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Leading the comp - FMJ's


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So I got excited last week when I saw that Precision Delta had .356 126gr round nose projectiles in stock.  Ordered 2k and they arrived today.  Being the new shooter/reloader did not realize that FMJ meant an exposed lead bottom of the bullet.  


1.  How badly will this lead up my comp?

2.  How smoky will this be?  Any worse than the blues I already run?

3. Should I just offload them, or will I be OK using for just a couple thousand rounds?



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Shoot em,,, yeh bit of lead, yeh a bit of smoke.  Pull ur barrel and soak it in any of the wonder solutions floating around on this forum. Not that big of a deal.. Only ran em for a decade in a comped 38 super.. think I have a case left somewhere.
I am sure you could resell them though if it bothers you..

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I think comp design probably has an impact on leading. I've been running FMJs for the last ~2k rounds in a Czechmate with @kneelingatlas's aluminum comp and have not seen any noticeable leading. I do have a little bit in the OEM comp from before I switched to the aluminum one. 


From behind the glass I can't tell a difference between FMJs and JHPs from a smoke perspective. On video the JHPs seem slightly less smokey but in both cases the force from the comp is dissipating the cloud pretty quickly. 

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