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  1. they will do that on an LST. would be very cool to do a few days or a week on one of them old things. im a newport class LST guy myself. would be interesting on a smaller version.
  2. another great music legend has passed on.
  3. there are only 3, not sure what the other ones are exactly.
  4. you act like its a bad thing ! LOL when you have 5 or 6 krieghoffs, a ljutic, and a kolar or two, then you have a problem. LOL
  5. done properly they can all result in a top quality barrel.
  6. didnt catch the price. at $127 for a mag, they sure wont be running in my guns . LOL
  7. he can tell you where he is form in a song.
  8. porting of a shotgun barrel does virtually nothing for recoil reduction, it does however slightly help reduce muzzle rise, which is a help when shooting doubles. i have guns both with and without porting, and i have never found any difficulty in cleaning ported ones.
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