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  1. Looks like they are out now. https://patriotdefense.com/tanfoglio-defiant-stock-master-ifg/
  2. @tombo131 You could try the SpringCo ppq/q5 spring kit upgrade. Ive used it on the polymer version for over a year and love it. I just got an SF and installed it on that too, improves the weight and feel quite a bit in my opinion. Others have said that this kit causes issues with the dingus safety, personally I have not experienced this yet but it probably depends on how you grip the gun. There is a youtube video on how to install the kit, not too complicated, only two springs. I dont know if they have the kit direct on their website, I had to call and ask for it. Only $20 ish if I recall.
  3. I ordered the Lee U die and did some testing with it. On a 1050 following the directions provided, with the tool head all the way down screw in the die until it touches the shell plate then tighten the lock ring finger tight. I am getting a lot of rounds not passing my case gauge. I tried backing out the die 1/2 turn and deeper in 1/2 turn, same result. This is a much worse failure rate then the stock dillon die. Any trick to getting this to work on a 1050?
  4. Thanks everyone, at that price I have to try one out.
  5. @Rnlinebacker Thanks for your response man. looks like a good product. Think I will give it a shot.
  6. Hello, I reload only 9mm and am shooting a volume of rounds per week. I have a 1050 with stock dillon dies. The main issue I have with the machine stem from the decapping station. Decapping pins seem to bend easy and I have to keep a constant supply of them on hand. E-clips break form time to time as well, another thing I need to keep on hand. Sometimes primes dont pop free of the pin and get sucked back into the primer pocket, causing lengthy downtime. Is there a better alternative to the decapping/resizing station? I can live with what I have now but
  7. Springco makes a two piece spring kit for the ppq/q5 that takes weight from ~5lb to ~3.5lb. I believe it was the Daniel Thomson guy who did the stipple job at the top of this page that created the kit. Personally I like it and run it in my Q5. I think Daniel says the kit will work on the SF model. I hope to have an SF soon and will confirm if the spring kit works or not. To get one I just called Springco and asked for the PPQ/Q5 sping kit. I dont remember it being expensive maybe $20 ish?
  8. Big, What safety are you running? Unica?
  9. Got mine today, pretty excited. Couple impressions. As Big said, DA pull is heavy and will need some work. Both large and small frames will be available, i chose large for better grip selection here in the US. Comes with a single sided extended safety, no more ambi safety. This is good for IDPA shooters. Slide release is really hard to reach with my shooting hand, I will see is smaller grips/ smaller safety will help with this at all. Heart hammer. Blacked out stock sights. Fit and finish seem really good. Comes with 2 mags. More Pictu
  10. IFG has updated their website to show some specs on Lim Pros http://www.italianfirearmsgroup.com//ftitalia/detail/defiant-limited-pro
  11. No haven't gotten to look through one. Im used to a single dot so I assumed I would not use the big circle. The dot alone is not big enough for your tastes?
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