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Beretta 92X Performance Race Holster Needed With All Toni System Build


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I built a Beretta 92X Performance Race Gun with all of the Toni System components and cannot find a holster that works because of the picatinny rail red mount. It raises the front of the handgun. I've tried Ghost Evo One, Double Alpha and Guga Ribas holsters.  I’ve called Toni several times, but no one ever pickups the customer service line. I’m on hold 30+ minutes each time. I also sent several emails.


Any thoughts, suggestion, help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank everyone!

Toni Slide Build.jpg

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Yes, I purchased the Guga Ribas holster.


JJ's holster and/or gun must be modified.


Looking at their manual and online videos I am unable to get the gun to fit unloaded with the hammer down. I sent an email to Guga Ribas support, but I have yet to receive a reply.


I was looking at JJ's trigger in a photo and it appears that his gun is modified to be SAO. With the hammer down, his trigger is set far to the rear like it would be in the SAO ready to fire position. I can get the handgun set in the holster in this position.


Thank you,



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I tried to contact JJ in the past and he didn't respond. Heck, even when trying to register for his class it 3-months for a reply. 




I believe I have figured out my issue with my Guga Ribas holster fit issue. When I built my Race Gun, I put in the Red Aluminum Competition "S" triggers. I just now looked at JJ's build again and I see he has the Beretta vertical (Straight) triggers. 


I can get the holster to work with my Race Gun in SA Mode. But the trigger is too far forward in DA Mode for the locking mechanism to activate.


I just ordered the Beretta vertical (Straight) trigger. It should be here by Friday. The rear geometry of the trigger converts the pistol to Single Action only (while filing it away it will return DA/SA). This is a Race Gun, so it will only be used in SA mode. If I need DA/SA I will just put back in the standard trigger.


I will swap out the triggers to see if this does the job and get back to the group.


Thanks for the feedback!

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