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  1. The only stage times that matter in training are cold stage runs. Tracking any other times gets you believing you are faster than you really are. When shooting complete stages I also only record strings in groups of 5. Having 3 world record time strings in a row means nothing if you have a miss on each of the next 2 stings ...
  2. I have my current match per-registration ongoing for an upcoming steel challenge match where I set 8 squads because we were supposed to have 8 bays available so we could do all 8 stages. Just got informed we'll only have 7 bays so I only want 7 squads now. 2 squads currently have no one signed up on them so I'd like to lock out one to prevent anyone from signing up on it. Is it possible to do this without disturbing the rest of the squads?
  3. here's what I use at the match i run .... and yes, Scotty's is a major sponsor .....
  4. made these 2 years ago & they've stood up to 3x/week shooting with them ever since ... now I take them with me when I teach a class where I can't be sure what's available ...
  5. yep, I don't need to get faster, I need to shoot my fast times on-command ..... very different
  6. today was my other monthly level 1 match that i shoot at the Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club ... shot an 82.92 sec 8-satge match despite getting off to a slow start on the first stage. My continued emphasis on my mental program helped me get back on track quickly. By time teh match was over I had shot 3 stages perfectly with 5/5 strings at my current ability and also a new personal best on Outer Limits. In order to help with my focus on shooting consistently I've started tracking what I call 'consistency metrics'. I addition to tracking stage times to be able to compare them month to month I'm also keeping track of my high, low & running ave for each stage. What I'm looking for is for my average score to be as near to my lowest score as possible since this will be both the most consistent as well as the fastest times. I've only got 4 matches of data at teh moment but it already shows some interesting trends: for example, Showdown is: 9.21/7.48/7.98 which means the difference between my ave & best time is only . 5 secs. For Speed Option () the difference between my ave & best times is only .06 secs. clearly I don't need to be working on these stages as hard as some others like 5 To Go where the difference is 1.51 secs which represents much more inconistency on this stage. It should definitely be a useful tool for focusing my training in the coming months. This week I'm giving a private lesson on Tues down near Okeechobee and I need to start thinking about getting ready for 4 days of shooting with Ben. I know my STI is lying around somewhere ...
  7. Just returned from one of my 2 monthly level one matches that I shoot and the match capped off a great shooting week ... I shot a new 7-stage personal best time of 66.90 secs and a new personal best time for 5 To Go (I'm slowly creeping my way to the 100% classification mark ... :)) I had 2 stages where I shot 5 perfect strings and 3 stages where I shot 4 perfect strings as well. I'm very happy with the way my mental management program is progressing during a match. All the work I'm spending on the mental side of the sport in training is starting to pay off. I am shooting much more consistently now from day to day & match to match where the difference between my best and worst times is shrinking, the goal being to get to where my best and worst times equal each other. I need to think about pulling out my STI shortly in training as Ben will be here in less than a month and it would be nice to not embarrass myself too much during the 4 days ... I have another SC match this Saturday so I'll probably stick with the Buckmark for Mon & Wed & then maybe bring it out starting on Friday ... Our club is also having their first Action Steel match this Sunday which I've signed up for which would be useful to attend as well ...
  8. Recap for the last 2 training weeks ... last week in addition to my normal generic transition training drills I shot Speed Option for my stage shooting day; cold stage run was a 10.79 with an average string time of 2.59 secs. I also shot Accelerator & Pendulum for my 1st shot +1 drills. Accelerator came out to a time of .85 secs with 91% accuracy & Pendulum was 1.11 at 89% accuracy. For the 1-2-3-4-5 drills my times have dropped from 5.35 secs to 5.15 secs. On a relative basis, Pendulum is still my weakest 1st + 1 times so I plan to spend some extra time working on this as there is no reason it shouldn't be approaching 1 sec. This week my stage for 1st shot +1 training was 5 To Go with an average time of 1.04 secs at 85%. for stage shooting I did Accelerator with a cold stage run of 10.71 secs and an average run time of 2.35 secs. I also shot the individual strings in groups of 5 to simulate match runs and my stage times were: 9.15, 9.02, 11.91 & 8.75 secs. Slowest individual run was 2.48 secs & the fastest was 2.18 secs. this morning, since I needed to finish resurveying Smoke & Hope for tomorrow's match, I just decided to leave it up and do a stage training session on it. This gave me a great opportunity to test out the new things I discovered about shooting this stage in dry fire. Cold stage run was 7.36 secs followed by stage runs of 7.18 & 7.49 secs. slowest run was the very first of the morning at 2.17 secs & the fastest was 1.81 secs. That first run was the only non sub 2 sec run of the session. It would appear that what I discovered does indeed work ... Tomorrow is the monthly match I run and it looks like we just picked up an additional bay in our AA which will allow me to permanently add Outer Limits back in so we can run monthly 8-stage matches. I'm looking forward to be able to shoot OL twice a month in matches ...
  10. Unfortunately this week turned into abbreviated live fire training as the AA at my range was closed for part of the week for berm deleading and with this morning's arctic-like conditions I didn't get out to shoot. My monthly SC organized practice is tomorrow so I'll get some shooting in but I typically don't factor in that session into my normal training plan as I'm not free to do whatever I want. I'll probably spend most of the time reinstalling all the in-ground target stands I had in the bays which had to be removed as they worked on the berms. There may have been as many as 20 that I'm going to have to reinstall before my next match on 1 April .... ya .. hoo .... For the one session I was able to do, my ave time on the 1-2-3-4-5 drill dropped by another .1 secs on both L-R & R-L runs with a 94% accuracy rate. I'm probably still going to do a couple more weeks of 10" plate at 18 yds before switching to 8" plates for generic training. I shot Showdown for my '1st shot+1' training with an ave time of .81 secs from both the left & right boxes. Accuracy across the 31 reps was 94%. Next week everything should be back to normal, including the weather so I expect to be back to a normal schedule with Speed Option for my stage shooting day.
  11. iOS version?
  12. Taurus PT738, no extra mags .... 6 + 1 is plenty. Can't ever imagine a scenario where I'd need more than 7 rds .... having said that: when the Zombie Apocalypses hits and I need to take down herds of Walkers with head shots from a dead run one-handed I'll be carrying my Sig MPX ... with my STI, CZ Shadow and every mag pouch I own on my belt .... oh and I'll probably be toting around my M2 & M4 while that ammo lasts ....
  13. Just returned from the 2nd of my 2 regular monthly level 1 matches today and the match was the culmination of a very good week of shooting. Shot the 8-stage match in 80.49 which represents my 2nd best match time ever. I had a new personal best on Showdown at 7.48 along with sub 8 sec times on Roundabout & Smoke & Hope. I also shot 3 other stages within .25 secs of my personal best for each of them. The most important thing out of the match was that I estimate that I ran my mental program at about 90% which was definitely a factor in shooting as consistently as I did throughout the day. On the training side this week I had what I can only describe as not 1 but 2 epiphanies in dry fire with respect to how I shoot 2 of the stages. I was looking forward to seeing if they up held themselves in live fire and so far both of them have worked out the same way. I suspect that most of the elite shooters in the world already know what I discovered as well as many others but I'm just glad I finally figured them out. They will both be included in the strategy chapters of my book however. During training this past week I shot Roundabout for my stage training day with an 8.01 cold stage run & an ave stage time across 29 strings of 1.78 secs. For the other days I shot Pendulum, 5 To Go & Roundabout for 1st shot +1 drills with ave times of 1.15 secs for Pendulum & .89 for Roundabout & .99 for 5 To Go. Accuracy was 88%, 96% & 100% respectively. next week I'll be continuing with my current training regiment, working 2 days of transition & 1st shot work & i day of stage shooting. My main focus in training continues to be 100% on developing consistency in my shooting under pressure. I'm really not concerned at this point with pushing speed as I've shown many times I can lay down significantly fast stage times but I need to work on being able to do it consistently on command with today's match certainly a step in the right direction. I'll probably take a break from training tomorrow and then pick up my normal routine again on Monday ...
  14. finished off this week with my monthly SC level 1 match. Shot a 74.71 sec time for the 7-stage match which included Outer Limits. Overall I was quite happy with my performance, shooting very consistently across the stages. Work continues to go well on perfecting executing my match mental management program and I estimated that for this match I executed it at approximately 80% across the day. Even though I'm only shooting stages 1 day/week now as part of my live training I saw no degradation in my ability to shoot the stages well and plan to continue this process. This week I'll be continuing with transition training at 18 yds with 10" plates and I'll most likely be shooting Roundabout for my stage training day as that was the stage over the weekend I was the least happy with. I've also got a couple of boxes of relatively high PF factory 9mm to run through my Sig MPX which most suggest be done as a break-in period and will shoot those this week as well. I'm also going to try and get up to the Volusia County SC match this Saturday which I haven't been to in a while since it's an 8-stage match where I don't have to worry about any MD duties and can just focus on shooting