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  1. dont fight to fight, fight to win!
  2. isnt that why we have leap years, to straighten that out with the calendar?
  3. lets make it a double tap. been a couple rough months for me, and this one fits.
  4. im on the way back kick. here's 4 of the best to ever make music!
  5. as above. my father has had both his done some months apart, and the first one he didnt go all in on his PT. not doing the PT made his first one very miserable, the 2nd he did what he was supposed to, and things went better, much faster.
  6. on the bright side, some one has to keep the chronograph companies in business!
  7. when polish is flinging all over the room, you are turning the tool too fast. start slow and ease into it.
  8. IMO this is the correct way to look at this. not well if you cant outshoot the gun, its worthless.
  9. like i said, you really have to do your research. i did tons of mind numbing reading/researching before buying my rockola years ago.
  10. carbines are great little guns. when looking to buy, you really have to do some research and be somewhat educated on them before spending money. there is a giant swing between junk carbines, and very nice all correct collectable carbines. if you've watched the price of carbines over the last 20 or 40yrs, they are an investment if you stick with USGI guns.
  11. they will do that on an LST. would be very cool to do a few days or a week on one of them old things. im a newport class LST guy myself. would be interesting on a smaller version.
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