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Mental Block


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Walking the stage. Planing the stage. Running in my head sever times.


Timer sounds and all goes to hell. Literally shooting first target I see and as a result keep missing targets completely.


Any advise how to deal with that ?

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Next to visualisation & air gunning I recommend to have a process and a focus phrase (cfr. Steve Anderson) to clear the conscious mind and focus. The execution of the stage plan needs to be subconscious. My focus phrase after command "Are you ready" is "Shoot Alpha's Fast".


These videos might be of interest too: 




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The stage prep/writing of the stage plan to short term memory will change as you gain experience and reps.  One thing that helped me as a relatively new shooter (Total new shooter through B class) was basic numbers of positions on the ground.  This was facilitated by the fact that I shot production and reloads often go hand in hand with positions.

For example, in a complex 32 round long field course, map out position 1, 2, 3, etc. and literally where you want your feet to go (ideally).  For positions that aren't as forgiving, identify a reference point on the ground or other nearby physical reference point.  For example:

-Buzzer, standard wrist below belt draw

-I will move to this corner and put my right foot on the fault line right near this stake, that is my position 1.

-Then I will move to this port and try to index my first engagement where the gun is just to the left of the right side of the port

-Then I will move to the middle of the stage and use a visual aid of this popper being revealed to the right of this wall.


 You can try and tack on # of targets you will engage at each position but as a beginner, if you can hit your positions/marks, it should be enough to get you going.

Hope this help,


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