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  1. lefty o

    Rifle Build Help

    gas block should be .025-.030" off the shoulder of the barrel. low mass carrier, isnt your problem.
  2. hard to pass this one up.
  3. lefty o

    Steel guide rod in glock.

    guide rod doesnt touch the frame, and it has enough freedom to move so that it doesnt cause anything else to be rigid either.
  4. lefty o

    Old Single Stage Press an Issue?

    as long as the press isnt sloppy, it'll make just as good of ammo as anything else(within reason).
  5. lefty o

    New Magnum PI

    i watched it for about 10 minutes. other than the lady who plays higgins, the show bites!
  6. lefty o

    I'm Saving Money Already

    you'll learn, there is no money saving in reloading. about the time you break even you find another trinket you just have to own.
  7. lefty o

    Oh crap! To the hospital

    there's a reason the old quick draw guys had metal deflectors on the bottom of their holsters.
  8. lefty o

    Want to add adjustable comb on shotgun around Atlanta

    ^ tron has a pretty good reputation.
  9. lefty o

    Low vs high velocity shot patterns

    you chrono just like metallic, but be advised its best to put a piece of plexiglass over the readout, for protection against the wad.
  10. lefty o

    Low vs high velocity shot patterns

    lighter loads, and slower loads tend to throw tighter/more dense patterns.
  11. lefty o

    Oh crap! To the hospital

    only a little bit?
  12. lefty o

    AR triggers (2018)

    jard adjustable, imo cant be beat for the money.
  13. lefty o

    Briley Invector ds choke

    dont have any good answers for you, but briley is my go to choke choice. hard to go wrong with them.
  14. lefty o

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    another sjc titan fan, they FLAT work!
  15. lefty o

    New Ride

    caminos can be fun too. thats a friends. i used to have a 64, sold it to a friend who still has it.