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124 gr. load data


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Need some help here. I shoot a glock 34 in Production division and have been using Montana Gold or Berry's 147 fmj with Titegroup powder.OAL is 1.135 with winchester primers.This is all i have used and have no problem with this load.I just thought i would like to explore other bullets and powders. I have come into possession of some 124 Precsion Delta fmj bullets and i would like some loading data for this bullet. I would also like this info using Titegroup powder. As a side note i would be interested to hear opinions of this bullet and other powders.

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124 grain Montana Gold CMJ (Actual weight per bullet is 124.4)

3.8 grains Titegroup

Winchester Small Pistol Magnum Primers

1.140" oal

Winchester Brass

5 shot average was 1036fps

Power Factor= 128.5

Shot out of Glock 34 with Bar-Sto Barrel in 60 degree temps

I like this load alot.......it ias very accurate at speed and the sights track flat and fast.

I used to shoot 147 Atlanta Arms Match.....then started handloading 147 Zeros to the same feel. Then started loading Zero 135 FMJ's and really liked them even more. Now I'm loading the 124 MG CMJ and like it the mostest so far. I've noticed as I've increased speed in the past year that I tend to shoot the lighter bullets more accurately under speed of a stage. My splits average about .17- The snappy flat tracking of the slide and sights works well for me.

If you want super soft and aren't very fast on a stage.....I'd recommend Clays. Try the same specs above just use Clays. 3.8 grains of Clays is identical in Velocity and pf to the Titegroup. I loaded about 1000 rounds of this load and shot several local matches with it to test it and noticed my accuracy spread per target was horrible. Consistent Alpha Charlie every target with alot of Deltas showing up. I was able to move the gun and affect the flight of the bullet on the second shot on every target. I would see my sights and break both shots perfectly,but leave the instant the shot was broke. Leaving as fast as I was was affecting impact of the second shot. I don't have that problem with Titegroup. Shots are as I call them when the shot breaks.I'll finsih a stage now and usually only have 2-5 Charlie down on a 26-32 round field course and Deltas are pretty rare.

That is my take on the two powders....not everyone will agree,but I thought I would share my experience. Basically.....it all boils down to what load you have the utmost confidence in. Confidence in loads,ability,equipment and gear selection,and stage breakdown are key.

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I use 147gr JHP Zero, 1.130 -1.150" depending on handgun

3.4gr V V N320

3.5gr Hodgdon TG

Bot go around 880fps

With 124gr JHP, CMJ or FMJ try 4.0gr TG or 3.8gr V V N320, OAL as above. In a G34 I find I get about 1040fps = 129pf. In my Tanfoglio P19 Ltd (3/4" shorter) the same load goes 1025fps = 127pf.

With a polymer coated lead projectile drop all loads by about .2 - .3gr for similar velocities.

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16 hours ago, Woodhog said:

I use Sierra #9924 134 grain and 3.8 grains of titegroup in a 9 mm 

14 years dude...and this is about 124 gr bullets....



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6 minutes ago, RudyVey said:

14 years dude...and this is about 124 gr bullets....



I don't recall there being a forum rule saying that all posts replied to had to be recent and / or the information had to be free of typo's and errors. If there is such a rule, please point it out to me.

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