to shoot the stages exactly as they are but for individual skills training its important to make it hard and push yourself. I remember something I read about Max's training a few years ago where he said he does most of his training at fairly long distance. i think there is merit to this approach as long as it is balanced and you have very specific purposes in mind. My new weekly training schedule will have me doing stage shooting on Weds & individual skills training on Mon/Fri. For dry fire I still shoot complete stages but don't set any par times as i trying to focus on my vision (always move the eyes 1st to the next target) as well as focusing on the gun not moving when the shot breaks. Not setting a par time allows me to do that. I'm looking to build consistently more than more speed at this point. I also spend a lot of my training time working on my MM program. That requires at least as much, if not more work, at the moment to perfect it. On the PCC side I'm continuing to work on load development while I wait out the long unending months for my tax stamp .... my first few attempts were failures but at the moment I'm not sure if I need to change the load. The gas port on the Gen 2 MPX was closed down from the Gen 1 & lots of people have reported difficulties shooting low PF (under 130 ) loads. My MPX is still brand new with under 100 rds through it and folks have said to run 300-500 rds of factory (high PF) through to help break it in which I need to do. however, since I have the time I've decided to send the gas port off to have it opened up to gen 1 specs. hopefully, that plus getting through the break in period will work. The few rds I've shot at below 130 PF were amazingly soft as compared to the blow-back PCCs I've shot but they all had FTEs. the gun cycled reliably at above 140 but that's not what I am looking for. I'm sure I'll get it worked out long before I can shoot the gun so I'm not too worried about it at the moment.
  13. agree ... the rules don't allow you to take the partial score on the target you know is correct and then make some guesses about the other hits to score it. It's all or nothing. One of the interesting things about having a target with more than 2 hits required on it. the more hits that are required the more chance there is for something to happen where you can't be sure about ALL the hits thereby requiring a reshoot. The answer of course is to switch to Steel Challenge ..... One hit per target, no knock down. Just hit it (anywhere, even the edge) and you're good to go; no fuss no muss .... Of course if you head over to the SC sub forum you'll see a raging debate right now about allowing edge hits ... but we won't mention that .... "just ignore the little man behind the curtain ..."
  14. Is the edge of a plate still part of the plate? Hopefully no one really has to answer this ..... Since we seem to like to be "USPSA-like" .... In USPSA, if a competitor shoots a piece of steel and hits the edge that doesn't require it to be knocked down does it still score? Yes. If it's required to be knocked down does it only count if its a face hit and knocked down? No Let's focus on fixing the actual problem, not try to write new rules to address poorly training officials
  15. Exactly how many pasters did the RO see 'blow off' from 18 yds away to be able to determine exactly how many actual A hits there were from the shooter? Were the pasters been blown off at the exact moment the shooter was putting holes in the target, thereby making it extremely difficult to discern the two?? There should be no argument about the number of hardcover hits if the RO saw him put 3 rds in hardcover however, but the A zone hits ...?