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  1. 124 blue bullets truncated they seem a little more consistent then their round nose
  2. Would someone give me a link can’t locate it in PractiScore Thanks
  3. Mine did that until i cleaned all the oil off then held backup on the die and used a box end wrench on the gland nut.
  4. Thanks for posting the part numbers. Calling Dillion myself tomorrow.
  5. I'm an experienced shooter that has many guns and I have been shooting a long time. I've never had any issues with guns breaking. I've had thumb safeties break and that's about it. So I had an Open Gun custom built to my specifications. This is not about trashing the builder and I do not want to name any names. If you figure it out please don't ask or list the name of the builder. My new open gun that is 6 months old with 15k rounds now has a cracked slide. Its an STI frame and slide. 9mm major. Major load of 124 grain JHP 6.7 WAC 1.145. How often does this happen? The gunsmith is fitting a new slide, barrel and comp. I'm paying for the parts and the labor is under warranty. How does this sound to you guys? Is this warranty typical for the industry? I've heard about many cracked Limited and Open slides. What's the deal? Seems like it's happening a lot. IMO that sounds like the warranty from an individual gunsmith which is normal. It is not typical for a major gun supplier Unless the gun has been modifies i.e. Extra slide lighting... I was surprised to see metal taken off around the ejection port looks cool but to each his own. I would have to ask the gunsmith why they are changing barrell and comp. Welcome to the fun and cost of open division.
  6. And if it's a Dvc their also setup to 38sc from the factory. Like beer baron said 9 is cheaper which is why I switched from 38sc to 9. You just need to decide which you want. There's probably a weeks worth of reading on this forum about the pros and cons of both. now a 9 off the shelf that's runs on range brass is a whole different story
  7. Expflier

    RTS 2

    Same here just got mine my only advise is to have your finger in front of it because it will literally fly out!
  8. Thanks! Now I have Christmas and this to look forward too!
  9. I toss 9mm brass for a whole lot less than that but that's just me. Brass is cheap.
  10. Thanks for the update and Congrats on getting it up and running. I have the pro model but like you think the lte would have been fine for me. The remote stop switch makes a nice add on. You don't need the bearing kit with the mark 7 and the FFB plate IMO save your money.
  11. SJC recommends red hi~hi temp loctite for their comps (info on their website about comps). There is no torque value that I'm aware of due to the fact it has to be aligned with the barrell. It kinda sounds like the threads are worn out in the comp since it's made from aluminum. Mine would hold up for a few thousand rounds with the hi temp red but I switched over to the 2011 crowd. A set screw may be your only option,
  12. Pro chrono it relativity inexpensive,simple to use and has all the info you need. Another advantage is there sold everywhere so when someone isn't paying attention and shoots a low round it's easily replaceable!
  13. Yep that was the main thing that got me going about it. I'm just hoping they come out with an add on kit for the 1050 somehow someway.
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