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  1. its a pita finding the drug that works for you. after many many different ones, i take a meloxicam daily with an every other injection of humira. have been off of everything for a week and a half due to upcoming surgery, and i can tell you i am one hurting miserable dude without it.
  2. lefty o

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    the a400 is an excellent gun. i have 1 with the KO for my backup trap gun. the KO works, but im not a huge fan of it. if i were to do it again id go without it, or even step up to the multi target without it.
  3. nothing wrong with brass hoarding. i pick up all i can get my hands on.
  4. lefty o

    What Did You Do Today In Reloading?

    just some case forming.
  5. lefty o

    Lead poisoning while hand loading

    lead gets in your body and doesnt leave easily. took more than two years for mine to drop about 8 points.
  6. lefty o

    I might be hooked,need advice.

  7. lefty o

    Easy AR trigger job

    use caution when cutting and polishing on stock parts. the surface hardening is very thin. dont take much to cause yourself big problems. for a decent trigger at a modest price, a larue mbt will do what you want.
  8. lefty o

    Barrel leading

    he also said shot!
  9. lefty o

    Barrel leading

    something is not right. you should not get lead in the bore from shooting shot. the shot is enclosed in the wad until it leaves the barrel.
  10. lefty o

    Rifle Build Help

    gas block should be .025-.030" off the shoulder of the barrel. low mass carrier, isnt your problem.
  11. hard to pass this one up.
  12. lefty o

    Steel guide rod in glock.

    guide rod doesnt touch the frame, and it has enough freedom to move so that it doesnt cause anything else to be rigid either.
  13. lefty o

    Old Single Stage Press an Issue?

    as long as the press isnt sloppy, it'll make just as good of ammo as anything else(within reason).
  14. lefty o

    New Magnum PI

    i watched it for about 10 minutes. other than the lady who plays higgins, the show bites!
  15. lefty o

    I'm Saving Money Already

    you'll learn, there is no money saving in reloading. about the time you break even you find another trinket you just have to own.