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Aluminum carriers


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I've got two Whiskey Arms aluminum carriers, each in different uppers.  One with 6400 rounds on it, and another with 8400 rounds on that one.  Both have performed without issue.  I'm using mine with adjustable gas blocks of course, as well as the JP SCS using the stock spring.

No excessive gas ring wear that you hear about with other aluminum carriers.  Once initial coating wear occurred (because mine are custom color coated by Whiskey Arms to unique colors of my choosing), I have not seen further wear or dimensional problems.  I know Whiskey Arms spent considerable time learning technical details of the anodizing to make them last and be dimensional stable.  Then, same with the color coatings he uses, as he's spent time working in the manufacturer's actual facility to formulate and do testing.


I know a couple other shooters that have surpassed 12,000 rounds on them each, if not more, last I knew.  I also know of others that have run them with full gas, regular carbine buffers and springs to beat them up, and they have not had issues or failed last I knew, but I don't know the round count on those.  


Definitely recommend them as well as giving Whiskey Arms a call, as he's very willing and friendly to talk through what went into them.

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As mentioned above, keep them lubed and you shouldn't see any wear other than the typical spots that you'd see on any other carrier.  I've ran a JP for a while and have only noticed some finish worn off where the hammer contacts the carrier but no material wear.  And yes, they do shoot nice.  The JP is a bit pricy but I'd recommend one in a heartbeat!!

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