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DIY TSO Thumbrest FTW


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Another rainy Saturday here in Georgia, and not having enough in-process projects *cough*, I decided to make a new thumbrest for my TSO. The stock thumbrest honestly doesn't bother me that much, though everyone seems to complain about it. I have a very high grip and with the stock rest my thumb just pushes down on the very top which works okay. I just figured I could do a little better.


I made this unit out of some angle aluminum scrap. Sawed, filed, ground, drilled, etc until it fit the gun, my grip, and my holster. Then I sanded it to 600 grit. I first tried blacking it with Aluminum Black and then sanding that back to give it an aged patina look, but my wife claimed that looked pretty dumb. So I painted it with the only black spray paint I had around, which happened to be textured. Hey, I can always sand it off later!


Its definitely an improvement in function, I'm not gonna make any claims in the looks department.

IMG_4061 copy.jpg

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2 hours ago, oteroman said:

Sell them.
I want one.

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I have learned my lesson regarding turning a hobby into a job. It was easy to make this, just give it a shot! I also think thumbrests are best customized to the individual shooter. 


As far as using forward serrations, if that is something a man is committed to he's best to avoid most thumb rests. CZ makes that low rest that would allow better forward slide grip, but it does not look conducive to a high grip. 

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Whelp, I stepped outside to my home range today and tried out my DIY *thumb rest. Turns out that it effects my grip negatively causing the TSO to exhibit more muzzle flip. Using the stock thumbrest with my support thumb pushing down on top of the rest and wrist twisted forward results in a very flat shooting pistol. Not so much with my home made rest


I reckon I will make another with less angle to it. Sometime. 

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I vote for a custom thumb rest. I have short thumbs and found the stock thumb rest pulled my left hand way too far forward. Crafted another out of aluminum angle iron which extends downward a bit and as far rearward as possible without interfering with slide release. WIth a firm grip it helps keep barrel flat. Big difference in speed when shooting steel matches.



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