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Why should I buy an Apple Watch

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Just got my first, a Series 4 44mm in black SS with black milanese loop. I've had it just over a month.

  • Cellular is standard on the SS, but I've not activated it. +$10/month with AT&T. Only missed having that on one occasion so far.
  • Good size, easy for my aging eyes to read
  • Really helpful in keeping with my desire to improve my fitness, fun to try and close the rings for the day.
  • Wear it 15 hours a day, still has ~55% battery at end of the day


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Buy it for heart monitoring and I guess fitness. Other than that I wouldn’t bother. I was in your boat a few months ago. I played with one in store and found out they are terrible to do anything significant with. I asked a friend who had one and he said he never uses it. I like watches but I can’t bring myself to get one of those and I really like my iPhone, I am a long time android user. If you Don’t have any apple produce just pass completely. 

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I like mine and feel it was worth the money.  I use the Oxygen Level app a bit, and the rings are nice to track heath metrics.  As I get older my calendar has become super important for me to not miss scheduled events.  The watch taps my wrist so I remember to make meetings, events etc.  


As far as the model goes, buy the one with the features you would use.  Not the ones other people use.  

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We bought my father one for the heart monitor after his surgery. He loves it. Mom wanted one too and then my brother and wife. Most of them use it to make sure they’re working out/active. My wife likes the phone option, so she can walk without taking her phone along and call/text if she needs to. I don’t like stuff on my wrist, so I don’t use a watch if any sort, but tried hers cycling and it’s cool To track your heart rate. 

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