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  1. You can pick up a KelTech for Under 400.00 that runs with glock mags . They make great shooters . Or the Ruger PC carbine for a bit more than 400.00 unless you want the new Ruger PC carbine with the pistol grip set up that will be more like in the mi 600.00 .
  2. A Cheap alternative . You can also got to a dollar store and look thru there nail polish selection. It will only cost you a dollar per color .
  3. We pick up brass at the end of the match it's mainly a free for all . It sucks for the people that are helping with stage clean up.
  4. I don't mind RO ing I'm there to have fun and just shoot .
  5. Ruger Mark IV 22/45 lite if you want something lite or the Ruger Mark IV Hunter. You can easily change down the on both to Match grade one which will improve your trigger pull . And there is lots of after parts .
  6. I started with a factory gun . Then I got a custom built limited . The custom built is a lot more fun to shoot .
  7. I use SNS Coated 230gr RN for my 1911 45 . I was told that is the bullet the gun was made for . I would stick to what is working .
  8. Hodgdon Universal 9mm FMJ 3.4 gr OAL1.120
  9. I never had any problems I forgot and I left the tumbler on over night . It just came out really shiny .
  10. I use Alliante Clay dot for my 9mm 160gr RN SNS bullet 2.5gr OAL1.140 for SNS 147 gr RN 2.7gr Clay Dot OAL 1.140 Or Hodgdon Universal 9mm 147gr FMJ Zero 3.4 gr OAL 1120
  11. I use a Bladetech for mine There is very little play in the holster . I use knurled head thumb screws in my holster so I can adjust as I need to . I have it set lose .
  12. It's always a fun day to shoot with friends .
  13. Good job . Like the look . The engraving is fitting for a 1911 .
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