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Wireless Router Recommendations

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Just put some ring cameras up around the outside of the house. I keep losing connection with a few of them because of weak wireless. I have plenty of internet speed but need a wireless router with max range.

 Thoughts on routers vs. extenders?

recommended models?


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If you have the budget, then I recommend the Eero 6 Pro. A simple rule is to get a unit per 1000 sqft. So if you have 2168 sqft, then get 3. You plug one directly into your ISP's modem/router. Then you plug the other ones at strategic locations to blanket your area with coverage. If done correctly, then you can still get 500+ Mbps at the edges of your house.


If interested then search for stuff like mesh networks and terms such as IP Passthrough.

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On 7/22/2022 at 9:27 AM, Boomstick303 said:

Check out Ubiquiti stuff.  We use to use them in industrial applications.  Their range is insane for the price point.  Just make sure you are buying the correct unit for your application.




I'll 2nd this.  My whole house is Ubiquified.  No problems with any of it in 5+ years. 

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