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  1. likely with your set up, you will need either the factory striker or trigger spring. one or the other. i generally opt for the factory striker spring with a extra power trigger spring. everything is a balance. one thing ive learned after doing a good number of glock triggers is that a light striker spring is not needed to get a light trigger pull.
  2. agreed. looking at beads leads to aiming. get the gun mount down pat with a well fit gun and it is amazing how hard you crush targets just looking at the target.
  3. in my 34, the kkm is slightly more accurate than factory, and the factory is quite a bit more accurate than a storm lake.
  4. it all depends on who fits it.
  5. if this thing is as good as their bolt gun trigger, some of my jard's may be in trouble. LOL
  6. more than likely a new batch will yield the same results. some barrels just dont like some bullets.
  7. while you certainly cant prove beyond a doubt because each individual barrel is its own animal, own and use enough new barrels in your life and some you break in and some you dont, and you will notice a trend. just my opinion.
  8. a quality barrel will take less than 20 rnds to clean up the throat. during that time you should be sighting in, and or working up your loads, so you are using up ZERO of the barrels useful life. of course as i mentioned before, if your a hack with a cleaning rod, skip it all. if you use good practices while cleaning you will do zero damage to your barrel. the only real downside is maybe another half hour of your time, but at least for me ive found a barrel that had a good break in at the beginning of its life cleans easier for the rest of its life, so that half hour gets more than made up for down the road.
  9. its been bad for a long time, but the last straw was adding breaks so the drivers can hit the outhouse. as a life long drag racer, ill add the nhra is every bit as bad.
  10. i good quality hand lapped barrel chambered with a sharp reamer wont take much for a break in. my last pac-nor took 7 rnds to quit fouling. some barrels just arent worth the effort, but a good one is, and a good one wont take much. shoot 1 , clean 1 while sighting in, using good cleaning practices and you will waste zero rounds, and cause zero extra wear on your barrel. on the other hand, if you are a hack with a cleaning rod, best not to do anything.
  11. i think it could have been ended better, but it would have taken another season or 2. people take this stuff way too serious. its a fantasy tv show .
  12. thats a good buy, the wet FART works good.
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