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Ruger PC Carbine vs PSA AR-V vs Lead Star


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I’m shopping around for a reasonably priced PCC for competition and narrowed it down to these three?  Is anyone running a Ruger 9mm PC Carbine in matches?  Would this be as good a choice, better, or worse than a PSA AR-V or Lead Star?


Thanks in advance for your help.




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I ran a Ruger PCC for two years. Since I'm in CT I can not have the others mentioned. The pros of the Ruger is that it will eat anything, low of stuff included. It's pretty reasonably priced, check the used market. There is some aftermarket add-ons. I think if I was going to get back into PCC I would get one of taccom barrels. The cons, triggers are ehh even the aftermarket ones arent super great. ) If there was a better trigger this would be my selection hands down.) It's heavy, this can be a pro and con.  I can not complain as I bought two of these one for irons one optic, made it pretty well with both. 

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I have not had a Lead Star but own several Glock mag 9MM rifles I have built. Have a full custom Ruger PCC, Tandemkross Stock TACCOM lightweight barrel, uses Glock mags. Great shooter but the trigger is less than the triggers I can put in an AR-9.


Have had an AR-V and still have a NFA S-9 which uses Scorpion mags.  The reliability has not been good.


Have a MP-5 mag AR and it is more reliable than the Scorpion - your milage may vary!


From my experience the Glock mags have been more reliable. Make sure you get an updated feed cone and ramp barrel. TACCOM or Macon Armory have great reputations.  The barrels are very important to feeding.


It also depends on what you will be using the gun for and your budget. You can also assemble your own, very rewarding and not to complex.

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as someone that shoots both the Ruger and the ARV, I can say I like them both.  The Ruger can be lightened up and there are aftermarket triggers available.  CMC just released a drop in system at 3.5lbs.  The Ruger has eaten everything I have thrown at it.


I also have an ARV and love the reliability.  I'm running mine lightweight and it feels great.  Plus can you beat 35-round mags for $15?

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On 3/6/2024 at 6:13 PM, Texaspaul said:

I thought the CMC was 10/22 only?

Not sure if we are talking different models, but I have been running a CMC 2.5 flat faced drop in trigger in my S&WMP15-22 for at least 3 years. Don't know if the PCC's are different.

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On 3/3/2024 at 12:55 PM, magnumpa said:

Thank you all for responding. I’m going with the Ruger. 👍


Did you buy that Ruger already? If not, I have a 4.97 lb alternative... 😁

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