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  1. too much good brass out there to deal with junk, recycle it.
  2. i dont know about others, but i for sure wont forget who jacked up prices when things are available again. a small increase due to availability is one thing, but doubling or tripling prices, i dont forget.
  3. i like your line "despite tom cruise". i absolutely can not watch anything he is in. just cant stand him, and the little man complex that shows through in everything he does.
  4. BJ Thomas left us today at 78, what a voice.
  5. big difference is seen when it is smoking hot out. good glass does much better with mirage, and also at dusk and dawn. better scopes will typically get you more shooting time in low light. it is eye opening to sit behind good glass on a prarie dog town on a hot day.
  6. a good run. i had to look, only have 19yrs here myself.
  7. a lot of people out there dont clean their brass (nut cases are everywhere LOL), its all fun and games 'til you scratch your dies, or the firearms chamber.
  8. slow down until they take the hint.
  9. it is all about swing, and balance. the gun doesnt know the difference if it has an 18" or 32" barrel.
  10. sometimes being a little dyslexic is funny. every time i see this thread, i see it with a few words flopped around in the title. LOL
  11. if you have good form, barrel length makes no difference. gun fit is #1 followed closely by shooting form. barrel length mostly affects the balance of the gun (ie how it swings). if you can get the gun properly fit to you recoil will be minimized, and the gun will hit where you are looking. after that master your form, stance , swing, not swinging with your arms, but your body, and not lifting your head off the gun. if the first thing your instructor does isnt checking your gun fit, go find a new coach. gun fit, and form apply to all clay pigeon games the same.
  12. as a former federal employee, the story from within is, it is due to safety. once upon a time a delivery driver dropped a case of primers, and it detonated.
  13. it used to be 50cal cans, but over time i learned i didnt like picking them up when full, so have transitioned to 30cal cans.
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