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  1. I'm guessing that the chamber may have grown a bit and your bullets are jumping a bit too far. There is a great video on youtube by Alex Wheeler showing how to find the rifling/lands of your barrel to be able to set the max length. Look at that, tell us which bullets you are using and maybe we can offer some suggestions. If you're using certain Berger bullets, they like to be jammed or maybe jumped .010(the VLD's). The Hybrid's like somewhere around .020. If you're using Sierra they typically like a bit more jump. Some like up to and over .060. I'm not familiar with Hornady and will wait to be corrected but I believe that they like some jump as well. Good luck.
  2. Run what ya brung and git'er done! Go shoot a match with your current equipment and that will help you solidify what it is you want to upgrade/change for the next one.
  3. From another forum that I belong to and pay for the privilege of posting in the classifieds: This Forum's operating expenses are primarily paid by the generous contributions of members. With PayPal you can upgrade your Forum membership in seconds, with an email receipt. By upgrading your membership to Silver or Gold Levels you'll get unlimited FREE classifieds for one year. Gold members can upload custom avatars. Silver is 25 per year Gold is 50 per year They seem to do pretty OK with it. I won't pay 15 a month. As stated, not trying to be a jerk, but it's simply not worth it to me. I just won't come back.
  4. I've personally had much better luck with Sierra bullets. For some reason I've never been able to get Hornady bullets to shoot well easily enough to justify using them. Otherwise, this is a solid starting point. OP, good luck.
  5. Not sure about it's legality in IDPA, but it's a hecka nice pistol.
  6. I completely understand. Good luck in your search.
  7. Currently working on a 2011 project in 9mm. STI grip that I stippled. PT frame. JEM slide. Barrel is getting ordered soon and I'm not 100% on the maker yet. Extreme internals. Next up will be a SS in either 9 or 38S. I scored a great deal on a frame from another site and grabbed it. It'll sit for a bit until I finish the 2011.
  8. I will also say this... Some guns seem to prefer clean barrels. Like, really clean and scrubbed. Most of my rifles (thank God) have been happy with a Hoppe's and brush in the chamber and a dry patch or three to make sure everything is out of the chamber after 200 or so rounds and that's it. Then a good scrubbing before it gets put away for the winter. As a guess, I'd say you may have a tighter bore and that's why when "dirty" it doesn't shoot as well. That's pure speculation on my part as I'm far from an expert in these matters.
  9. How many rounds down the pipe? I usually get awesome groups in the first 20 rounds or so. Then it falls off a bit. Then it comes back after, maybe a hundred or so. The brass forms to the chamber. The leade angle smooths out. The lands/grooves settle out. It all makes sense to me... At least in my head it does.
  10. Not that you asked about them, but... What about BUL Armory? They build some very nice pistols and although Israel isn't technically Europe, maybe it's easier/cheaper to get stuff from there (I'm spitballing here so be kind). It's just a thought.
  11. I'm a believer in this, actually.
  12. The 168/175 bullets over anywhere between 43.8 and 44.8 seem to always run just fine for me. I always use this as a starting point for development. nice little group. Congrats and good luck.
  13. Most sights will take a little fitting by filing/sanding/stoning the bottom of the sight. Go slowly and you’ll be fine.
  14. My buddy has one of the 4" models (I forget which one) and is a dealer for them (it's an Israeli thing). I was able to put a couple of rounds thru it and he has shot it at the local Sunday night match. It's a very nice pistol with little to no work needed out of the box for an average shooter. As per the OP, I have no dog in the fight at all.
  15. http://dvcperformance.com/#2872 I took a class with Aaron. It helped immensely.
  16. I mean heck... allow SS/Optics in CO with 10 round mags obviously scored as minor. I’d be down.
  17. Thank you for making my point. CO started off with very low numbers. Look at it now. The ability to purchase a production gun and slap an optic on top is very appealing. The numbers prove that out. SS is a dwindling division. Allowing an optic in that division just might help it grow. Oh, I get it. Thank you for the response. I don’t take it too seriously. It’s the internet after all. Additionally, I don’t and wouldn’t want to make a living shooting my gun. Another reason I don’t take it very seriously. It’s just a game.
  18. Does anyone actually read the OP...?
  19. So does single stack and limited. If the trigger is the determining factor, then a lot of guns would belong in Open. I know what you're trying to convey. I just don't necessarily agree with it. Think of it this way: The NRA, for all their foibles, did a good thing and created a competitive rifle class; F-Class, for shooters with aging eyes to shoot their Palma style rifles with a scope. It's a pretty popular class and a lot of fun. This would be a similar thing for pistols/USPSA. I'm not expecting any changes, but I do think it would be a good thing.
  20. Does anyone else think this should be a thing? I'm a fan on the 1911 platform (TBH, I like all guns as evidenced by the fact that I shoot Glocks a lot). However, my eyes suck. I just can't see the front sight as well as I could even 5 years ago. On my Glocks I've switched over to dots and really like them. I have a gun that I'm building (ZEV OZ-9ish) as a dedicated CO rig. But it's just not a 1911. I'd love to be somewhat competitive in whatever class I shoot and if I have a dot on a 1911, I'm in "Open" and am pretty sure I'll get hosed. Shooting fast is fun, being somewhat competitive is funner. Additionally, I'm in a restricted state. This would be a solid class for those of us caught behind enemy lines (don't say it, I HAVE to be here right now) I'd say same rules as CO: No comps/magwells. Red dot mounted to the slide. Gun needs to be somewhat of a production model. All scored as minor. I think it would be a fun little sub-set. Thoughts?
  21. Posted in 1911 sub-forum. Sorry, I'm still getting used to this place.
  22. Tophernj

    New Stuff?

    Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.
  23. Tophernj

    New Stuff?

    They offer a Shadow2 milled for a dot?
  24. Tophernj

    New Stuff?

    Thanks. I'd love a Shadow2 milled for a dot from CZ directly. It's what I hope someone says is going to be released.
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