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Extended Safety for M&P Shield


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Has anyone come across an aftermarket safety level for the M&P Shield that is bigger than the stock safety?  Started to carry my M&P Shield in the appendix position and like the idea of engaging the manual safety, but would like it to be a bit larger to make activating it a bit easier.


My Google searches did not turn up any options.  Wondering if anyone hear knows of aftermarket Shield safety lever that is larger than stock.



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Following this. Looks like if they were going to offer safety, it would be like the one on the Shield EZ 380.

on a similar note, I have a student with a EZ 380 that when shooting with thumb on top of safety, cannot always keep the grip safety depressed. This would be a disaster in a defensive situation.. So we have been looking for extended grip safety as well.

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defensive creations  alliance  ohio        (dave laubert)


did a small solder piece on shield shield  just big enuff. caution i can work the original flat safety  but dont like my chances  IF in a gun fight

i also have  small hands  #8  womens

any safety is a  good  safety.

have full size  work guns    all S&W   reguler size   and no that safety wont fit a compact. we tried

any good tool & die guy can do it..          i just am not 1 of those strange   critter"s


good  luck


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I have a shield 9mm with a MS and want a better paddle type of safety so its more practical to use. I emailed MCarbo (Adam Lewis) and asked if he can make a paddle type safety. Mcarbo is an excellent company that makes aftermarket upgrade parts to all kinds of different firearms. They can do it but need more people that are interested in doing it. If this is something you all want spread the word and email him about your shield so we can have this upgraded feature.

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