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  1. cheby

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Since it's believed that the slide is the issue i am thinking of getting a different slide. It's impossible to find discontinued factory X5 slides anywhere. There are some companies, however, who make their slides for the legion pistols. For example, Grey Ghost Precision and MWG Works. Any experience with them? Do they improve the accuracy?
  2. cheby

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I shot Blue Bullets 125RN and Everglades FMJ 124RN today. Surprisingly enough, the Blue bullets were significantly better. I will double check it again later this week.
  3. cheby

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Did anybody figure out why Legions have the accuracy issues compared to other 320 variants?
  4. Sounds like it was a good match, as expected
  5. They fit the legion module. A buddy of mine is shooting that combo
  6. Look at Zev slides and barrels as well.
  7. I am getting a new limited gun built. I still think that limited is the most challenging and interesting division. Recoil control is the thing. If you get it mastered and understood, it helps to be better in anything else... Well except PCC:)
  8. Yeah, *thumb rest [generic]*, brass flashlight, 59oz weight... CARRY optics my ass
  9. cheby

    TSO sale...

    CZ TSO for $1650... I paid less for that gun a couple yeas ago... it is not "sales." More like prices are coming back to normal. Hopefully
  10. I have 3 21rd with TTI basepads and grams gutts. I can do 23 +1. The problem it is not reliable. Especially one of the mags. It works till it doesn't. Usually at the match. I gave up on 23+1
  11. Charlie knows what he's talking about... as always
  12. let us know if you find any in stock
  13. SVI tubes, Grams springs and followers, TTI basepads - this is what I ended up with after trying MBX, and STI mags. (40SW)
  14. I have a few 21rd magazines that have grams springs, followers, and TTI basepads. I don't trust them to run 23+1 rds. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't... perhaps they are still relatively new but so far they're not 109% reliable.
  15. what recoil spring you are using??
  16. This is what I did 2 years ago. The most important and difficult thing is the recoil control shooting major. It took a while for me to be able to shoot major with the same speed as minor.
  17. That's what I was thinking as well
  18. I have seen that so many times that I would not call it a fluke. More like a feature
  19. There are some marks on the extractors: 1 dot = 40 S&W only 2 dot = 9mm and 40 3 dot = 9mm only
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