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  1. I realize Sig didn't really make the MPS for the PCC competition crowd but does anyone know why Sig narrowed the gas port on the Gen 2s?Performance enhancement? Reliability fix? Something else?
  2. Yes, that's what actually worries me. Over in the 9mm reloading subforum we're having a discussion about the variance in blue bullet weights and diameters ... The weights can vary by as much as 2 grains although I'm less concerned about that. The variance in diameter I saw in jsut picking a handful of random bullets seemed to be a potential issue ... But I don't know how much over the actual barrel diameter becomes a problem ...
  3. it's hard to do the 'plunk test' with a MPX barrel since you can't get your fingers down far enough to see if the case rotates freely but I can drop a case in and then turn the barrel upside down to see if it falls out. Anything else I can do to determine that the round is not too long and is hitting the lands?
  4. fair enough but the 124 Extremes don't really look any different in their profile/shape and they worked just fine ... can they be that sensitive to profile shape? What OAL are you using for your MPX?
  5. Given how much cheaper I can get Blue Bullets than the Extreme plated bullets I'm currently shooting in my STI I decided to by a sample pack to check them out. So I made up a dozen Extreme plated124s & a dozen 125 Blue Bullets. Same OAL for both (1.15) and same powder load (4.0 g WST). Shot the Extremes first without issue. Attempted to chamber the first Blue Bullet and the bolt wouldn't lock forward. Worse, the round ended up stuck in the chamber and I could not pull the charging handle back to eject. Ended up taking it apart at the range and was finally able to pull the charging handle back which separated the case from the bullet ... then used a squib rod to get the bullet out. A good chunk of the polymer coating was scraped away at the sides near the base of the bullet. Since this was literally the very first Blue Bullet I tried this does not bode well for using these in my MPX. Anyone else using Blue Bullets in their MPX or is it just me? I then loaded up a half dozen to try in my STI Steel Master and they worked flawlessly .... If it weren't for the fact that the 124 Extremes at the same OAL worked without issue I might have chalked it up to needing to load shorter but that doesn't seem to be the case ...
  6. thx for the info. I'm more inclined to be concerned about any diameter variance than weight for all the reasons cited below. At the moment I'm still inclined to go ahead with the purchase since 5.9 cents/rd vice 7.5 is significant ...
  7. I agree the solution is simple enough to ensure they all make PF but I just dislike the idea of having to crank up the PF anymore than necessary .... just been spoiled with Extremes ... I could always just put aside enough Extremes for use at any major where a Chrono will be involved .... it's not like I shoot that many of them these days if at all ...
  8. I know a lot of people are using them so I'd really like to hear some more responses before buying 25,000-30,000
  9. I've been using Extreme plated for the last 3 years and haven't seen variation move then .2 grains, and that's over 60,000 rds ...
  10. If they run it the way you describe then I agree, no issue
  11. As I prep to start shooting PCC I decided to check out Blue Bullets to see if there was a significant cost savings for me. Turns out there is so I ordered a sample pack of 250 125g RN to try. Also gave 25 to friend who is interested in them as well. He weighed them last night in preparation of making some and here's what he found: low 123.5 high 128.8 median 126.2 Since I'll be using these most likely exclusively for Steel Challenge that variation doesn't worry me too much as I'll be loading a fair bit above minor since I have an Gen II MPX. For use as a USPSA Production bullet that amount of variation would seem to be a concern. Anyone else see this with their Blue Bullets?
  12. Your MD allows competitiors to shoot 2 different divisions in the same match? Sounds like a competitive advantage issue to me ... Be nice to shoot the stage once for practice with one firearm and then 5 mins later with another gun ....
  13. Yes. USPSA # = SCSA # as to making your SC matches "real" it sounds like your MD will need to make some changes ... It's not really all that hard. In Practiscore you can select the "default" steel challenge match when you setup a match and all official 8 stages are put in. Then if you don't plan to run all 8 you simply delete the stages you don't need. It also lets you select all the correct divisions as well. Once the match is done you run what is called the classifer report which formats the results correctly, email that file to yourself then go to the steel challenge tab of USPSA website and upload the results, pay the activity fees and you're done. Anyone who gave you their USPSA/SCSA number will have their scores count toward classification in the appropriate division. it takes me less than 5 mins once I get home from a match to verify scores and upload them to HQ ....
  14. Had this same issue with my portable generator ... Went to Harbor Freight ... They have various size wheels and Axil diameters ...
  15. I would expect to see some "MPX things" after SHOT .....