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  1. These look pretty similar to the "house brand" JHP being sold by tjconevera.com. Anyone tried both and know just how similar they are?
  2. Unless they changed it since my press, it does come off.
  3. Universal for 124-147gr jacketed. Promo for 147gr coated or jacketed.
  4. If you can, figure out what bullet weights you plan to use, and then look at available load data and see if you can find one of the suitable powders in stock. If you're just looking to load practice ammo, lots of powders will work.
  5. I've been wearing Rudy's for several years now...Started with Magsters, then got a deal on Rydons and decided they're more comfortable with muffs on, so the Rydon has been my usual shooting glasses for a while now. I'm near-sighted, but not too bad, but also have astigmatism and convergence insufficiency, so I have a bit of prism as well. At the beginning of this year, I finally got my first pair of progressive lenses...admitted to the optometrist that I have to look over/under my lenses to read on my phone...and it's gotten to the point where I have a hard time reading headstamps with my glasses. My eyes aren't so bad (yet) that I have any trouble seeing the sights and target. So, after spending way more than I should have on a new frame and progressive lenses for daily wear, I was actually contemplating whether I should get one of my Rudy Rx inserts updated with either progressive or bifocal lenses. Then I remembered "Rudy Readers", and Rudy had a sale going on a week or so ago, so I ordered two sets of Rydon Reader lenses (clear, which I figured would be for shooting, and polarized smoke which I figured would be good for sun glasses/fishing and being able to see to tie knots). They arrived yesterday, so I shot with them today. The bifocal was a bit distracting at first...but nowhere near as bad as the several weeks it took to get used to progressive lenses. They didn't seem to cause any issues with my pistol shooting. Anyone else wearing bifocals/progressives for daily wear using these with a single distance correction lens in the Rx insert?
  6. They're in stock at the source. http://www.rozedist.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=RZD&Category_Code=ZBJ-45ACP
  7. Back when I had easy access to a place where I could do it, I tested that load (w/Zero) into lined up jugs of water. In that test, the core popped out of the jacket, but there was expansion and potentially more wound channel as the paths would likely diverge.
  8. Seems like I find a case like that every couple of range trips with my .380 Glock 42. Of course all of my .380 brass is from range pickups and I have to load pretty close to max to cycle the 42. I don't notice the splits until I pick up brass.
  9. Those look like Zeros, only more expensive. [emoji3] 4.7gr WST should give a mild but major pf load.
  10. .380 at the case mouth is not enough bell for 9mm. AFAIK, Dillon recommends 0.010-0.020" of bell...which would be .390-0.400.
  11. I'm curious what Dillon's position is on this. I assume in using the Mr. Bullet Feeder funnels, you're giving up some degree of neck tension in exchange for easier bullet seating.
  12. You're definitely ruining those bullets while seating them. My guess would be one or more of the following: Not enough flare. Not seating the bullets straight enough when you place them on the flared case. You can get away with being sloppy here with jacketed bullets...but plated/coated/lead are much more delicate. When you tightened the lock ring for your seating die (or any of the other dies), was the shell plate full & ram up, and a cartridge with a bullet inside the seating die?
  13. What? I've loaded lots of Bayou and never had the coating come off on my hands or anything else...but I think I've only ever used his green. If Bayou red was coming off, I wonder if they had an issue / you got a bad batch that wasn't properly baked? I've shot some of H&S's 147gr 9mm, and haven't decided what to go with for future 147gr orders. In .45, his 230gr RNFP shape is odd and has to be loaded really short. That's one I won't buy again unless he changes molds.
  14. If they really wanted to stop us, they'd switch over to Berdan primed "brass".
  15. American Steel. Stepped brass wasn't enough of an abomination. Now they're brass plating steel cases. Out in the elements, the steel will rust through the plating pretty quickly.