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Looking For Best Price On


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Looking to get 500 to 1000 of good quality. Jacketed, not plated.


precision deltas or go www.ghostholster.com ANgus was running a special with his 180 JHP zeros .

Thanks. I'll check them out!


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When you compare the prices, make sure you are getting "freight paid" pricing. Also, the Precision Delta and Zero bullets are not of equal quality, IMO the Zero bullets are clearly superior.

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Thanks guys. I'm leaning towards the Zero's ;)

It seems that Montana Gold has been just a little cheaper than Zeros lately. I don't know about lower quantities but the case price (2500 bullets) ends up being a couple bucks cheaper per 1000.


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Does Zero or MG sponsor this forum?


Naw, but they are popular choices.

I got a good, consistent batch of Precision Delta 180's first time around. The large 10 K order I followed up on had what looked to be three different lots mixed into each package I've opened so far (different meplats, different bullet lengths and slightly different weights). I'll use them for practice, but not for matches.

I've used Zero's and MG's, most recently the latter, with good success.

Ivan's product (Armscor) is well priced. That is the next bullet for me to check out.

Kevin C

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