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proper way to sight in red dot

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If most of your shots will be at 15 yards, that would be a good distance, BUT if you

need to take 50 - 100 yard shots, then I'd sight in at 25 yards.


Either way, I'd want to know where it shot at 5 and 50 yards.     :) 


I print my own targets from the internet - pick one that you prefer.   


I'm a big believer in sighting in from a very steady rest, but then

prove it's sighted in by firing some groups hand held, just like you

will shoot during a match.    :) 

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As stated above.  Depends on the game.  USPSA for me, I sight in @ 15 yards.  I use target sticker spots on a USPSA cardboard target.  I use a table and set my range bag on it.  I use my bag as a rest for the muzzle.  Free hand works as well.


After that I would record hold overs as you move in every 5 yards.  It's roughly a 1/2" every 5 yards.



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Make sure you know your sight to bore offset at close range.  Mine is 3" so the bullet will hit 2" - 3" under the red dot at up close targets.  This also comes into play when shooting through ports or sideways around barricades at close distances.  Recently I was aiming just above the bottom of a port, forgot about bore offset and had 2 rounds hit the wooden 2x4 that was the bottom of the port.  It's easy to forget about bore offset when switching between pistols and PCCs.

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I zero my red dot at 25 and my laser at 7 yards.


Like many I build a very stable shooting position and shoot 3 as perfect of shots as possible at 25 yards. I use a brown paster on the white side of a uspsa target. I also set the dot as dim as possible to reduce flaring of the dot to my eyes. So I just keep shooting and looking and adjusting until the gun shoots the paster at 25 yards. Then I'll take a little break and shoot at least 10 rounds slow fire from the same position and check the general distribution. If I like that shoot another 10 standing.


If I like that I load up a mag and do what I call my 5/5/50. I start 5 yards from the target and fire 5 rounds. I then repeat this 5 yards back until I've done it out to 50 yards. At 5 and 10 yards I'm close enough to see the hits to know my offset and differentiate them from bad hits as I get further away. If I'm in a shorter bay then I do a 3/3/30.

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