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  1. thats a good buy, the wet FART works good.
  2. im not a fan. if it can move, it can and will affect your accuracy.
  3. as long as they are stored reasonably well, those primers will likely still be good long after you have tipped over.
  4. MN, was -29 yesterday, and -28 this morning. heat wave is coming though. dont forget to thank al gore for global warming!!! LOL
  5. its almost getting funny now. -24 and still going down. we wont discuss wind chill BRRRR!
  6. have the wet tumbler running myself.
  7. just an fyi, with that handguard you likely wont be able to fit an adjustable gas block, as there is very little clearance.
  8. safe to shoot, yes. good to go, hardly.
  9. in the last 15-20yrs dealership sales people have really changed. used to be you had to beat them off with a stick, now seems they really dont care to be bothered.
  10. its a pita finding the drug that works for you. after many many different ones, i take a meloxicam daily with an every other injection of humira. have been off of everything for a week and a half due to upcoming surgery, and i can tell you i am one hurting miserable dude without it.
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