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On the first stage of the match last weekend I had a FTfire right after the beep. Cleared it and kept going. 

it took a little while to figure out what happened but I finally did. Background:  I have two .40 1911s set up almost identically. Have shot them interchangeably for many years. 

But……I recently tested some new loads. Due to component shortages I loaded some 40 rounds with CCI sm rifle primers. At my practice session, I tested 30 of these with one gun but not the other. 

At the match, I accidentally grabbed one of the srp rounds to Barney up on the first stage. 

Turns out that my other 1911 does not have a hammer spring strong enough to reliably light off CCI srp’s. 

a quick session last week confirms that one gun fires them (so far) 100% and the other only fired about 50%. 

lesson learned: test EVERYTHING before a match and no two guns are Exactly the same. 

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I thought both my guns had 17# mainsprings installed. Could be that one was worn due to age: one is about 7 years old, the other is 5, although I haven’t shot much SS in about 5 years so the round count is relatively low (12k and 8k, respectively)


will replace mainsprings at end of summer. In the meantime I know not to load more SRPs. Thankfully I found a stack of SPPs. 


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During a classifer yesterday (among other problems) I had a round go "pthish" and no recoil. I dropped the mag and cleared the chamber. Unexpectedly, a full round ejected. Turns out the primer was seated sort of sideways, but was barely noticeable. I remember when I was loading these rounds that one primer sort of crunched its way in and I was surprised it didn't detonate. Visual inspection of that session's loads looked fine.

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