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  1. hanging a comp on the end of a barrel changes the dynamics of how the gun works. it does not unlock the barrel at the same time in the same time a standard barrel will. hence you need more of a given powder to make one run. now making the comp itself work, well you need more slower burning powder to make a comp effective. feeding a gun the bare minimum of a non ideal powder for a comp, makes the comp a waste of money.
  2. tweak the connector outward just a hair.
  3. looks nice. 1300 for just the frame, is rediculous.
  4. depends on exactly what type of gun, and just how restored of a restoration. are we talking clean the rust out of the pits and a quick reblue, or sand down & polish all surfaces to remove the pitting, then refinish. how deep are the pits? if surfaces are ground down to remove pitting, will it affect the guns structural integrity? a few pictures would go a long way in helping determine what is needed.
  5. i wouldnt be overly concerned with the added diameter being made up of powder coat.
  6. ^ nice spam! bet you dont last long around here.
  7. maybe, not seating primers will result in no fires in a rifle or pistol.
  8. so your kimber has the exact same issue? if two guns start exhibiting the same exact issue, id be looking at the ammo, not the guns.
  9. i have an old comp'd gun, #12.
  10. glocks come with an instruction manual??? LOL cant say ive ever read it.
  11. he made good music!
  12. its a friction point, i put something slippery on there. might be oil, or slide glide or something else.
  13. Dan Wesson recommends FP-10 and a few others as lubes. ive used it on and off for years, and its pretty good stuff.
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