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New TK cylinder chamfer


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Sent my cylinder out to TK Custom and told them I wanted it as deep and funneled as you can get, like BossHoss does his lol. This is what I got back.

I'm not any faster, but I can be a bit more sloppy and it forgives me. I still think a bit more can be done around the edges, maybe with a dremel to extend the funnel outwards and make it more curved/gradual. But honestly I'm super pleased. Especially because I originally was cutting the chamfer with a hand tool, and titanium isn't very cooperative. The turnaround time was great too. I mailed it out Monday and it was back by the next Monday.


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I bought the PC version of the 627, I opened the cylinder and it's like "Wait, I thought they said they chamfered the chambers?!" LOL, it's like, they lightly scraped the edge off each cylinder with a popsicle stick and called it good.

Now yours looks like a proper chamfer!

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