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So, I had some home time over the holidays. Spent a day with my son and my grandchildren. Saw some friends and visited my step mother whom I have always gotten along with better than my mother. Before i leave she gives me some boxes of Jelly beans to give to the grandkids. But I was getting back on the road and wouldn't see them again for a couple months. 


Yesterday I happened to reach into my laptop bag for a thumb drive and found the jelly beans. I thought, "It's gonna be March before I can give these to the kids and they won't care what kind they are. I'll get a BIG bag before I see them next."


So, I opened a box, shook a few out and popped one in my mouth. And it tasted like CAT LITTER!!!! Thinking it was just a random bad jelly bean, I popped another to get the bad taste out of my mouth. DIRTY SOCKS!!!!!  I look on the back of the box and see full color pics of all the colors and flavors. Only each color is on there TWICE.  That's because one white bean is coconut and the other is DIRTY SOCKS. One is Mocha, the other is Cat Litter. One is Strawberry, the other is dog vomit.


I don't think I have spit so much in 15 yrs. But an hour later I was laughing me arse off. I got GOT!  Called my step mother and said, "You are MEAN! 'Give these to the grandkids'. That was a dirty trick and you know it!" And she's laughing at me. She says, "Serves you right for eating the grandkids jelly beans." She laughed. I laughed. The coffee pot laughed. I shot the coffee pot. Good times. That's why I get along with her better than my own mother. 


I love a good harmless practacal joke. :D

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