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Undercut trigger guard legal in SS?

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16. Only 1911 production type pistols. Must be available to the general public and have their basis in

the original 1911 service pistol. Pistols made from components that duplicate the factory originals

are acceptable. Factory upgrades such as external extractors, firing pin blocks and other factory

installed safety features are permitted.

I'm not 100% sure but I seem to remember that undercut trigger guards were factory modifications for some Colt Gold Cups.

This website seems to indicate that on some Deltas came with an undercut trigger guard.


The pictured Defender and XSE pistols in this page have undercut trigger guards.


Any of you guys know of any current single stack 1911's that come with the mod from the factory?

And of course... is an undercut trigger guard legal in SS? To me it seems like it should be.

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Here is the description for the STI "USPSA Single Stack" gun from their website

Frame: STI Government length forged frame, Front Strap 30LPI Checkering,

Undercut trigger guard, with checkered steel D&T mainspring housing and blended magwell. Custom serial number series begins with "USPSA 1000"

I would assume that this would indicate that an undercut trigger guard is legal in Single Stack

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All Colt "Enhanced Models" dating back to the 70s series guns had under cut trigger guards... as do most "modern" Kimbers and lots of other 1911s. I've got a couple Colt's like that including my Officers Model.

Short answer.. It should be leagal if it's from the factory...... but don't take a pistol that wasn't shipped that way and make the alteration... or you'll be "out of bounds".

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The Colt I have (A Combat Target) is high cut under the trigger guard. The 1991A1 I had was not cut. I have 2, 5" Kimbers (made in 1998-1999) and neither is high cut. My Kimber Compact (1997) is high cut - because I cut it. I have seen factory Kimbers that were cut but they were custom shop models.

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The new rule book should soon be making it's way out to us. I'd wait a bit before making too many equipment decisions...or contact your Area Director and/or NROI and see if you can get a sneak peak to help you make your equipment decisions.

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While I don't speak for the DNROI, I do know him, and once played him on TV. Forget that, I was thinking about something else. As I have posted before, the idea is to have a short list of prohibited modifications or features. Other than that, the box and weight requirements will take care of the rest.

The safest bet is if you have specific questions it is better to send them to the DNROI than speculate on the correct answers on the forums.


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Yah or maybe ask the forum in order to see if someone has asked him the question already.

This is the reply I got from him.

If it fits into the box, doesn't go over the specified maximum weight, and is specifically not allowed by the criteria of the division, it is legal. The 2008 rules only address milling on the slide as being not allowed other than milling of the slide to duplicate a mass-produced slide available to the general public or as required to insert sights. There is no restriction on under cutting of the trigger guard. John Amidon


Director NROI

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